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Pokemon Quartz

by Zorak

Part 7

What about the flowers? Don't they mind?

Oh no! A plant Pokemon!? How can my fire type ever hope to win!

oh wait

Look, you're in an area of perpetual rain. It ain't happening

...! ...?

... why did this guy just say "FOXY COLON HEY DON'T SPIT THEM ON ME". That's wierd

... what in the hell

Oh god it's one of those flashers

He's even using a Babos ew

RESIST FUEGOMELET, don't give into the creepy

No I won't buy anything from you after you flash me, what do you think?

Apparently not much in the grammar department

Apparently. Or maybe Fuegomelet is just plain awesome.

I don't see what's so pink about it

... did this guy just say that he has to keep his hand busy for this pretty girl by writing letters? Is that keeping his hand busy so it doesn't do something else? I hate this place

I think I remember hearing about him. Rather sick-ish fellow, I think?

Are you sure it's the school and not actually just how fucked up this place is? This place could drive a person to drugs pretty easily...

Social Darwinism wins again!

Let's check out these random buildings around town for a bit, I suppose

... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT Seriously, holy shit, please find a hole to die in you lame sacks of shit I HOPE ARSEUS AND JESUS TEAM UP TO STRIKE YOU DOWN

... dumb fuckers my braaiannsss ss hurttttt

City sick

Avast laddies, let's enter into the Captain's chamber arrr

... okay stopping that.

... I can see where this is going

We already made the Sailor joke already


And you remember it to this day as a prized memory... you sick fuck

I see where this is going You want me to massage your back... If I do it will you leave me alone?

Please shut up and go away old man

Haha, you mistake me for someone who cares. ( I don't )

I'd report you guys but I really don't like this town or this country so who cares. Bleah.

... I'm starting to sound a little like Roxy's friend now I need to settle down .

... Oh god Babos

Not like that

I suppose

Man, dude!

That was a pointless acronym. How much do you want to bet this is a certain Professor being angsty against his education?

Guess what You're dumb

If "Horde" is half as bad as this region is, it'll still suck really really hard


I wish I could think in the future. Having precognition would be pretty rad. Can you tell me if this journey is going to ever get any better?

"No "

Damn it.

Reach for the skies girl

... what

I don't have one so


I have no idea what your talking about

I'm Foxy, who the hell are you?

Did I just win a boat ticket out of this hell hole?

You should get a name change to something cooler. Like THE ADVICERATOR and then you could get a robot arm and like a chainsaw installed and... well it'd be rad

I bet you're a Pinkranite School alumni, right?

he just put his voice up high and did the "Foxy Colon" thing again. People really wierd me out when they do that

Duh, the sign ouside said that you idiot moron

Fire it up!

There's others, I'm sure, but why would you care? Bug Pokemon generally suck, unless she's packing a Heracross or something. Heracross are pretty damn rad

Easy mode on

oh god he's pulling something small and tube like out

Oh thank god, it's just a Pokemon... an ugly one at that. What's with all the worm Pokemon around here?

Sure, why not

... Fuegomelet caught the ugly


And they are

Well technically, Bugs are guided nearly entirely by instinct, lacking the brains for advanced intelligence and all..

Actually, all I need to do is spam Ember but okay

Take that Sperm-Worm!

Might as well help Swap.bear gain some experience.

... is that it? You disappoint me.

Stop forgetting the t already!

No, you just use bugs and suck, actually

TGUAA (This Game Uses Alot of Acronyms)

(It was Rockslide or something like it)

... you're a looney. You're all looneys... Ugh. All these idiots are tiring... I really hate this place... ugh... I need more sleep...

... so tired...

... nnn....

oh god-

I hate this place so bad. It's giving me nightmares even I need to go take a nap or something

Next time: The rest of Pinkranite, Ba-Chan Corp (holy shit that name is still retarded), the Green way, maybe we'll go back to see if we can find the witch?