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Part 28: Stopping Pikachu Abuse, One Generator at a Time

Music: Go-Rock Quads!

Even if you're in a hurry, stop in your tracks!


Open your ears to our melodic attacks!


The rhythm of rage pounds the ground!


Let the melody of ambition rise to the skies!


If you don't know us, we'll cure your ignorance! Billy! Garret! Clyde! Tiffany! The Go-Rock Squad's hot-prospect band of key-shaker-and-taker celebrities! A name once heard and never forgotten! The Go-Rock Quads!


That's the attitude that made you lose against that child.

If I don't get to go shopping, I'm so going to get totally stressed out.

Didn't you buy literally everything in every shop in Fall City?
She never said that she's going to shop in Fall City.

Garret will stay to oversee the factory. We're going back to the hideout because the boss is waiting for us.

*Garret enters the factory while the other leave*

There's a lot of body language involved in those few pictures. This game is very great with its spritework, but if I show all of them in this LP we'll be here forever.

By the way, spoiler: we will be facing against Garret at the end of this mission.

Makes you wonder how the Fall City Rangers never heard of it (or at least never did anything about it), huh?

Music: Dusk Factory

There's Magnemite here. They're pretty much completely obsolete. All Pokemon with Level 1 Recharge assist are.

*Notices Pikachu* How could they be so cruel?! They are draining this Pikachu's power to run their electrical system! The only way this generator can be stopped is by rescuing the trapped Pikachu. Circe, it's up to you! Make quick work of it!

We do still have to actually find a Pokemon to cut the cage, though.

I love this description

That description was for the brown machine. For others:
Blue machine This odd machine glows in a mysterious way. But it seems harmless.
White machine It's a high-performance machine. "High performance" is etched in tiny letters.
Gray machine This appears to be an expensive machine. Its polished surface looks expensive.

Fun fact: When initiating capture, the game doesn't care about walls (or conveyor belts in this case).
I love that the Mr Mime are synchronized!

Mr. Mime is an interesting Pokemon. First, it makes walls. As you can expect, the walls act as mines.

The walls are invisible, only flashing every few seconds.

This means that we're going to have to memorize where Mr. Mime makes the walls with increasing number as it keeps making them.

They're not permanent, but the game will not tell us when they're gone. We'll have to notice that it's not flashing anymore by ourselves.

Not gonna lie, that sounds kinda awful.

Required Loops: 8
Possible EXP: 68/72/76/81

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Music: Go-Rock Squad Battle (Weak Grunt)

With 2 mimes, it's much harder to remember where the walls are. It's best to just use Plusle and capture them before they can make any.
That's the kind of strategy I can get behind!

Music: Dusk Factory
I hate how this turned out... Before the boss finds out I lost, I should go back to the country and start from scratch... *flees*

In the next room, we see these Hypno. Yes, those beams will mess up our controls. And yes, those beams can pass through the machines. At least there's less Hypno here than Zubat in the cave.

During capture, it's just a slightly faster Drowzee. Nothing too exciting about it.

Required Loops: 9
Possible EXP: 54/58/62/68

Up from those machines, we see some stairs.

Music: Fall City

Going up leads us to the roof.
A tree planted on the roof doesn't sound like a good idea, to be honest.
I think a rooftop garden is actually a good idea, though.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

Pinsir is very similar to Crawdaunt, even down to approaching the line before cutting.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 6
Possible EXP: 82/88/94/102

Looks like we found our cage-cutting Pokemon.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Waah! What are you doing here? I was slacking off here the whole time... Wait, no, no, no... I was... I was here the whole time thinking I wish I could goof off!

Sure you were . Slakoth is captured very quickly.
Heheheh. Slacking off with a Slakoth. Fitting!

Music: Fall City
About me goofing off... Not a word to anyone, OK?

You're actually going to continue goofing off instead of fleeing? Okay then

Vent This large ventilation vent has air flowing freely through it.

We already used our Makuhita and there's no available Pokemon with Tackle here, so what's up this tree will remain a mystery. It's absolutely nothing, by the way.
There's no way this tree's roots don't destroy this factory in a couple years.
You read too much Little Prince. One normal-sized tree isn't going to destroy an entire factory, you know

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Going down from the machines, we found another boss that's turned into a grunt encounter.

Our Power Styler will let anyone easily capture anything! So what if Pokemon get injured in the process? They're just tools to be used by the Go-Rock Squad!

The Go-Rocks are either hilariously one-dimensionally evil, or completely ineffectual. There is no middle ground.

New Music: Go-Rock Squad Battle (Strong Grunt)

Pictured: how Muk's boss battle would be if I didn't trivialize it with Drowzee. It'll be a very hard fight with a short line length.

Too bad Muk's try at redemption is thwarted by the presence of wild Hypno just few steps away.

I wholeheartedly support dunking on Muks wherever possible.

Music: Dusk Factory
It's not important if I happen to win or lose here. The likes of you are too puny to interfere with our boss's grand ambition!

We can't move any further until we destroy the generator, so let's do that.

Sadly, we'll have make do with Magneton.

*The light dims*

Ah, I see... When a generator is stopped, the factory floor's lighting grows dim. Judging by the size of the factory, there must be other generators about. Let us find the next one!

The darkened rooms aren't just for aesthetic.

There are Ghost Pokemon out and about! Be careful that they don't abduct any of your friend Pokemon.

Remember those spooky Pokedex entries about Ghost Pokemon spiriting away other Pokemon? We get to see it in action here.

As we go through the area, a Gastly might decide to lick our Pokemon. While it's doing it, the targeted Pokemon will cry for our help. If we decide to ignore it to its fate like a heartless bastard...

...the Gastly will take it to the afterlife, never to be seen again

In gameplay terms, it will automatically release our Pokemon, so technically we can just go back to where we caught them. You're a heartless bastard if you do this, though.

The pokemon world kinda sucks if all it takes to attract ghosts is to turn the lights off.

If you do decide to help your friend Pokemon, Gastly will turn its attention to us instead. Where all it can do is teleport.

Required Loops: 5
Possible EXP: 42/49/56/66

We don't actually have to capture it; even fleeing is enough to rescue our friend Pokemon. Capturing it will prevent it from further attempts, though. Plus, we'll get the best assist for our troubles.

...Not that we're going to see it in action this mission