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Part 20: Murkrow's Revenge

Music: Dusk Factory

*Murkrow flees*

Is that the heckling Murkrow? Being called a buffoon must have stung!

Music: Deep Lyra Forest
*When talked to* We fail to attain our objectives, I get lost in the forest... One indignity after the other!

Sign <Labyrinth Grove> This scenery is confusingly similar. There are other signs like this, too.

Even though we're done with the actual maze, we're still not out of the woods yet. Going up...

Music: Dusk Factory

Did we not pass this spot earlier? Circe, was it? Surely you're not suggesting that you've lost your way? Aren't you Rangers trained for this sort of thing? Do something useful!

That's right; we now have a Lost Woods situation! And there's no indication whatsoever to which one are the correct paths!
Trying to not be so down on the game and yet...

Music: Deep Lyra Forest

Good thing that the game indicates which area we're in. The first area has the sign and save point while the second has Nincada.

Do you know that if you release the Styler when it's underground, the capture won't count? I didn't!

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 25/31/37/45

I still don't know why Ninjask don't have Cut while Nincada does.
Ninjask are too busy getting faster to worry with trivial stuff like cutting grass!

In any case, we can now open the bush in the meadow. Looks like we don't need Meowth after all.

Our first fully-evolved starter!

Venusaur attacks with the Grass equivalent of a puddle.

But of course Venusaur isn't as simple as Muk or Marshtomp. Its 'puddle' lasts longer than other Pokemon.

The first vine mine will fade after the third one is made. The second after the fourth, and so on.

Required Loops: 10
Possible EXP: 130/140/150/160/170/180

With that done, back to the forks we go.
That's quite a lot of XP!
It is. In fact, this is a good opportunity to EXP grind.

The third and final area has a Taillow and a Swellow. If you're wondering, the correct paths are down-up-down. They're not randomized, thankfully.

I defended some things in this game, but this part is just pure guesswork

At least it's only three screens, and if you pay attention you can quickly see you're making no progress. As far as Lost Woods scenarios go, this is downright friendly.

Music: Dusk Factory

*Murkrow went up the tree*

That wretched Murkrow again? It bears a grudge badly. Impressive. But what is this dark haze? Why does it cling so? Get me out of this dank misery of a forest

Crows really do hold grudges! Be mean to one crow, and the rest of their murder will also bear the grudge.

There's no more forks here, so we'll just take the exit...


*Murkrow went up the tree*

What is this? We've returned to the same spot! And that Murkrow... Hear it cackle at us ominously...

We noticed

You're a Ranger! Do something about that wretched thing!

The game is kind enough to provide Phanphy around if we didn't carry one all the way back from Jigglypuff's area.

What the...? It dares to impede us? Well? what are you waiting for? There's your cue! Capture that irksome Murkrow already!

Video: Murkrow

Well, Murkrow should be easy. Fire Assists pretty much trivializes any Pokemon not resistant to it.

Music: Wild Boss Pokemon Encounter

...Or maybe not.

Well, Spinarak are all still weak to Fire, but...

Fire assist only works if we managed to make a loop around the Pokemon. Which is easier said than done with 5 Pokemon around.

Again, it's doable on an actual DS, but on a mouse it's very hard.

Murkrow's attack is pretty basic; it's pretty much just the dark version of Koffing's attack, down to obscuring the screen.

Anyway, since Fire isn't working out, let's try out Flying.

It's...messy, to say the least.

Pokemon hit by Flying assist's tornado (and Fire assist's loop) won't break our line, which makes them extremely useful.

Flying assist works only on Pokemon outside the loops, while Fire assist works oppositely.
Could you just doodle tiny circles and summon a bunch of tornadoes, or would that be casting too wide of a net?
Tiny circles work, but we can just draw lines to make them. Shame the same can't be said for Fire assist, though.

The key here is to focus on the Spinarak first. Each of them only requires 3 loops, so they should be caught quickly.
Divide and conquer!

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 9
Possible EXP: 48/52/56/62

This is actually a very fun and hectic capture. And the best part is that using Flying/Fire aren't the only correct answers.

I didn't record it, but I managed to capture them (using a mouse) with Venusaur's help even though Spinarak are resistant to Grass.

Music: Dusk Factory

That dark haze lifted upon your capturing that Murkrow... Was it creating that haze?

Didn't you notice during the capture?
We wouldn't have been in this position had he not tormented the murkrow!

But it annoys me to no end to be toyed by such a wretch... Enough! Release the vile thing!

How much of my time must you waste? Get me out of the forest once and for all!

All right, all right! Sheesh...

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

*The grunt flees*

Music: Dusk Factory
Hm, that was the Go-Rock Squad... I've heard they are roundly reviled and ridiculed as wrongdoers. However, how much of that reputation is fair or warranted? Perhaps they are merely and grossly misunderstood? Why, they may be more useful than some worthless Ranger who can barely manage the simple task of a guide.

You're welcome
You asked me privately if I wanted to toxx over my guess that Gordor is the leader of the Go-Rocks. While I'm still not willing to commit $10, if this dude isn't the leader, then he's certainly high up in their organization.

Ah, I see where we are. I can manage on my own from here. I should say that you were successful, for what it's worth. I enjoyed our time together, you Union Ranger. Fufufu... Fufufu... Fwahahahaha!

Music: Mission Clear!

Gordor's Laugh: 6

Was that old gent the one that requested the mission? He sure came across high and mighty. Fwahahahaha! That's some laugh.
*Approaches Circe* Hey, hey, Circe! I just finished my mission, too! It sure was worthwhile doing it. Do you want to hear about it?

It was a big mission, too. I don't usually get to do anything important, but this one was! I went with Aria into caves and other places to get on the trail of the Go-Rock Squad. You know how Aria can be really moody? That really made the mission that much harder.

It's probably because she thinks she's more competent than she actually is.

...Are you tired? Want to go back?

*The two leave*

Some of Gordor has rubbed off on Circe. She could not care less about Murph's troubles.