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Part 34

There is nothing at all odd about this "sewer" opening up into the ocean without any connection to the city at all. Nope. None whatsoever.

I can only imagine what Captain Planet would think.


You know, thinking about it, he's right next to me so it's sort of pointless to use the codec anyways.

So much for sneaking in

... Jesus, Deez Nutz becomes quite deformed.

But it really didn't make much of a difference?

Wait a minute, that looked like an item on the ground. THERE IS NOTHING ITEM ABOUT THAT THING AT ALL

If you were expecting a sonic joke, tough I am still caught up in this thing totally NOT being an item :T

See this teleporter tile I'm standing on? It teleports to itself. Yeah.

I am somewhat intrigued on how you made a spikey, ugly and apparently floating hedgehog look like an item on the ground, yes.

... I think you're suffering some verbal dislexia of some kind Seriously.

You know what was a terrible movie? Goof Troop. So by my logic, that makes you terrible too.

'm not particularily sure why he's using that thing

But you guys, on the other hand, are losing pretty quickly. What's up with that?

I guess I'll take that risk. Though I'm not really sure why exactly I'm doing this VV

... ... ...

Ehhh, You're messing with TEAM FOXY you really don't stand much of a chance at all.

That's about right

I suppose. What's on your mind?

I'm sort of just used to you guys in general "doing that stuff". That's just kinda "your thing".

... Jerk.

I'm not good at schematics


... well, this makes it all worth it. Finally, the ultimate ball is mine!

Too bad there isn't anything really worth the effort of trying to catch

Wait, are you saying I'm your boss now? Because if so you're fired, just totally out of spite

You guys really, really, really have terrible names. Really.

I have no idea what you just said

Prepare for a beating for no real particular reason other then you dared to challenge Team Foxy

Aaaand crap

Drowning the pig

... er, wow. Covolt/ Bugzapper's evolution is somehow even more phallic then before. Somehow.

Actually, it didn't, because Ambrosio apparently doesn't know how Max Revives work

Aaand bugger

Take one for the team, What2000!? I'm probabally going to retire you soon but still!

Serenade him peacefully to sleep..

... and fail at it

However, I think it's a good time to try out Da King's fly for good measure.

... it worked quite well.

I thought the god of chaos lived in space or something?

... what?

And then he just stands there and doesn't even bother to leave. Jerk. Why do you guys have the most stupid evil plots ever. Why couldn't you have, like, built some sort of laser that made things in Corna less ugly and more cute. An Adorableam of some kind. Just imagine...

Ionic would be less insane in his evolution and more silly adorable

Awww, Wrestoro and Wrestmilk are cute now

Oh god Whola you'd have a reason to be popular now

Colonel Crazy wouldn't change much except he'd probabally be higher pitched and probabally have less nightmares!

.... why oh why couldn't you guys have made an Adorableam If I ever become the Pokemon Champion, that's the first thing on my list of things to do

Thanks to Amaya for the awesome adorable pictures

Time to leave the Sewers. I guess I should go after Team Ambar, if only because an inflated sun would probabally give me a really bad sunburn, plus it'd make people more irritable then they already are

Not to mention I don't have anything better to do really Let's look around and see if we've missed anything in town first.

Crazy, crazy angry old lady. Why are you so crazy and angry, little old lady? Off your pills? Have no family? Crazy lady.

Well, there's nothing left for me here.


thanks Drake'Lake!

I hope the Sea holds some sort of natural diversity far greater then that of on land

Then again, there's always pirates

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