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Part 8

Here's a random bit of adorable fanart by Amaya

<3 Amaya <3

Well, that was a good nap I shouldn't overwork myself, else I'll pass out and get wierd nightmares again Might as well check out that witch Backtracking commence!

Well, the Captain gave us the Cut HM, so...

Hooray, Deez Nutz, you're useful again!

Mushroom, huh? Well, I guess I'll see you in awhile. This better be worth it

Er... I'll just assume this isn't the right mushroom because she's refusing to take it.

And back to Pinkranite, I suppose!

And as we head back, we encounter:

Hey, it's an electric bug, a lightning bug you could say! Too bad it's... hideous. Like an electric doodie

:I I might as well catch it since I'm here.

well, it's fitting (5 glory points to Knux the Echidna)

Stoop Kid left his stoop!?

Oh nevermind, it's the Bad-Fashion Russians again They're always up to something, aren't they?

... what the hell does Macro-him mean, seriously? Is that supposed to mean he has like some large clone of himself? "Hurf it's my Macro-Me!" If that's how it ends up, that's retarded and I refuse to acknowledge it.

First you say it's a carnival, next you say you saw a mechanic...

Make up your mind

The whosa whatsa what?

Is that the dumb ghost thing you had earlier? Wasn't it broken? Who cares if they get it then.

... sigh. I know I'm going to end up getting it I always do. I'm too nice.

Yep, it's a pig. also more self insertion by mr baro boar

I'll make sure to be as loud as possible. Maybe it'll crush me so I can get out of this miserable place


Well, that's his loss then, eh?

Yeah, about that...

Judging by how well you guys did before, you quite frankly suck. This sounds like work for...



Electric Bug vs Water Bug! Both ugly! Who will win!?

Bugzapper zaps other bugs, clearly.

Hey it's a Spi... err... the heck is with Pokemon here?

It then kills both Swap.bear and DA KING with uproar jerk

FUEGOMELET can take care of basically anything though

Oh Imakuni!? you card.

That's not saying much. They sucked.

It's because you went up against TEAM FOXY. Let this be a lesson to you

... People sure like talking about While Castles here

" With my last Pokeball I curse FOXXYYY!"
" "

... that's quite possibly the most cute-yet-ugly thing ever

VV I just like how it sounds (5 glory points to Stalgren)

I don't even know who you are oh god no

this burly, old Hiker wants to beat me

... the column is staring into my soul. It's... it's...

Thanks to RedChocobo for this

Come on Oddium, be useful for once

... darn. ODDIUM!

Luckily Fuegomelet can handle anything and as su... wait what? Great, it's an emo burly rapist Hiker.

... maybe

I wanna see

But I'm a girl, not a dude...

But... that's horrifying, not cute KILL IT BUGZAPPER!

Well... they're both fairly ugly, so I guess I could just conceed the point VV

! But I'm not even a guy!

Swap.bear looks so intense

I don't like where this is going Now Swap.bear will be able to serenade his enemies with "Baaaaaby!"

... haha look at dat fukkin dawg.

... seriously it's adorable


you attacked me first

But that's just ...jerk.

Er... I'm not sure what to say about this one

At least he's quiet (5 glory points to whs )

I guess we can finally check out that cave!

Sigh... when the police fail, call in TEAM FOXY to battle!

Everyone always says that

Well this cave is awfully... green.

... is it a bunch of rocks or is it a twisted spoon? I can't really tell.

Calling spoon (5 glory points to whs)

... Look who's intimidating who now, world!

There better be something in it for me, then.

"She doesn't cry when I yell at her, how am I supposed to get turned on by intimidating her!?"


I know what you're thinking, "But Foxy, why would you fight an electric type with a flying type?" Well, let me tell you why...

It's because I can.


I'm a girl, and a foxy one at that SCREW YOU LADY!

And stop saying things like I'm saying them

You called me a boy

I'm a pretty girl, aren't I?

Aren't I?

And now you're ignoring me

And abandoning me ... jerks

Sigh, and I was feeling good about Team Foxy for a bit

one step later

So ... I wonder what to name this guy