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Part 36

So uhh...

Apparently I have the old version of the Rom! Looking for a version that works right now, and hoping the saves work on it. If you happen to find ANY Pokemon Quartz roms, please feel free to upload them to a file-downloading thing like sendspace or megaupload and post the link.

Also, if you happen to have a no clip Gameshark/ Codebreaker cheat for Pokemon Ruby, that'd help too. For some reason the "all fly spots" Gameshark cheat I found also makes it bug out, though that could just be part of the bad coding on Baro's part.

The search for a better Rom continues.

Amaya posted:

I hit more things with the cute beam in order of appearance.

Sever's kinda cute under all that ugly and poor spriting

Erm... Welp.

Alright so it kinda looks like chewed gum. But it's smiling chewed gum.

Ralts rip off mouse-thing

Annnd Da King

also- Here's something written by Baro:

POKéMON QUARTZ - full release for god's sake Made by BARO You can MP me in these forums: Acmlm's Board, StudioPokémon Foros, Pokécommunity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, this is full release of Pokémon quartz, I expect last. If it's the last one, means that it has no great bugs. You can catch up to 237 different pokémon created by me in this hack. Why have I done 386 pokemon, then? I'm going to make another hack, this time over fire red or leaf green. This means you will start with the equivalent to kanto pokedex (from 0 to 151), and in the islands you will catch the rest of the jotho dex ones. Beetween both hacks, all new 386 Pokémon will be caught. Using a certain emulator you can emulate link cable, so you will be able to complete the pokedex if you have that emulator and a lot of free time. So here is it. Enjoy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't mind about orrTojrefï or mistakes grammar in the game, just try to understand what I mean. I did my best (but sometimes I saw mistakes and don't correct them) This shouldn't hurt your poor PC, anyway, it isn't my fault if this crashes your ROM, your emulator, your computer or even your brain---this last can be done by any Pokémon Game Need a clean POKéMON RUBY English ROM and a ips patcher. I generously add one (patcher) to the zip, lips. hit apply patch and go. Modifications without my consent are absolutely fordibben, so don't do it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, you've loaded your savegame from beta 3.1 outside in white port town and you're still locked, aren't you? I told you to save indoor! Well, get into the Pokémon Center and exit, changes will be loaded now. So, this is the last release (I think). The game is complete, if you get stuck, contact me (in forums above or in Whack-a-hack: Maybe you patched wrong or something is lost by there. that would help us both. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- -->red This hack was proudly made in Spain -->yellow ------------------- -->red ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's new all What's left none [isn't it great to finish a hack 100%?] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ®®®®®®®®The proof of what can the boredom do®®®®®®®® SUPER SECRET IN QUARTZ! How to catch Karendi? You may find some people in the game that just tell you something aout their lives... okay, then try to fulfill their aims, all they are chained. The first one is the old man at the cauldron... something dry, uh? Well, the thing you need is sold nearly. ______ __ _|_Nice_|__/ |__ _#| _______________________________________ (·) (·) / \ ( .. )uuu < Peacock's cock is not a pea - yours is | \_O__/ | \_______________________________________/ ___|____/ / | \__O| But the butthole surfers said that it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do ---I love this lirics--- God made the earth -laughs at that stupid belief-, Dutchs made Holland Okay then... God made humans -laughs at that stupid belief-, Alvaro made Baro ®®®®As the boredom did this, it also did QUARTZ!®®®®
My favorite part of Baro's thing is that it basically proves my theory that Baro is not just atheist but the really angry "HAHA YOU SILLY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE" type of atheist. Which basically proves that some of my impressions during this ROM were right.

Also, his wierd shit at the end proves he's a bloody lunatic.




Well, I've taught Dudkip how to dive. How exactly we're breathing right now underwater is beyond me but hey, it works I guess Apparently nobody else dives because there's alot of random rare gems down here too

Sorta. Do you know where I can find a Submarine? It'd be helpful

Ehh, I dunno... I've seen Topgun Mister

... but that doesn't show oceanic barriers and dive spots this helps me in no way

Hooray, a green shard... which means a Leaf Stone, probabally. Though that means going to that Trash Buying Pirate's place

Somehow I am battling this hillariously ugly looking underwater without any oxygen tank at all!

Monkfish... where have I heard that before...

:salute: A tribute to Professor Rapante, I suppose

I'm getting tired of battling... how about not? No? Darn...

there was a battle here somewhere

I suppose so We are getting stronger. There aren't even many people attempting to molest me anymore! Hooray!

I swim in this direction to get away from you. Trying to avoid stalkers is where I excell!

There's a billion dive spots around here, what are you talking about.

Like right here

I guess I could be like... sucking the air out of Dudkip or something like some fishy rebreather. That's sort of gross

Oh hey, it's a... stone of some kind.

Thanks for saying that... random... sort of creepy voice. baro is in my miiindddd

... so much for going to this city here this way. Time to dive around pointlessly!

Are you talking down to me? That's sort of mean.

Oh well hello there, lady...

I wouldn't mind frollicking with you too ... if only you didn't treat me like a five year old

Er... no you're not?

Are you that other girl's twin? Wow, you know, I never noticed it; alot of people here look exactly alike. There must be some really big families in Corna... that's... actually sort of creepy really

Well aren't we a depressed emo kid?

I have no idea.

... wait... did you say QUARTZTOWER TOWN?

... oh no they fucking didn't. CORNNAAAAA!

Finding the lake would be helpful for now.

Oh boy, an entrance! Finally

... uhhh... what? um...

... this world is broken Let's try this again

Okay, THERE we go.

And we're finally in Quartztower! Though... uh... how do I go to the actual town? Oh, wait, I remember now...

Really retarded navigation hooray

Finally. I guess I'll poke around a bit... though we have a few choices as to what to do now after looking around town, I suppose. Team Foxy could...

1. Check out the Descomune Shell
2. Look for where the hell TEAM AMBAR is
3. Get ready for this gym which will likely beat me
4. Check out that one water route I sort of never went to between that one really rainy area and SeaBlu for the hell of it.
5. Try to figure out what to do with that item I got from that witch
6. Translate some tablets OH BOY

back to regular daily updates guys. also: I need more "sad" emoticons. Foxy is really depressing

Amaya posted:

I made more cute things!

He's not that deformed, it was just the angle!

Well erm... He still looks kinda funny but...ehhh...

It looks like a green pumpkin sort of.

He's a normal fishy when his eyes are on different sides of his head!