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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 31

Oh boy, I sure hope the end of the line isn't White City! because that'll just make me want to cry!

I picture a redneck doing cat calls

Nevermind, it's just a little kid who apparently wants some

Indeed you have.

Er, why?


How dare I? Well, it's simple, really, you need to battle on white road and I won so uh yeah


Some Team AMBAR guys just went southward. For right now Iiiiii'm going to pretend I didn't see them. Onwards!

Aww man

Not really but still


This bloody road remains a mystery
This sudden darkness fills the air
What are we waiting for?
Wont anybody help us?
What are we waiting for?
We cant afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
Its a do or die situation
We will be invincible!

I guess not

Yeah well

Aww, it's sort of cute... I guess?

I was going to name it Rolf Mao (you know, like the dog from the muppets) but uh... I messed up VV (5 glory points to RedChocobo anyway)

Well, let's see it then.

Hm, abroad Pokemon aren't as bad as Pokemon here that's sort of wierd... I wonder if they're all like that

Someone already did that thing.

I know

Hah, orange haired girl, you won't get out of here in ONE PIECE!

Magically beaten like magic

... well, it's sort of not "White Town" at least. They did put the Port in there, I'll give them that.

I'm going to just get my Pokemon healed then head to the Safari Zone


Hells yes, good sir

B-but I can't even mix them no fair... then he kicked me out.

oh god no

... this can't end well

... what in god's name is going on here

Well this is decidedly un-Baro. Unless he wrote this or something

Saw them, wish I hadn't

Yeah, paintings not these ones

I guess? VV

More birds

No, that's just russians for you.

Cute like "Babos" or cute like "Not this entire nation ever not even once"?

Could it be...?

Nah, some jerk stole it. That's just how the (egg) crumbles

Does that mean you'll give me one

hurry it up

aaaand she doesn't have anything for me.

I was pretty shocked when I discovered my molesting, egomaniac next-door neighbor from my childhood had a small, impish clone. I think I'd only be happy about that if he died.

... yep.

You're very convincing. Let's not go there.

Ehh, lets just go into the house a door over.

Huh, wierd. Also: You have a Mimikat. Does it frequently like to turn invisible and stand infront of your door, locking you inside? Because nearly all of the ones I've seen tended to do that

He's decidedly un-creepy! Though a bit odd

Well, I guess that's a reason to stay in the shadows, because let's not forget what happens when you get fans You also get creepy stalker-fans. I have enough creepy stalkers as is

Well I am... but knowing you guys it's probabally that pip-squeak Ramon. Bleh.

I'm cool, strong, and nice everyone else is decidedly not.

I'm looking for a Pokeblock case. DO YOU GUYS HAVE ONE!?


oh god abort abort abort

Oh thank god... uh, sure why not. Causing you physical and emotional anguish sounds good.


He switched it out to try to escape his doom

One Lightning Bolt later:

:T Bleaaaaahhhhh

I'llllll paassssss.

LEAVE ALREADY I hope I never see you again ever

... why does this jerk keep raping my face this isn't fair. This store better have Katana-grease! :T