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Part 7: Menial Jobs Galore

Music: Ranger Base

I've heard about you from Spenser. For a Rank 1 Ranger, you've done a commendable job. Circe, I'm officially promoting you to Ranger Rank 2!

Music: Rank Up!

So not only do we not get reprimanded for our failure, we even got promoted!

We get a notification that we can now use Fighting Poke Assists. The game treat it like it's an accomplishment, but we never have access to Pokemon whose Poke Assist we can't use anyway.

Music: Ranger Base
Professor... There's something that I need to discuss with you. It's too sensitive to discuss here, so let's take it upstairs.
*To Circe* Circe, please wait down here.

*The two go to the elevator*

You'd think that Joel is better at keeping secrets than Spenser, but there's even more people upstairs. Those peoples are nonentities, but still...

This one is actually better than it sounds. Against Pokemon weak to it, each loop will count as 3. Not to mention that it also works against poison, flying, bug and psychic, which means it only doesn't work on ghost.

But you must be some kind of impressive. I mean, you must be to get the job of escorting the professor. Huh? You don't get what's so impressive about that? It just so happens, Prof. Hastings is the Ranger Union's chief of technology. That Capture Styler you're using? That's just one of the professor's inventions.
Hiya, I'm Lind! Nice to meet you! Our Leaders, Spenser and Joel, used to be on the same team together back in the old days. They used to clash as rivals when they were young, but nowadays they have nothing but respect for each other. They're famous in the Fiore region to this day as "Spenser, the Fearow Master," and "Joel, the Dodrio Rider."

This is the closest we'll get to Joel's introduction.

Oh? That uniform? Are you maybe a Ranger from Ringtown? But I don't remember seeing your face before... I'm Aria. I'm a Ranger here in Fall City. ...You've never heard of me? You really don't know anything, do you? Oh, well, that's fine. And who might you be?
OK, I see. So you're named Circe. It's not a very inspired name, but I'll make an effort to remember it.

It would've been impressive if mythology exists in Pokemon universe

Listen up, please!

I have bad news. Prof. Hastings was set upon by criminals who claimed to be the Go-Rock Squad. Worse, they made off with the professor's invaluable Super Styler. The Super Styler, by the way, should be considered the latest version of the Capture Styler. I can't discuss it in detail because it's still in development. However, in criminal hands, its potential for wrongdoing is frightening. Recover the stolen Super Styler at any cost. That is the mission for every Ranger in Fall City!
This is no usual mission. This is not a problem that can be solved by the Fall City Rangers alone. I've just had the Ranger Union issue alerts to all Ranger Bases under its command. Every Ranger in the Fiore region will be informed that the recovery of the Super Styler is the top-priority mission. I ask all of you to fully cooperate with Rangers across the region to complete the mission! I'm sorry that my carelessness has led to this...
*To the Rangers* OK, everyone, you heard! Please give this mission your best effort for the professor's sake, too. Our first task is to gather intelligence on the Go-Rock Squad. We need to know everything there is to know. Investigations should fan out from the Krokka Tunnel where the Super Styler was snatched. Don't forget--I expect to be kept constantly informed. That's all. Everyone, dismissed!

*The Fall City Rangers leave*

*Circe approaches Joel*

...Yes? You wanted to say something? Oh, you'd like to work alongside Fall City's Rangers?I appreciate your offer, but, Circe, I'm afraid this mission is too much for you at your Ranger Rank. Also, there is something else that I would like to entrust you with. Because of this mission, Fall City will be without its regular Rangers. While our Rangers are absent, I would like you to handle this city's Ranger activities. I am asking you to help our citizens in neeed. That will be your newest mission, Circe.

Music: Mission Received!

This is a huge drop in importance from before

Music: Ranger Base

The blurb tries its best to make it sound important, at least.

Before we go, let's do our rounds in the base.

If my Super Styler were to be used for nefarious deeds... The very thought of it is horrifying...

What would you do if you became stuck during a mission and were completely out of options? Sometimes you don't really have much of a choice over what you can do. Well, if you're ever stuck that badly, you can retire from the mission and start it all over again. Open the Styler's menu and select "Mission." You'll see the choice "Retire" to do the mission over.

If you need to do this, you really fucked up.

Hi, hot-prospect Ranger! Here's a bit of advice. Did you know that you earn Exp. Points by capturing Pokemon? You know when you draw loops around a Pokemon during a capture, an orange number appears above it eventually? That orange number shows ou how many Exp. Points you can earn from that capture. The amount of Exp. Points you can earn depends on the Pokemon you're trying to capture. Once the orange number appears, you can earn bonus Exp. Points by completing additional loops. If you're comfortable with how the capture is going, you should try for the bonus Exp. Points. But watch out. If the orange number stops going up even after completing bonus loops, it means you can't earn any more Exp. Points.

(Lower) Using its three heads, it watches situations as they develop to keep our Leader informed.
(Upper) Hey, hotshot Ranger! Here's a little piece of advice. Have you ever had trouble telling apart your friend Pokemon from wild Pokemon? If that happens, try pressing the X or Y Button. Your friend Pokemon will glow with a blue outline.

It will probably be useful for the purposes of this LP, but

Music: Mission Start!

Music: Fall City

From: Spenser
To: Circe
Re: Message from Joel

I know that you're in an unfamiliar place, so things can't be easy for you. But hang in there. Help out the citizens of Fall City in need. I'm counting on you.

We're awfully sorry about it, but we've had to clsoe off the Krokka Tunnel until we're done investigating.

Alright, let's help out citizens of Fall City. Speaking of it, let's see how big Fall City is.

Yep. That's a large city alright. By Pokemon standards, at least. You might now be thinking: "How are we supposed to find who needs our help?"

The answer is simple: The person comes to us.

Hello, Ranger! Can I get you to come to my apartment building? There's been a mix-up there, and I'm stuck because of it. I'll be waiting! *leaves*

We'll explore this city later. For now, we'll just follow the client right after talking to this lady here.

Don't you find Joel, the Ranger Leader, to be cool and fabulous? I'm waiting here because I want to see Joel go on patrol riding his Dodrio.

He's just finished patrolling. Too bad.

*The lady goes inside*

There's Pichu in Fall City but they're much less important than before since we have access to the Ranger Base the whole time and can just recharge there.


Are you maybe a Ranger impostor?

Okay, fine.

Thank you, Ranger! But that Crate is very heavy. I think you'll need a strong Pokemon to move that Crate. Like a Makuhita, for instance?

It's interesting that we need Tackle instead of Crush.

This Snubbull is right next to the apartment.

It can headbutt. And nothing else.

Required Loops: 4
Possible EXP: 11/14/17/21

You might have noticed that I have not shown the glossary entry for Normal assist. That's because there's no Normal-type Poke Assist in this game.

Just a few steps upwards from Snubbull, we found a Makuhita.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

It punches. And nothing else. It does have a longer range, though.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 5
Possible EXP: 20/23/26/30

Music: Fall City

Snubbull isn't strong enough to move the crate, but Makuhita is.

Oh, thank you! You've made my day! I can finally go inside! Won't you come in for a snack?

Oh boy! A snack!

*Everyone gets in*

Music: Trouble

Aiyeeeeh! What is this thing?! Please, Ranger, catch it!

This lady just can't catch a break.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

Venonat turns the screen purple, making it hard to see. It moves by jumping around quickly. Plusle trivializes it.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 35/42/49/56/63/70

Getting 3 loops is easy against Venonat. Getting 8 is not. So don't bother getting maximum EXP no matter how tempting it is.

Finally, oh, finally, I can begin living my dream of living in the city. Thank you, Ranger!

Circe does a pose for every person helped.

Music: Fall City
...I'm sorry, but I'm just not good at all with that Pokemon. Can you let it go, please?

See what I mean about not getting access to Pokemon whose assist hasn't been unlocked yet?

*When talked to* I didn't expect anything like this just as soon as I moved here... But I'm not going to let that get me down! I'm keeping my head up with a positive attitude!

What about our snack?

There's more floors to this apartment, but we'll explore them later. For now, we'll deal with this woman.

Yoo-hoo! Yes, you! The Ranger there! My adorable and oh-so-lovable Skitty have run away from mumsy-wumsy! Please, oh, pretty please, round up my little pretties right away? You know Skitty, don't you? You can solve this lickety-split? You're a Ranger, after all!

Looks like we don't have to deal with this after all. Who's next?

Ooh! What a pretty Skitty! Ooh, it's so cutesy-wutesy! Yes, yes, it's this Pokemon! My little pretties are just like this!

...Pretties? There's more?

No. If you can't take care of your pets, you shouldn't have them.

Oh, how dare you say no?! Aren't you a Ranger? A ranger can't say no! Bring me my lovey-dovey Skitty! If you don't know where my sweet little-wittle Skitty are, you can come ask me. I'll wait for you near the Ranger BAse. Don't you dare fail!

So saying 'No' doesn't do anything. And now we have to find multiple Skitty.

How many, you ask? Well, I'll leave that as a surprise. At least we can talk to her for a hint. I'll leave it in spoiler tags so you can just follow along.

Hint 1: The first Skitty is a freebie. We just found it. Or it found us, to be exact.

Hint 2: Well, let's see, my Skitty are quite romantic--just like me. Try looking near the fountain.

I'm trying to think up a good name for it.

The hint will be given starting from the most obvious. You really can't miss this Skitty.

Music: Trouble

She didn't introduce herself to us, but the woman's name is Teresa. All Skitty in this city belongs to her, so there's no chance of us capturing a Skitty only to find out that it's not hers.

Skitty has no attack, but it will jump sometimes. Since this game operate on a 2D scale, the jump can hit the line, so make sure to leave some space above it when making the loops.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 15/18/21/25

Music: Fall City

You might have seen it in the previous picture, but there's Ludicolo here. Make sure to capture them separately.

Ludicolo attacks with damaging music. It lasts a pretty long time and has a wide area. And we need 8 loops to capture it, which made dealing with two of them at once impossible.

Plusle is MVP here. It makes up for its disappointing performance with Rhydon.

Required Loops: 8
Possible EXP: 26/32/38/46

Ludicolo is the first Pokemon we meet whose pre-evolution haven't been met yet. It won't be the last.

Anyway, we have to go back to Teresa to return her Skitty. We can get them in any order and we can bring as many as we want at once.

Music: Fall City
Hint3: Well, let's see, my Skitty love to get up on high places. It must be for sunbathing.

The first place in Fall City we'll explore is the apartment. We've seen the room in the 1st floor, so we'll skip that one.

I was just hoping for someone to talk to. In the last little while, the tap water has taken on a rather unpleasant odor. The waterworks is famous for being so clean that Pokemon could live there. It's very odd.

I don't think a place has to be clean to have Pokemon in it.

Oh, you have to leave already? Well, I'm sorry to see you go, but go you must. After all, it's your job.

People ask you for help with all sorts of silly things, don't they? The people of this town rely a little too much on Rangers.

The crate problem is understandable. The lady being too scared with Venonat is also understandable. I agree with you about Skitty, though.

Ahaha! It was tough using the stairs to get to the third floor, wasn't it? You can deny all you want. Your face shows obvious fatigue!

The Skitty is on the roof/4th floor. It's visible because of the camera, but you do have to be observant to find it ourselves.

Hint4: My Skitty simply adore the flagrant fragrance of flowers. Try looking near the florist shop.

The Skitty can be seen in the right part of the city, but we need a Pokemon with Cut.

Luckily, Meowth is just downwards.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

Meowth cuts and jumps. The cut has Snubbull's range, so Meowth is basically Snubbull and Skitty combined.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 5
Possible EXP: 18/19/20/21/22/23

It also has the various possible EXP from Venonat. Except this one is even more not worth getting.

Right after we cut the fence, Skitty runs walks away.