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Part 27: This ain't Metal Gear Solid

Music: Ranger Base

The tremors seem to be over, so I guess the crisis has passed. Both of you... I'm sorry for what you went through. It's my fault for mentioning the challenges... Forgive me.
No, Cameron, you clearly warned us about the fourth challenge. We knew that, but...
The only people at fault here are the Go-Rock Squad. They're the bad guys. I'll take full responsibility for this. I'll make that completely clear in my report to the Ranger Union. But you know... Moping around over being duped is no way for Rangers to be, hey? Come on, smile! Be happy and cheerful like the sunshine of Summerland!

You know what, Cameron? You're not so bad after all
Cameron is still terrible at his job, to be completely fair! He's just a pretty alright boss too.

It was a big ordeal. But you skillfully came through. Maybe you're not so bad after all.

Don't steal my line

Well, I have to do a mission in Fall City. I have to go. *leaves*

With that, it's time for our usual rounds.

I'm going to stay in Summerland for a while. I'll keep gathering information on the Go-Rock Squad.
It's a rare occasion to hand out praise. I hope it doesn't bring a storm...
Imagine! The Go-Rock Squad hiding in Summerland! That is so creepy!
Our Leader can be counted on when he's called upon. During the earthquakes, he helped lead Summerland's people to safety.

So Cameron can actually be competent. Shame the same can't be said for his Rangers...
Oh you just missed it. Cameron was really cool and competent. Over there. Where you can't see it. There was a huge party and everything! They were just giving away shinies. Such a shame you weren't here.
At least the game bothered to give a lip service about Cameron's competence, which can't be said for his subordinates'.

From: Prof. Hastings
To: Circe

I need you back at the Fall City Ranger Base at once. Just hurry! You will understand when you arrive.

I got the same message. It doesn't say what it's about, but it must be important. You know how impatient the professor is--you'd better go right away. You should use the Dragonite Bus upstairs.

Come to think of it, why didn't Aria use the Dragonite Bus? Are we actually higher ranked than her?

I make mistakes all the time. But this Pelipper won't let me feel sorry for myself very long. When I'm feeling down, this Pelipper swallows up the negativity in one scoop of its broad bill!

Do you mean to say that the Pelipper puts you in its mouth until you stop being down?
That's what it sounds like...

...Right. Moving on.

Music: Fall City

We're off to the Dusk Factory! The Go-Rock Squad studied my Super Styler and developed their own! Now they've started producing their new Stylers right here in Fall City! Who would have guessed it?

Yeah, who could've thought the Dusk Factory with suspicious scientists is actually Go-Rock Squad's facility

They won't get away with this criminal act right under our very noses! And so, Circe, this is your new mission! Investigate the Dusk Factory!

Circe, why are you befuddled? Let me guess. You're wondering if it's OK to accept a mission from me, and not a Leader. There's no need for concern! I'm the Ranger Union's chief of technology. In other words, anything I ask for can be considered an official Ranger Union mission. Shall we?

Music: Mission Received!

I love that the second she gets told it's alright, she goes straight into her pose. Circe is a huge dork.

There's not a moment to be lost! To the Dusk Factory!

Finally, we get this rank's official mission.

Speaking of, I haven't actually shown any glossary entries we unlocked this rank.

Dark assist is unique in that it completely ignores the target Pokemon's types. It cost 25% of our HP and its effect is very situational.
I'm struggling to think of any use cases where a much longer line would come in handy.
Well, line length had been a problem when we fought Magcargo earlier. It will definitely been helpful if we're fighting a long Pokemon like, say, an Onix?

Ghost assist is Fire and Flying combined . I'd even say that Ghost assist is the best one in the game.

Anything it can't handle (Dark, Steel, Normal) is super effective from Fighting, so both types can cover all our assist needs.

Looking forward to seeing this one in action.

Music: Ranger Base

It's apparently a secret mission. He wouldn't tell us what it was about.
Hey there! Are you looking for a ride on the Dragonite Bus? But you've been assigned an important mission, haven't you? Taking a side trip now...that'd be a big no-no!
The Dusk Factory is where we must go! Hurry, youngster!

Music: Fall City

There's nothing to worry about, though. My beloved Joel is sure to save the day.

Like what some NPC here said/will say, all the wild Pokemon here have gone missing. You can completely miss this fact if you're not paying attention/talking to NPC.

Does she get one specially designed just for her? You don't know, either?

She did come from a wealthy family, at least according to that one NPC.
She wears what she wants and nobody cares enough or has the spine to call her out on it.

The wild Pokemon have disappeared from the town, and no one knows why. Ranger, this sounds like a job for you.

This time, the waterworks has been... ...Overrun by a huge outbreak of Pikachu! I don't know if you could call this a crisis. I guess it would be an incident--on the cute side of things. Anyway, Fall City Rangers are down there trying to round up the Pokemon in a hurry.

Spoiler: We're never going to see any Pikachu inside the sewer, even in the postgame. We can't visit it right now because Hastings won't let us enter any buildings or go to the harbor.

She was a good customer and bought all sorts of things. But she was a handful, too. She was very demanding and hard to please.
My gosh, I had one astounding experience. I had this young lady customer who pretty well cleared out every last bit of my shop's merchandise. She had a violin, so I'm guessing she's a musician.

...It's too quiet. I know what's missing! What happened to all the wild Pokemon?

I think Ranger Fountain would be perfect... I wonder what else would be good?

The Hard-To-Name Fountain?

She really seemed to like the Ludicolo belt!

Capturing Pokemon in town with odd machines and then taking them into the Dusk Factory, they did!

She bought an unbelievable amount of flowers that day. She was with three men in white uniforms. They had a hard time trying to carry them all. You should have heard them moan!

That's everything, so it's time for the mission.
So one of the Go-Rock quartet wandered around the town and bought stuff? But why? To what end?
Because they can

That's everyone, so let's start this mission. Dusk Factory is still to the right of Fall City.

Music: Mission Start!

Music: Fall City
Now, Circe. We must shut down the power supply that drives the Dusk Factory. We must stop the Go-Rock Squad from making any more of their Stylers! Let us drive them out!

Remember that we tried to enter earlier, but we couldn't.

Ah, but this is nothing. Stand aside, and let my genius shine! *walks into the intercom* Hmm... ...This only requires a 2-digit number? How's this? Go-Rock... GO... GO... 60! 6-0, and these gates should open...

I love how even Hastings is surprised
100 combinations wouldn't take long to brute force, to be fair!
Then why not have a third digit? Or a fourth?

There should be a generator somewhere that's making electricity for the factory. Let's find it and knock it out!

The automatic door isn't responding. We'd best find another entry, Circe.

The storage door is open, but we'll take a look at the back of the factory first.

Oh look, there's plenty of Voltorb. I wonder if they...

Yep. They do explode.

The explosion have a deceptively short radius during capture, though. Which is good because you're kinda forced to take on plenty of them at once, what with them being grouped together.

Required Loops: 5
Possible EXP: 7

Really? 5 loops for 5 HP? Ugh...
Welp. I get they have to add some difficulty for the endgame dungeons but...

Remember the park to the left? That's where we captured a Skitty and saw the Machop way back in Mission 2.

Music: Dusk Factory

*When talked to* Taking this place down should make things difficult for them.
*When talked to* Let's shut down power to this entire factory!
*When talked to* The thought of it all... How dare they abuse and misuse my Styler...

Moving on to inside the storage, there's a fence. We need to catch the Meowth from the back of the factory to cut it.

Unlike the fishes, there's actually a way to reach it right now.

Growlithe is fairly straightforward.

Required Loops: 4
Possible EXP: 26/27/28/29/30/31

It will be our only source of Fire assist, which will be very useful later. And, after the end of this update, we won't be able to grab it.
Also adorable fire dog pupper!

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

I mean, what is that? That "capture on" thing? Come on!

You mean that Rangers actually said "Capture On!" out loud?

Yeah, you guys are so lucky, getting to say stuff like, "Capture on!" It's kind of cool... *flees*

Then go to school. Or go write 10 letters. Or just say "Capture On!" before doing random stuff.
Commentary On!

Who is that lot?

The door brings us to the walkway between the storage and the factory. No points for guessing who Hastings is talking about.
Commentary Off...