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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 42

... Team Foxy...

We have fought so hard to reach this point. We have struggled hard against the shackles of fate, the fate known as Corna. We have strove forwards, tearing away anything that would restrain us. We have fought on, through the insanity, against the insanity...

And here we stand... on the pinnacle of it all. This is it. This is the beginning of the end.


Colonel Crazy, the fire breathing war veteran... my close ally and compatriot; steady, but slightly insane.

Da King, the female bird in a male royal position... a powerful fighter and commander; perhaps the most sane of my team.

Murderfish, the most murdering of fish in existance... Easily one of the strongest member's of Team Foxy, and at least a little trustworthy to boot, despite his murderous-ness.

Fuegomelet, the disfigured Tyrannosaurus Rex... once a somewhat silly rape-repellant, he has developed into a terrible, flesh hungry breast with a very ungodly body structure.

M*A*S*H, the newcomer... a compatriot of Colonel Crazy, he's sort of creepy and seems ravaged by his age by means of vegetable acne and balding.

SWAP.bear, the... uh... okay enough of this.

Okay team. Let's do this. IT'S GO TIME

Aaaaas soon as we get through the paperwork

Well I've done that. :T

Oh. Well, here they are then!

Thanks, I suppose.


Hey it's... it's that guy. You know, the one who tried using glue to fix a cave floor. From the top of the cave. VV

Hey now, I smash rocks all the time. In fact, I have a little bird who wedges itself into boulders to split them. Rocks are no problem

Amen to that!


That's a pretty stupid hat you're wearing. Yeah, I'm making fun of your hat in the middle of a battle, want to fight about it?

M*A*S*H's Razor Leaf is pretty damn good against stuff like Doric

Here we go...

And he doesn't use Full Restore this time

Armay is Bug-Rock, I think...

Fuegomelet is the best for this

Aaaand that does it for Armay

Dendrock is Rock-Grass I think... or maybe Rock-Fighting? I forget

Murderfish will take care of him regardless.

Two can play at this game

Murderfish is awesome and don't ANYONE forget

Oh... the incredibly ugly one Jesus it's so hideous. Please god, wash this evil away from the sight of mortal eyes

Uh... I forget what types this thing is. Steel/ Rock maybe? In any case it's annoying

Razor Leafing isn't working well, so I might as well try poisoning the damn thing

Aaaand bugger

Aaand this doesn't work well

Nor does this

This works sadly too well

Well, you did well enough, Fuegomelet.

Well enough that the poison finishes it off next turn

Four, actually, thanks to the Champion and stuff but thanks for trying!

That's not very positive.

Oh hey, it's that little girl who we saw outside the Star Temple and then vanished in a flash of black-ness. Why hello little girl! Are you waiting for your mommy?

Uh, well you are little, and you are a kid, so...

Aww, isn't that so cute? She thinks she's a member of the Elite Four Dontcha just want to pinch her adorable little cheeks?

That's nice honey

I believe you, I believe you. You don't have to get so defensive.

Umm... you


You know, looking at you now... you're really a pretty ugly little kid Sorry to say but uh, wow,

This thing uses psychic alot, but it's not very strong against M*A*S*H

Plus it loafs around alot

Aw darn it Shouldn't have given her the idea. I think I'll poison it again and switch to a heavier hitter.


Let's keep this up, Team.

Flyyyy so high in the skkkkyyyy

... and then get one shotted by Psychic when you get down

Someone, somewhere out there in the world is writing a mathematical equation. Suddenly, they discover that constant in their equation of Universal Balance is something called Murderfish. They ponder this for a moment... and then get a drink

Okay Colonel Crazy, that thing sort of looks vaguely coccoon like; Caccoons burn easy. Let's hope this guy burns easy!

Flame on, my compatriot!

... uh, Colonel Crazy, you're looking a bit off...

... Col. Crazy's weakpoint is that his entire body is rather like a glass jaw.

The proves that it's a water type, I guess

Cutting it close...

Fuck yeah

And so ends what would happen if Brainiac were a Squid.

Ah yes, the flying elephant... the... flyingest of elephants


And so you see, this is why really big things like elephants shouldn't fly: They are merely large targets that draw lightning

Okay, Fuegomelet: Let's kick this metaphorical Amp up to 11

I hate Full Restores SO MUCH. Do these guys get freebies or something?

Okay bugger this.


FINALLY christ. For someone supposedly psychic, you sure relied more on FULL RESTORE FULL RESTORE FULL RESTORE then anything else

I've beaten you?

So you mean it's all down to luck then?

Uh... huh. Okay, thanks for that. Moving on...

It's that guy, the bald guy... the one who made me fight that chaos god because he was too lazy or afraid or something.

Why is every Elite Four member someone I've seen before? This isn't boding well

Next time:

Question #1 on the Elite Four application:
Do you like Full Restores? Please write a three sentence explanation on why you like Full Restores, and how often you use them.

the answer is ALOT