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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 6

No time like the present I suppose

He smells of cheetos and death

he does terrible things to them

Wow, you sound vaguely normal, what a treat

He's plural

Do what you do best, Swap.bear

Swap.bear is like a force of (twisted) nature

Now he can attract on his own in addition to having a status ability for it:

I think this is the most gramatically correct person with new dialogue so far guys


My name isn't Illo, it's Foxy

What kind of company name is "BA-CHAN"? That's terrible :T

Holy shit, this guy is the famous Green Jacket Man, the greatest of international super heroes. With his powerful jacket-ray he destroys villians in a blink of the eye!

Dude, don't you know who you're messing with? It's Green Jacket Man for crying out loud. He eats bricks and shits steel (I'm not sure how that works but he does it )

Why is it that nobody ever lives up to my expectations

Ambar? You work for the Russians!?

People here curse alot

That uniform is terrible. You look like you're in the wrong profession altogether in thast uniform. I thought the Russian Mafia was supposed to be intimidating?

Hey, it's a Plug-Oink! I hear they're "pretty cool, dude".

Oh yeah? Well how about


I hate Pokemon type puns. I really do

I don't care much for White Castle either myself.

You're with the Russians, when have they ever done anything really well-meaning, honestly.

Plan: Chase guy and threaten to beat him up unless he hands for Ghost-seeing Device
Status: Mission Failed

Why didn't you just give it to him then. Then you could have confused your enemies to sow discord and chaos

That company name is retarded Mr. Jose, honestly. You guys should work on that.


Ugly, dumb bug.



Oh hey, it's Odd... er.. cute though

(5 glory points to Middy)

That's a terrible witch name. Witches should have names like Schierke or something like that I bet she's one of those wiccan witches who way like 400 pounds and if you piss them off they yell at you and say they're going to curse you and they smell like cat piddle

... er... Sure I won't!

Also, while I remember


... I can't decide if its hideous or if its cute

(according to #pokegoons it looks vaguely like a vagina VV 5 glory points to Drakkel I suppose)

We already tried that way it was blocked

Oh god help me it's a rapist

He's attacking with a giant sperm

Kill it with... well, you know.

Fuck yeah, Fuegomelet is like Rape-Repellant.

So that's how you get through. Gotcha. What's with all these peple trying to find the witch anyway? Do they want to burn her or something? People are so cruel

Oh hey, we're out of gross Bug-and-Bear Forest. Hooray

Flowers are pretty

Haha I'm never planting any berries


Take that stupid country! Score one for Foxy

Next time: The First Gym!?