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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 43

No thanks to you, jerk

Not only the firing chaos now, but the waving chaos too

Is this crystal Quartz? Because that'll just piss me off

My style is hitting stuff until it's dead VV


... must... not... steal... cane... and make... old man... fall down...

Not the best match up in the world but h-

Oh dam it There goes M*A*S*H

Murderfish is being pretty useful in the league due to his myriad invulnerabilities, plus his various typed moves

Let's keep this up!

A water flying type!? OH NO!!!! WHAT EVER WILL WE DO

Oh fuck you

Yay Finally

Itsa, itsa... chicken of sorts.

I'm going to switch Murderfish out because I bet you this thing is going to use an ice move

I was right


I have no idea what that is so I guess I will?

I guess it's that Dodo thing's evolution. Huh.

Apparently bird is really fast

It doesn't kill Da King, thankfully, who then takes to the sky

That's why you don't fuck with Da King

So close to killing it...

... bugger.

You can't hit Da King when he's flying, buddy


Kick your way out of this, buddy

...or just use full restore that works too


Overheat has made Fuegomelet even more pyromaniac then Colonel Crazy

That bird is plain flying so...

Switch out time!

oh god it's return its shit into its mouth oh god oh god what the fuck

I feel... quite faintish too

You call that last move elegant? I think a bar of soap lodged into my brain would be quite elegant right now

Uh... when did you ever save me? I mean, you sort of showed up and blabbed at me and told me to go fight a dragon or something; how does that count as "saving me"? You made me fight a god of chaos for christ's sake

Showed my eyes out?

Thanks for the concern

Oh you're that... uh... have I ever met you? I don't think so... then again I could be just not remembering wrong. Unless you were that lady at the lighthouse. I have no idea.

That uh... pretty... metal!

Except the ones whose bodies are totally made out of steel, they don't have hearts

Colonel Crazy has, and his psychotic mind is proof of it.


Wow, that's quite the lense flaring and motion blurring.

Her arm is that arm from Terminator 2

Well, that's a good start

Mongostre, Mongostre... what was that thing again?

Oh... that thing

And that does it for him

I have no idea what that is, so I'll try Da King.

Da King, use Fly and-

One hit the second you stop flying by rock blasts

Come on M*A*S*H, just do some damage to the damn thing

... how does a robot know a bug move HOW DOES THAT WORK


And that does that

Hm.. a T-Rex versus a robot. Intriguing.

Melted circuitry has such a pleasant smell

Electric Water Dragon vs Metal Rocket Squid

Oh yeah

Oh Murderfish you You're the most murderous fish in the world

It should? Well then... superb!


Every time you reach the top you find there's another stairway just waiting for you to stumble up

Do I have to?

Way to trivialize being a Pokemon Champion, lady


This sure is a long bridge. And dark. It's sort of creepy. You keep thinking you might see something weird out in the dark...

~-uh that's odd... stupid thing why won't you w-~

what just happened.

Uh... huh... I guess I'll just go forward because uh... I don't like the dark anymore I keep seeing weird things in it when I zone out

Oh hey, it's ANNIE: THE COWGIRL BOUNTY HUNTER, I wonder what she's doing here

... oh crap, you mean she is the champion? Oh man... I guess if I beat this I'll finally be able to go up to Roxy and Misty and show that they're not the only ones who can be Pokemon Champions!

NEXT TIME: The end of the Pokemon League

HiroChicken posted:

I finally finished my picture of these retarded Baromon.

I present to you the Corna Pokemon League Champions: TEAM FOXY!