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Part 4: Adopting a Pokemon

Music: Ranger Base

I have bad news and great news. The bad news is that every time we start or end a mission, we're going to be stripped of every friend Pokemon we have

The great news is that for the rest of this LP I'm going to be joined by Double Negative!

Hey everyone, I'm DoubleNegative. I've agreed to join this venture as a co-commentator. I've got no idea where any of this is going because I've never played a Ranger game before, but this should be a lot of fun!

To be honest, I didn't think you would do as well as you did. Keep it up! Lunick, Circe, I want you to patrol Ringtown until a new mission comes up. If anything happens, you let me know immediately. Clear?

The Pokemon Rangers, putting Officer Jenny out of a job since 2006!

A Ranger's job isn't only about doing missions. Patrolling the city is just one of the important things we do. Let's hit the streets and hear what our citizens have to say!

Before that, we'll do our usual round of chatting.

Is that uniform a little too big for you? Oh, maybe not.
Don't treat patrolling like it's a stroll in the park! I used to get scolded like that a lot. See you guys later!

Alright. Let's go outside.

*Pokemon cry*

That was a Pokemon cry!

Music: Trouble

This These again?
I love how very Grant Kirkhope-esque this Trouble music is.

Calm down! Please calm down! My precious Taillow!
That Taillow's after that little Plusle! ...And that's Larry's Taillow! We've got to save that Plusle!

Are Larry and his Taillow going to be a problem for us through the whole game or is this just a one-off occurrence?
This is the last time they appear in the story, actually. Spoiler, I guess.

*The two approaches the Pokemon*

We've got to capture the Taillow and get it to calm down!

Music: First Capture

Circe, look! Look at the Plusle!

The Plusle is in the middle of leaving here. Seems like Lunick's dialogue can stop time.
That Plusle is pretty powerful.
Oh, you haven't seen anything yet

Circe, there's your chance! Capture the Taillow and calm it down!

So we do just that. Taillow can't move at all, so this is much easier than earlier.

Music: Mission Clear!

Well, if it isn't Circe! You captured my darling Taillow again! I owe you a big thanks!

I like that this game acknowledges Circe's accomplishments, even when she's just starting out. Unlike some other games...

Larry, can you explain something? Why was your Taillow chasing the little Plusle?
Well, this is what happened. When my darling Taillow came back to me, I was beside myself, I was so happy. So, I was happily petting my precious one over and over. I think that little Plusle became jealous of how my darling was getting all my attention. So it started bugging my precious Taillow. My Taillow tried to ignore it for a while, but that Plusle was so persistent, my darling finally became furious.
I see. Plusle... You'd better apologize to this Taillow properly.

Plusle: Pla plaaah!

That Plusle... Maybe it's lonesome! That's just the feeling I get, anyway. Darling Taillow, let's forgive that little Plusle and go home, OK?

Taillow: Piih hyooh!

*Larry and Taillow leave*

Music: Ringtown
Plusle: Plaah plah!

Like Larry said, maybe this Plusle is feeling lonesome. Look how much it's taken to you already, Circe. It really wants to be babied.

Circe and Plusle connected emotionally!

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 3

We now have Plusle's entry. Spoiler: The Plusle and Minun here are the only two in Fiore, so we're never going to catch them again.

Circe, did you maybe know this little guy form before? So, what's its story? ...Is that right. ...You saw it in Fall City's harbor? It was in a fight with a Houndoom right in the town?! And then it clung to your leg so you had to bring it to Ringtown, Circe? Wow. I'd say a lot happened in a short time.
Hey, I know! Circe, you don't have a partner Pokemon yet, do you? I think this Plusle would make a perfect partner for you, Circe! I guarantee it!

New Music: Rank Up!

Hell yeah!

Music: Ringtown
That's settled, then! Lucky you, Plusle! From now on, you and Circe are officially partners! Let's get back to patrolling. Plusle, you're with us now!

Most of the NPCs here have new dialogue, so let's do the rounds.

Oh? Aren't you a lovely couple! Are you an item already? Or is one of you about to ask the other out? Or perhaps you're just a pair of Rangers out on patrol? Ahahahaha! I knew right from the start! I couldn't help teasing you!
Did you know? In the Fiore region, Pokemon come in different groups. ...Did you know this, then? There are seventeen different groups of Pokemon. Did you really know that?

Reminder that this game came out before Fairy type exists.

The only Pokemon that you can freely take to other towns--that would be your partner. Yes, it's possible to be accompanied by the wild Pokemon you've captured. However, you are forbidden to take wild Pokemon out of their natural habitats. After all, that is how you help maintain the delicate balance of nature. That said, it's an entirely different story when it comes to an expert Ranger. Such a Ranger will have gained experience of every sort that will prevent problems with Pokemon in unfamiliar places.

Geez. The phrasing in that last sentence is pretty awkward.

Go to the east, and you're at Kisara Plain. ...What am I, a signpost?

I don't know. You're the one who suddenly starts giving directions

It must be fun to go on walks with it in places like the Lyra Forest.

It's OK that he adores his Pokemon, but he goes completely overboard. He fusses over his Taillow so much, it has to run away to get some time for itself.
Circe... Right? I sure appreciate your help!

Poor Taillow...

Pikachu! Because it's so adorable!
The climate is always like springtime in Ringtown. It's very pleasant to live in, but it also makes me drowsy for a nap... Yaaawwwnnn...

That's everything new here. We can't go to Lyra Forest or Kisara Plains, so we go back to Ranger Base.

Music: Ranger Base

Welcome back, the both of you.
*Looks at Plusle* Oh? Which Plusle is that? Could it be the same Plusle that tagged along with us from Fall City?
That's right, it is! We happened to run into it while we were out on patrol.

It's not like there's any other Plusle in Fiore.

We know that this Plusle can be a little prankster--it's gotten into trouble because of it. But it doesn't seem to have forgotten how Circe came to its rescue. Leader, there's something I need to tell you...
Lunick, there's no need to explain. I can see it with my own eyes. Circe chose that Plusle as her partner Pokemon, right? I can see that they make a decent combination already!
*To Circe* I should explain what a partner Pokemon is. Every Ranger is permitted to keep a single Pokemon as their partner. The partner has to be a special one that has connected emotionally with their Ranger as if they were close friends.

Sure, Nintendo/Game Freak. Whatever you say. With Minun, Plusle, Ukulele Pichu, and all those unevolved Gen 4 Pokemon, do you still think cute appeal is not the marketing goal here?

I hope your Plusle grows into such a supportive partner Pokemon.
I'll teach you about Plusle's special ability. You see, my Minun is the same type as yours, so I'm familiar with it.

It's time for another tutorial! This game follows the proud Pokemon tradition of having long, unskippable tutorials. I'll summarize it.

The energy will increase as we make loops around a Pokemon (so empty loops won't count). When the bar is filled, we can ask Plusle to help.

Touching the button that didn't exist before will let us use Poke Assist.

Here we can choose which Pokemon we want to use. If we have usable friend Pokemon, we can ask them to help.

Poke Assist have types, as do the target Pokemon. Both can be seen in their respective browser entry. If the assist is super effective, it will have larger effect. The reverse is also true. This means that Plusle will be useless against dragon/electric/grass/ground Pokemon.

The game helpfully tells us if it's super effective or ineffective, but it only does that AFTER we select the assist. Hope you have a type chart handy!

It's really reassuring to have a partner Pokemon along to help with captures. It's a real confidence booster!

I have to agree on that. Poke Assist can be a lifesaver.
Seconded, and I have no idea what's going on. But if paralyze is as effective as it was with Taillow...

*To Spenser* Leader, if there aren't any new missions, we could go out on patrol again?
Let's see... No, there's nothing that really demands immediate action... OK, Lunick, you do that. You can go patrol the Lyra Forest on your own.

You know, I'm burning with ambition again. I'm going to work that much harder, knowing that I have a new go-getter of a rival at our Ranger Base! *leaves*

Oh, but that's beside the point. Spenser, long time, no see! I trust that you've been well? Oh? Now who might this be? That unfamiliar younster is the rookie Ranger you've been telling me about?
It's good to see you again, Prof. Hastings. As you've guessed, she's our new rookie hope, Circe.
Ah, hello, Circe! I'm Hastings. Glad to meet you! There's no need to be formal with me. You may just call me Professor if you'd like.

Isn't that more formal than just 'Hastings'?

Incidentally, Professor. I wanted to speak to you about the new styler you left with us recently. I think you called it the Super Styler? Well, it sure lives up to its name. It really is quite outstanding. But, it also worries me, too. If one were to ever fall into the hands of criminals...
You worry needlessly. The Super Styler's existence is known only to Ranger Leaders of the four Ranger Bases.

Not anymore. There's 3 extra people who know it now.

Oops, I was rather loud, wasn't I? But, no matter, that Super Styler is merely a prototype. Incidentally, Spenser. This is stricly between us, but I had a flash of inspiration. I have an idea that will power up the Super Styler. I couldn't wait to share this idea with you, so I took the long journey all the way from Fall City on foot. So, the brilliant idea I have...
Uh, yes, Professor. Just, uh, please hold on a second.
*To Circe* Listen, Circe, can you do me a favor? Go upstairs and check on my Fearow. That'd be right now.

You're kicking me out but not Murph or the Operator?

...Okay, maybe the Operator is a nonentity, but there's still Murph!

To be fair, at least he's making kind of an attempt to preserve secrecy. He's just doing a really poor job of it.

Fearow's upstairs. That'd be a trip up on the elevator.
...OK, so my brilliant idea... (Whisper, whisper...)
...I see, that does sound quite brilliant... (Whisper, whisper...)

Looks like we're not important enough to listen to this conversation

It's resting up. It must be tired from carrying both you and the Leader at the same time. There's nothing to be worried about. It's quite tough, so it'll be back to its regular self in no time. But as tough as it is, it's not so tough that it can carry two grown men at the same time. I'm thinking maybe I'll have to escort the good professor back home.

Looks like we just found out what our first mission is going to be.

...Hmhm... ...I see... OK, thanks. Oh, yes, Circe, I have a new mission for you. Prof. Hastings will be walking back to Fall City. Circe, your job is to escort the good professor and see to it that he returns to Fall City safely. That, Circe, is your first official mission. You'll need to go through the Lyra Forest and head for the Krokka Tunnel. Once you get through the tunnel, Fall City is just steps away.

An escort mission is still better mission than getting a lost Pokemon, I guess.

Ah, it's good to have you along, Circe! My well-being is in your hands!

Before that, we'll go another round at talking to NPCs.

You get to escort the professor? That's really heavy. Too heavy, even. Do you want to hear about the mission I had yesterday? My mission yesterday was "Find the missing toenail clippers!" You know how toenail clippers always seem to be missing the few times you actually need them? Do you know what I mean?

Are we absolutely sure Ringtown needs a Rangers office? "Find the lost toenail clippers" is like four steps below "help Fluffy the Skitty down out of a tree."
They're there mostly because of Lyra Forest. People (like Hastings here) tends to get lost in it. Even if it doesn't actually have a confusing layout.

Let us make haste and be on our way! I must get back right away to attend to my ongoing research and development!

Music: Ringtown

Oh? This isn't your grandchild? Perhaps the child is actually a Ranger escorting the professor? Ahahahaha! I knew from the start! I was just teasing! Oh, but the professor seems impatient to go. You had better be on your way.

I like this old man. His whole thing is just to clown on Circe and Lunick. I can respect that!