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by Zorak

Part 46

I guess I'll check out the S.S. Foxy

It's uh... sort of small isn't it? Unless it's just really low on the water or something, it's kind of hard to tell at this level. Pretty cool though

Lady, don't you know who I am!? I'm the one this boat is named after

It's more then I should need, really.

Let's see, I can go to SeaBlue, or I can go to... uh... wait, what? An Oil Platform? Why does S.S. Foxy sail to an Oil Platform?

I must investigate this Oil Platform... maybe it has a helicopter or something


Well... this is an Oil Platform alright I see no Helicopters sadly

VV That's the breaks, guys.

I'm sort of wondering that myself...

I've been to alot of pointless places, to be honest. This isn't all that more pointless then the others when you get down to it I mean, at least I'm not running through the dark blindly to deliver glue or anything

A gym? ... ohhhh. I guess this is the mysterious 9th Gym they spoke of. Well, it's worth a shot. Team Foxy will go for their final win

I thought most Pokemon Gyms were located in important towns. Not you know... shut-down Oil Rigs.

Aaaand inside the building is a Bar.


I'm a girrrrrllll not a guy

why did you notice my age before my gender CORNA IS NOT GOOD FOR MY SELF IMAGE

Are you kidding? Have you met other Pokemon Trainers before? They're icky

Ehhh, I've probabally been training freaks of nature longer then he has been a gym leader so I probabally have an advantage here, I guess.

So when you get down to it, it's sort of like that one movie, Free Willy. But instead of a kid helping a whale escape so it can have a life, it's a full grown man helping a gym start so an oil rig can keep getting used... or something? Why are you so attached to this oil rig anyway?

... wait, wait, I get it. It makes sense now. We're wayyyy offshore from Corna's mainland, in international waters. I don't even want to know what you guys are doing out here.

We'll see about that I've been on quite the winning streak for awhile now.

Thanks for saying that, uh, random elevator lady


You know, I always assumed that oil rigs were mainly above the water, only have certain pump/ oil storage areas under the water line. Boy is my face red!



You know, I'd make a U2 joke but... I really don't like U2 very much

One double kick.

The pressure of Fuegomelet's foot on your face!?

Okay, anddd now for the next trainer:

... oh, we're already at the gym leader. Well... um... okay.

: "Maybe... sometime anyway."
: " ... "
: "Look, I have the contract mailed in and everything! With all the stamps and and "

Under the sea, under the seaaaa
Darling it's better down where it's wetter
Take it from meeee
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we're devoting full time to floating
Under the seaaaaa

Claude always loved that song I miss Roxy and gang

But we're not actually in water...? We're still in a metal room underwater which doesn't exactly strengthen water pokemon up at all?

No, I think you have it wrong. I'm a tough trainer so I'm not going to get ready to battle at all

Double kicks again did the work VV

Slash is pretty awesome when it crits

... well so much for hoping for a streak like that.

A Grass type vs Water/ Electric. Hmmmm.

That may have been a bad move.

And so was the end of his Aenguile VV

A Descomune? I've been wondering what those are.

It's a... really tall turtle. That's not a disco ball for a moon at all


Oh, well... that works too!

Bring the murder to the monk

Rest may not be the best idea, you know.

Only two more Pokemon to go, I think. I wonder why this battle is so easy compared to the others? VV

You know, Rain Dance may not have been the best move to use against an electric type, Arturo. Just a little hint for future gym battle.

ONE MORE ONE MORE! Then I'll finally be done with gym battles!


Thanks You weren't as annoying as most gym leaders are, thankfully.

Thanks I suppose?

... wait... I know why it was so easy! He never even tried using healing items. Wow... just... wow

Apparently I'll have to keep it there until it's official VV

I have no idea, really. I tried renting a boat out of Corna but they just laughed at me I'm sort of wondering how exactly that moving truck even GOT here, since the landmass to the north is totally undrivable and unclimbable

No, I don't think so Though... I think... I think I may capture one last one... to prove something.

To myself... and to Corna.

Next time: The End