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Part 44

I dunno... it was like only a few days ago wasn't it? Lady, I don't like you that much.

VV I reckon, why not?

That's a pretty retarded name for a guy. What happened to him?

... oops



Like a Rhinestone Cowboy! Dun dun!

Hm... I have no idea what type that thing is to be honest

Not shown: The dumb dog using STEEL WING. How can a dog use steel wing!? DOGS DO NOT HAVE WINGS! it missed though

I guess we're having dog slushies for supper tonight, gang. It even comes with its own alcoholic addition! Yay!

Great, she just had to use that dumb dragon thing


It's a Dragonsicle! Yay!

Yay! Cheesing our way with Ice Beam! Take that stupid Cowgirl Bounty Hunter person

Not this dumb dragon thing too Oh well... lure it to sleep, Swap.bear... then...

Put your smooth moves on it... I don't care if it's a dude, just do it

It wasn't very receptive to SWAP.bear... but I can't really blame it

I don't forsee this ending too well Do your best, Col. Crazy!

While Freech's attack misses, I take this chance to heal up Murderfish

It used Blizzard and Col. Crazy's low health makes it overkill despite being not very effective

And then...

Murderfish and Fuegomelet are easily the strongest members of my team now

Three down, three to go!

That annoying thing again? Bleah Why are Annie's Pokemon all the most annoying ones in existance

... well bugger.

Alas, the Iguagon ship sinks down into the murky depths of the floor, well liquified by Murderfish's murderous onslaught.

... okay seriously her team is made for maximum annoyance. Christ. No wonder Amber formed Team Ambar, having to grow up with this

Da King vs Da Pretender King!

Might as well heal him up while this is going on

... oh it attacked. I wasn't really paying attention for a bit there I think I dozed off a little.

I'm sure you guys see where this is going

And so ends the cat who pretended to be the bird who was king but was actually a girl so technically she'd be Queen but due to legal issues is the King

Oh, that thing...

That thing Okay, just focus on the adorable version, focus...

... you know, I think I'll just see what M*A*S*H can do right here

Well, at least Earthquake doesn't really work on him

Well that was pointless

Murderfish's turn!

Silly Wrestmilk, Murderfish floats

Abilities like Levitate seem to go right over my enemies' heads

... well that works


Well that does it for Murderfish. He had a good run this battle, I suppose... only Fuegomelet is left, who is weak to both fighting and ground

Put your all into this, Fuegomelet! All the power your hideous, terribly deformed body can muster!


I guess so!

Whatever that means

stupid full restore hogs


oh god no

... *cough*

Please leave This is a happy place we don't want you here.

FUCK BOTH OF THEM ARE HERE my day is ruined now

I don't care just go away already

... I don't think so?

Well.. those are true

No one cares about the fucking Pokedex Especially in Corna

You need to shut up and go die. That's the feeling I'm getting.

Sing what?

What's that? I'm meeting the anthromorphic embodiement of eternity now? Ehh, whatever...

... It is funny... this world... it seems so flimsy now... As if I could see the possibilities that lie before me, veiled only dimly... I can see what this world wants to create, wants to be... what is the nature of these nightmares...


I reject this reality...

I won't have this future...

I won't allow it!


... J. Akira...

I am Foxy... the sword that smites evil!

There is nothing my blade cannot cut!


I'll let you carry that body back to whatever pit you came from, Baro... but do not tempt my blade, or it will taste your blood as well on this crimson night!


What are you looking at, Annie? Let's get this over with.

If someone admires my party, I'll be pissed. I also seriously hope some guy doesn't start, ah, pleasuring himself to any visages in here

I still have no idea what I'm supposed to be singing so I guess I'll just sign my name here while she looks dumbly onward.

Lv. 41 Swap.bear/ OSOE (Male)
Lv. 42 DA KING/ RUYCANTOR (Female)
Lv. 40 COL. CRAZY/ BURNCO (Female on Records)
Lv. 40 MASH/ OGRITATO (Male)

Whoo Team Foxy!!

Hooray! We've made it to the top of the ladder guys!

The abridged, special emphasis edition


... we're not out of this hell yet, guys Now our final journey begins... the quest to gain enough power for us to get out of here! Our final journey, to escape Corna!

Next time: The Legendary Legendary Hunt