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Part 1: Welcome to Fiore!

New Music: Introduction

First thing to note here is that I can't seem to find any official names for the soundtrack, so the names are made up by me.

I would like to meet you. I want to see for myself if you really are worthy of becoming a Ranger. I will be waiting for you in Fall City next Sunday. You'll find enclosed a ticket for the ferry to Fall City and an official Pokemon Ranger uniform. Wear it, and wait for me in the harbor. With that uniform on, I won't have any trouble spotting you. I look forward to seeing you.

Best regards,
Ringtown Ranger Leader.

Tl;dr: We pestered a ranger leader so much he decided to meet us in person.

The default names are Lunick for the boy and Solana for the girl. Whoever isn't chosen will end up as an NPC.

I'll leave it up to the thread to decide which one we're going to pick, but for this update, we're going to go as a girl.

*Boat horn sounds*

Like you might have guessed, the one speaking has a green aura around them.

It's Fall City! Fall City!
Whoa, hold up! There's no need to get so excited. Fall City isn't going to run away on us or anything like that.

New Music: Fall City Harbor

We can now move around, talk to people, examine things, the usual RPG fare.

Ahoy, Pokemon Ranger! Did you enjoy the cruise? ...Just between you and me, I'm a sailor, but that didn't stop me from getting a little seasick. You see, I might look like a proper sailor, but I'm still an apprentice. Oh? You're just starting out, too? Well, how about that! Even though we're headed in different directions, let's both do our best to find success!

Ship It's the cruise ship S.S. Fiore II, quite popular among tourists.

We can talk to the Pokemon here, too, but obviously they don't have much to say. You can hear their cry when talking to the, though.

The blue, blue sea! The whitecapped waves... And my blue and white... Shirt! On a day this spectacular, I'd like nothing more than a leisurely cruise on my Lapras.

As we go up, we get interrupted by a man.

This isn't your first time here, is that not so? And why would I think so? Because you know how to move using a stylus and the Touch Screen. You should know that you can also walk about using the + Control Pad. As for me, I always use my stylus for getting around. You know, I'm from the "Touch Generation." But that's just me. People can do whatever they want.

We can also talk to people either by getting close to them and pressing A or just tapping on them from any distance. It's those little things that seems trivial but makes the game much nicer to play.

By the way, most of the action are going to be on the bottom screen. The top screen is literally just black right now.

Like in Gen 1 games and remakes, Snorlax is acting as our roadblock. It doesn't seem to block anything right now, but it will.

Spoiler: there's absolutely no way to move Snorlax in this game. But at least that means we won't have a 10 hour trip to move one Pokemon.

Not shown: the box shaking.

There's something hiding behind this crate! If it's an Ekans, I'm going to faint! Long, squirmy things scare me silly! Hurry, touch it and see!

So we touch do just that.

Crate It's a crate that's typically seen in harbors. It has a foreign and exotic air about it that is thrilling.

Hi, there! Are you waiting to meet someone? If you've got time on your hands, try chatting with people. Don't by shy--just go up to the people you want to meet, then touch them with your stylus. It's not just people. If something catches your attention, don't be afraid to touch it with your stylus. Oh! Don't forget to check out the Tourist Center!

Yachts Yachts are moored in the harbor. It looks like a postcard picture.

There's nothing else to do outside beside watching a few Wingulls and Krabbys, so let's go inside.

Inside we have 5 people to chat, with one of them hidden behind the text box.

Traveling with my wife... I wonder how many years it's been?
Excuse me, but are you one of those Pokemon Ranger people? Can you do that thing you do for me? You know, that loopy thing you do. ...Oh. You can't yet? ...Oh. Well, that's too bad.
Big girl with the burning eyes! We were on the ferry together!
Are you traveling alone? You don't look like a tourist. I mean, your outfit is so outlandish. What is that outfit about?
Welcome to Fall City! Fall City is known as the largest city in the Fiore region. The city's best-known landmark is the Joy Clock Tower, which is located at the north end. Would you like to ask me any questions? ...That's how I have to be for work. And now, I'll chat normally. So, I want to know, what is with the way you're dressed? You're not really a Ranger, are you? It's obvious you've never worn that outfit before!

Everyone keep picking on the outfit

I don't think there's any viewable map in this game.

Shelf There's a magazine here. It's an issue of the Pokemon Ranger news.

Spenser only appears after we examined the box and talked to everyone. Seems like he's taking his time.

You're the letter writer, right? The uniform I sent you... It's a little on the big side? Well, I guess it's not that big a concern? Oh, anyway, I'm Spenser. Ringtown's Ranger Leader. It's good to see you finally. I enjoyed exchanging letters with you. It brought back memories of the burning ambition I had when I was working on becoming a Ranger. Thanks for that!
Let me show you to my Ranger Base. Like the name suggests, a Ranger Base is a base of operations for Rangers. The Fiore region--that'd be here--has four cities: Fall City, Ringtown, Summerland, and Wintown. In each of the four cities is a Ranger Base. And, as you already know, I'm the Ranger Leader of Ringtown. Ringtown is a fair distance away to the west, and...

*Pokemon cry*

Did you hear that cry? It came from over there!

*They both went up*

New Music: Tension

*Plusle hide behind Spenser*

This doesn't look good. That Houndoom appears to be highly agitated. That Plusle must have angered it. I bet it pulled some harmless prank that didn't go over well.
*To ???* I know that this is a sudden thing... But I need your help to calm down these Pokemon! I'm going to entrust you with this Capture Styler. The Capture Styler is a device Rangers can use to communicate their feelings to Pokemon to befriend them. Only certified Rangers are permitted to possess a Styler, but this is an emergency. Capture the Plusle for me! I'll capture the Houndoom! Here, take this!




I'll capture the Houndoom first!

It's tutorial time! The screen flashes white to signify the encounter.

New Music: First Capture

Before every capture attempt, there's a "Capture On!" pose. This is the only time we're going to see Spenser's.

I'm going to summarize the tutorial since Spenser had already said twice the amount of than everyone else combined.

Basically, we have to draw loops around the Pokemon. The keyword here is 'loop' as it doesn't have to be a specific shape. It doesn't even have to be connected to the starting point of the line.

Every time we draw a loop around a Pokemon, the blue number above them decrease. This blue number shows the number of loops we need to make around that Pokemon.

Of course, it's not as simple as just drawing loops. The first obstacle is that the capture will fail if we take off the stylus during that point.

The second obstacle is that the line will be destroyed by contact either with the Pokemon or their attacks. And then we have to start over.

If the line is hit by any attack, it will decrease the energy. The energy is shown in the bar above. If it reaches 0, it's Game Over.

After the blue number reach 0, it'll turn into an orange number. When this happens, we HAVE TO release the stylus. The keyword here is 'have to'. If the line is destroyed, the capture will fail and we have to start over.

You haven't played this game until you fail to catch a Pokemon because you didn't release on time.

All right, your turn! First, you need to get close to that Plusle.

Since this is still the tutorial, the capture is very easy. Plusle doesn't even have any attack here.

Music: Fall City Harbor

Good job! That's excellent for your first-ever capture! Well, that was a bit of excitement I didn't count on. Still, I think it's lucky for me since I got to see your potential as a Ranger firsthand.
*Looking at Houndoom* The Houndoom's settled down enough, I guess. Okay, big guy, off you go. Back to where you came from.

What I did was "release" that Pokemon. "Release" literally means to turn loose captured Pokemon back into their natural habitats. After all, Rangers can't take captured Pokemon with them unless they have a compelling reason.
*Looking at Plusle* Well, it looks like this Plusle has taken a liking to you. That said, you can't really bring it with us... You see, Rangers aren't allowed to take Pokemon out of their natural habitats. You'd better release that Plusle.

Whoops! I almost forgot. I've got to confer this certificate on you. It's official proof that you're a Ranger. Normally, you would have to take a proper certification test. It's only when you pass the test that you should receive this certificate... But forget the test! When you were faced with this real-life situation, you resolved it admirably.

It's funny to think that Spenser was planning on meeting ??? here and then sending them off to Ranger School to take the test.

There's no reason at all why you shouldn't be certified as a Ranger. Read this certificate thoroughly and sign here, please.

New Music: Ranger Net

In addition to the gender, I'll let the thread decide the name of our character.

Congratulations, ???! You are now a genuine, full-fledged Pokemon Ranger! ...Having said that, you're also a complete rookie Ranger who doesn't know left from right yet. You need to gain experience above all. There's no time to waste! First, we need to wing across the deep blue sky to Ringtown! Step this way...

*??? merges with Spenser*

Sorry I kept you waiting, Fearow! Do your thing!

New Music: Intro Fanfare