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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 5

Hey, let's check out the Pokemart!

Sadly, all the psychologists in this country have gone out of business, after the government introduced the stipulation that you have to be able to spell "psychological help" in order to get "psychological" help.

I'm leaving this town. THERE IS NOTHING HERE FOR ME

Mad sailors don't count as "mad people"?

She doesn't look very happy what are you talking about

How come she went from crying to smiling in less then a millisecond?

Hey it's Peli... wait no it isn't. What is that?


DA KING has fainted, long live DA KING.

Give him everything (or nothing) E/N!

... I'm getting my ass beat by a little girl


... what the hell is this thing

... I hate mudslap

Fuck it's versus a water/ ground type that spams an accuracy ground move and it's also raining and it uses water sport damn it

Victory from the jaws of defeat

You just were crying you jerk

Oh hey a... er...

What's a tincrab?

It's sure of cute


I named it Oddium W (5 Glory points to Oddium W). My team is finally filling out

DA KING also has managed to crank up levels grinding some dumb Squirrels

I've heard about a guy named Mr. Briney before I hear he's got his own cruise ship and everything, but never a Ms. Britney

The fact that she's not dead shows she's probabally good at it, so you really don't have room to comment, eh?

VV That's the breaks.

I really don't care that much kid, to be honest... no wait

I really don't feel like battling you over this, kid.

This isn't working very well ODDIUM YOU WEAK FOOL!

Luckily Fuegomelet is no pushover

He kills this one too

But not this one

DEEZ NUTZ to the rescue though

Kid, I told you I don't care

... that's stupid. I hate you. I hope the tide pulls you away and some deformed seamonster eats you.

The sentence ends there.

This is very, very sage advice I guess I should take it to heart

Party set. I suppose I walk between these two to set it off, eh?

Er... I'm standing here, nobody is talking to me. Maybe if I talk to this girl on my right-

... okay...

ew bugs ew they're hideous too, like some crazy guy drew them in MS Paint and imported them into the world in the place of better looking bugs



... that just... oh come on, if you start a quotation the least you can do is end it with another quotation mark the bad spanglish hurtsss my brainnn

... what is with this bug...

it's staring into my soul

I didn't even want to catch you anyway.

... what the hell is that thing it's like some creepy manboob forest rape bear holding its ass



It's even worse then I thought there is nothing seductive about this Pokemon trust me

Some friend of Roxy's send me that once I don't know who she was but she yelled at me alot and threatened to kill me (5 glory points to TyrsHTML)

I'm going to leave the forest because I could have sworn I saw another entrance.

There we go, I was right! Let's see where this g-


It doesn't even go anywhere this world confuses me

Oh wait, look what I encountered on the way out, in the grass this time, it's not-Pelliper!

(five glory points to Dr Dos).

Well, another day done, and very few threats of a sexual nature (other then Swap.bear ). I guess that's something

we have more then six pokemon now, what ones should I put in my party to get through the forest/ do the upcoming gym