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Part 34: Seedot, Ten-hut!

Music: Ranger Base

The pressures placed on you as a Ranger were considerable. However, you overcame them all to stand before me in Wintown. Circe, I hereby certify you as Ranger Rank 9!

Music: Rank Up!

I love that Elita's idle animation is the wind blowing on her coat. Even when she's indoors.
We're firmly in the big leagues now!

Music: Ranger Base
For reaching Ranger Rank 9, I'm authorizing the extension of your Styler's Partner Gauge to five segments.

Plusle is now fully powered

I have your newest mission from Spenser, who should already be inside the Go-Rock Squad's secret base. Your assignment is to act as a decoy so that Spenser has a better chance of recovering the Super Styler. Your job is to infiltrate the secret base and attract the attention of the Go-Rock Squad. While you create a diversion, Spenser will go in and take back the Super Styler.

So basically we have to do the opposite of a stealth mission? I'm in!
Hell yeah. A mayhem mission. An important one, no less!

Hi, pleased to meet you. I'm Freddie. My role in this mission is to remain outside the Go-Rock Squad's secret base and try to attract their attention. In other words, I'll be the outside decoy. Let's use teamwork and get through this mission!
According to Spenser's data, their secret base is close to the mountain summit. Freddie, I want you to coordinate with Chris, who is already on the way.
Roger! I'm heading out. *heads out*
Circe, when you're ready, I want you to head for the secret base. Before you leave, it might be a good idea to confer with our Rangers upstairs for advice.
*When talked to* I'm expecting you to excel at the Go-Rock Squad's secret base.

You've come this far. There's no need to panic now. You may even run into a Pokemon that seems impossible to capture, despite your best efforts. If you do, try deliberately slowing down your Styler's movement so you can watch for your target's attacks. Remember, it's not always about speed. ...Actually, for all my big talk, I wish you could give me some tips on handling the more challenging captures.
I think this is obvious, but I'll ask you anyway. What would you do if another Ranger were to ask you about certain kinds of Pokemon? This is what I would do: I'd sneak a look at my Browser before I answered. I don't trust my memory all that much, so yeah.

These advice should've come before the Jungle Relic challenges.
Yeah, that first one especially. I'm pretty sure we've covered that it's impossible to get this far without having mastered the "slow your roll" technique.

Check out how sharp its eyes look. I get nervous around it because those eyes don't seem to miss anything.

New Music: Wintown

Wintown is only very slightly bigger than Ringtown. It is the only town without a Capture Challenge.

What's going to happen to Wintown?

This NPC is reminding me. Summer is ending soon and cold weather is on its way.
I'm a minority in that I can't stand summer's sun. Then again, I live in an area with no chance of snow, so the cold never bothers me anyway.

I think you should definitely check it out. ...Actually, I haven't even seen the place myself. They said the doors are closed, and no one can go inside it usually, so...

It's either the location of the final battle or a postgame area.

Fireplace This fireplace radiates warmth. It's essential for survival in these parts.

But it seems to seek the company of people, and it often comes toddling into the town. Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

It sure is
Awww, that's cute.

They were crying because they hurt. The big Pokemon were hurt. Big girl, you have to help those Pokemon.

It was only after that oddly dressed group appeared that all the troubles with Pokemon started. There've been too many sinister mishaps for this to be a coincidence. My intuition tells me so, and it is rarely wrong. I'm the oldest woman in all Fiore. I should know.

In all my waking hours, and always in my dreams, all I can think of is the Ranger Leader Elita. She's usually so very cool, but when she's capturing... Hot, hot, hot! Oh, Elita, Elita...

I know that we shouldn't be so dependent. We should try to take care of things ourselves... We know that, but we still look to Elita for help...

She's totally gonna get Worfed isn't she?
Spoiler: No, she's not. She doesn't do enough for that to be impactful

There's a cabin about halfway up the Sekra Range. The cabin's caretakers are a married couple. A little odd, but nice enough. The husband doesn't say much. He can come off as cold and gruff. But for some reason, he's always been kind to Rangers in his own gruff way. You might pay them a visit.

That's everyone, so it's time to start with the mission.

Music: Mission Start!

That's more than a mile up!

Music: Sekra Range

We have to actually get to the base before we can cause a disturbance, which is why this mission will be longer than the others.

*Pokemon cry*

Charizard, stop!

Of course, our trek there won't be that easy.

It looks as if it was more badly injured than we thought. It appears to still be angry and hateful. I tried to capture it so I could help it, but I didn't have any luck... Circe, you can do it, can't you? Actually, I think it will only listen to you, Circe.


Of course

Thank you, Circe. ...I have a confession, I was ordered by Elita to assist you. Before, I would have agreed, but only reluctantly. But it's different this time. Do you know why? Because I'm realizing that you're actually a Ranger who's worth respecting. ...I guess this isn't the time to be telling you this. Let's get moving!
*When talked to* Elita can manage things in Wintown. Save Charizard and then let's focus on finding Go-Rock Squad's secret base!

I'm glad Aria is coming around to being a decent person now.

Aria will now accompany us. On another news, these trees can't be tackled for some reason.
She doesn't run screaming from insects, and she doesn't belittle or demean Circe, so she's welcome to follow for as long as she likes!
The only person who demeaned Circe was Aria, actually. Still, she's changed for the better.

Nuzleaf shoots out twisters and jumps. It can be captured very quickly, though.

Required Loops: 3
Possible EXP: 46/50/54/60

There's a lake barely visible on the top left, where 2 Poliwhirl can jump from/into.
Holy shit, Arbok are huge!

Arbok follows a very set pattern: move, pause for a bit, shoot poison, repeat.

Required Loops: 6
Possible EXP: 64/68/72/76/80/84

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Seedot, ten-hut! Hey, you're just the people I needed! My little Seedot squad needs exercise!

Insurgence has poisoned my mind, because I now mentally associate Seedot with Delta Seedot. Electric-type instead of Grass-type.

Music: Go-Rock Squad Battle (Weak Grunt)

Just a reminder that Seedot gets captured in one loop.

Music: Sekra Range
I thought I could overwhelm you with superior numbers! I surprisingly underestimated you! *flees*

Snorlax here is blocking the shortcut, so we'll have to take the long way around.
Snorlax gets around! Guess it got too hot in the jungle and wandered way north.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Seedot, ten-hut! You're unlucky to be running into me! My ruthlessly trained band of elites! On your positions!

Music: Go-Rock Squad Battle (Weak Grunt)

Seedot will run into our line and tackle it, so it's best to capture it quickly. Don't need to get too cocky and try to get all of them at once.
I wonder why they're throwing so many chaff enemies at us. Curious...

Music: Sekra Range
I was the unlucky one getting run over by you... I'm surprisingly prone to whining... *flees*
*When talked to* Go-Rock Squad members appear to be patrolling this area. If we keep going where they are, I'm sure they will lead us right to their hideout.

Moving on...

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Seedot, ten-hut! I added a Nuzleaf as the commander. My cute little troopers, charge!

No cool shots this time, sadly

Music: Sekra Range
My commands got all confused because there were too many Pokemon... I'm surprisingly inept... *flees*

Don't worry. I still think your Seedot armies are really cute

The path down is a one way shortcut, so let's go up.

Shiftry ambush! Run!
Several tengu springing from a tree in ambush has got to be pretty terrifying.

There's a Sneasel in this beaten path. For some reason.

Anyway, Shiftry chases after Circe so it's easy to separate them from each other.

Required Loops: 4
Possible EXP: 116/122/128/136

I don't know why this family has abnormally low required loops, but I sure won't argue with that EXP yield.
Level grinding opportunity?

That's bad and I'm mad I didn't think of it first.