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Original Thread: Running Circles Around the Fangames; Let's Play Pokemon Ranger



What is this game?

It's a Pokemon spinoff game with completely different gameplay. It was released to promote Nintendo DS' unique (at the time) touch screen feature. This game doesn't involve capturing pokemon to use them in battles (although there's still plenty of captures and battles).

Other notable features in this game include Pokemon on the overworld, fluid animations, non grid-based movement, a Pokemon transferable to another game, hard gameplay, the inability to keep a stable team, and a lack of random encounters.

Will you catch them all?

I will catch all Pokemon available in this game. Since this game came out before Diamond and Pearl, this game only has up to Gen 3 Pokemon.

What's the spoiler rule for this game?

Just use spoiler tags for things I haven't got to, including stuff from other games in the Pokemon Ranger series. As for other stuff in the franchise, don't bother using spoiler tags.

What is Pokemon?

Google it. And get out of that rock while you're at it.

Who's that guy with underlined text?

That's DoubleNegative, the co-commentator for this LP. They made several SSLP, one of which is the ongoing LP of Pokemon Insurgence. That fangame is by far the best out of the ones currently being LPed, so check it out!

Table of Contents

Mission 0: Don't Fear Failure!
Update 1. Welcome to Fiore!
Update 2. Exploring Ringtown
Update 3. Public Service Sucks

Mission 1: Escort the Professor!
Update 4. Adopting a Pokemon
Update 5. Burning Stuff in a Forest
Update 6. Rock Falls, Everyone Lives
Mission 1 Map

Mission 2: Fall City Case Log
Update 7. Menial Jobs Galore
Update 8. Herding Skitty
Mission 2 Map

Mission 3: Grimer Outbreak
Update 9. Corphish are Crap, Hey Hey!
Update 10. Mocking Muk with Psychic Powers (alternate title: Muking About)
Mission 3 Map

Mission 4: Where's Politoed?!
Update 11. Pokeran, Pokeran So Far Away
Update 12. Tropical Vacation
Update 13. A Game of Tag
Update 14. Don't Let Gligar Bring You Down
Mission 4 Map

Mission 5: Clear the Rockfalls!
Update 15. A Bunch of NPC Chatter
Update 16. Good Thing Random Encounters Don't Exist
Update 17. ViOLin Concerto in A miNOr
Mission 5 Map

Mission 6: The Wayward Wanderer
Update 18. Getting Lost is Fun!*
Update 19. Stealth and Escort and Chases, Oh My!
Update 20. Murkrow's Revenge
Mission 6 Map

Unofficial Mission: Three Challenges? And...
Update 21. Give Gifts, Give Junk
Update 22. The Jungle Relic Challenges
Update 23. The Challenge of Not Destroying Your Screen
Update 24. The Challenge of Not Getting Fired
Unofficial Mission 1 Map

Unofficial Mission: Save the Jungle Relic!
Update 25. Extreme Makeover
Update 26. The Rhythm of Rage Pounds the Ground!
Unofficial Mission 2 Map

Mission 7: Investigate the Factory!
Update 27. This ain't Metal Gear Solid
Update 28. Stopping Pikachu Abuse, One Generator at a Time
Update 29. Pushing the Big Red Button™
Mission 7 Map

Unofficial Mission: Find the Aquamole's Parts!
Update 30. An Actual Escort Mission
Update 31. Catching some Fish
Unofficial Mission 3 Map

Mission 8: Aquamole to the North
Update 32. 6000 Milliseconds Under the Sea
Update 33. A Looping Pokemon
Mission 8 Map

Mission 9: Hideout Infiltration
Update 34. Seedot, Ten-hut!
Update 35. Flying types are immune to Ice
Update 36. Trials and Tribulations with Timing and Teleports
Update 37. Pokemon a go-go!
Mission 9 Part 1 Map
Mission 9 Part 2 Map

Mission 10: The Fiore Temple
Update 38. Scaling the Temple
Update 39. Eeveelution Hunt
Update 40. Showdown on the Summit
Mission 10 Map

Special Mission: Search the Safra Sea!
Update 41. Getting a Nifty Useless Feature
Update 42. Attack of the Sea Creatures

Special Mission: Summerland Rescue Duo!
Update 43. Vacation Ruined...

Special Mission: The Temple's Sinister Shadows?
Update 44. Goat's-milk cheese is my favorite!

Update 45. Marine Challenge
Update 46. 3F: Forest, Factory and Fucking tunnel

Extra Mission: Gain Deoxys's Trust?!
Update 47. Mighty Morphin' Dangerous Deoxys

Extra Mission: Rescue Celebi!
Update 48. Picnic with Murph

Update 49. The Return of The Ambushes
Update 50. Capture Arena
Update 51. Cheating Arena

Extra Mission: Find Mew, the Mirage!
Update 52. Another Game of Tag

Update 53. Grassland Challenge

Extra Mission: Recover the Precious Egg!
Update 54. Secondhand Disappointment
Update 55. Shrooms Makes You Dumb

Update 56. No Flute Needed
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