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Part 38: Scaling the Temple

Music: Ranger Base

It's no exaggeration to say that it was a fantastic success that will go down in Ranger history. As a result of your latest exploits, you have taken another giant step forward, Circe. For all that you have achieved, I hereby certify you as Ranger Rank 10!

Music: Rank Up!

Music: Ranger Base
Now that you have attained Ranger Rank 10, your party can be expanded. Circe, you are now permitted to be accompanied by up to seven friend Pokemon in addition to your partner.

Circe is now fully powered up

Cameron! Is Spenser safe?
There's nothing to worry about. I bet Spenser's already finished up and taking a nap somewhere.
It's Spenser, Cameron, not you. He wouldn't be sneaking a nap anywhere.
*To Lunick* But Cameron's right. You don't need to worry about Spenser, I guarantee it. He appears when the situation is at its most dire, and he's gone by the time you notice. He's always been that way. And now, for Spenser's apprentices, I have a mission of critical importance. Thwart the plans of Gordor, the Go-Rock Squad's boss, who is thought to be holed up in the Fiore Temple.

Music: Mission Received!

Let's talk to everyone before we get on that. You know, for good luck.

Music: Ranger Base
There's no more advice that I can offer you. I can only send you off with a smile!
Be safe! I'll be looking forward to hearing what happened when you return!
Don't worry about Spenser.
I'll do whatever it takes to stop Gordor's wicked plans!

Don't you think it would be neat if you could easily get information like that?

We can see how many kinds of Pokemon we've caught, but I don't think that's what you meant.

Music: Wintown

I don't think it's just because I cleaned my glasses, either. Can I thank the Rangers for this, too?

You can always thank the Rangers for anything. ANYTHING.

But now I hear that it's going to get really tough for you Rangers from here.

It's all part of the job

Just a little while ago, the Go-Rock Squad besieged the town. It was a frightening scene. But Elita led a group of Rangers and stood up to the Go-Rock Squad. They protected us all.

No playing outside! I play inside now.

My intuition told me so, and it is rarely wrong. I'm the oldest woman in Fiore. I should know.

Earlier, I saw Elita flying toward the peak riding her Skarmory... She looked like she was on the verge of tears... What was behind it? Who are the rotten people that make Elita hurt so much?

While you were at the Go-Rock Squad Base, we were attacked in town by a Go-Rock Squad swarm. A lady Ranger from Fall City--I think her name was Aria--and Elita took them on. They worked desperately... Yeah, they were completely outnumbered. They were covered in dirty by the end. But they protected the town.

Speaking of, where's Aria? She's nowhere to be found in Wintown.

On the way back, I noticed the Snorlax's gone away. You know, the one that was blocking the path. I reckon that stout fellow must have gone foraging for food.

Music: Sekra Range

Seedot now can be found here. This is one of speedrunners' bane because if you can't flee if the Pokemon only needs one loop and the capture animation takes a long time.

Anyway, with Snorlax away, we can go through this shortcut. It bypass most of this place, including the hiker's house. Which has a new dialog and an old dialog that I didn't get.

I've heard that the Fiore Temple has enchanted doors and such. I've never been there myself, so I really don't know much.
I'll recharge your Styler's energy... But it's fully charged.

After going through an area with nothing in it, we arrive into the area where we fought Charizard.

This area also has Ralts now, who will not teleport through walls anymore. You know, since there's no wall to teleport through.

The cave now has a Snorlax, who is STILL sleeping. This is where Snorlax will stay for the rest of the game unless we manage to capture it somehow.

While we're here, we'll take this chance to tie up some loose ends.

More optional Pokemon!

Hyper Beam, straight line, nothing we haven't seen before.

Required Loops: 5
Possible EXP: 100/106/112/120

I love the animation, though. It's just so cute

Behind the rockfall near the temple, there's a vine. Seems like they don't want to make this easy.

Poliwhirl, like Hariyama, has a very long attack animation.

Whatever's up there better be good...

...You gotta be kidding me

The game won't even let us bring these Ghastly into the temple

Music: Mission Start!

Music: Fiore Temple
Circe, this is it...
*When talked to* What's wrong? You're not scared now, are you?

Here we are in Fiore Temple, our last dungeon.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

You should put that persistence to good use in your studies, gaming, or even romance!

Hey! I'm doing very well on at least one of those things!

OK! I'm locking up! *closes the door*
Wait! Hold it, Go-Rock Squad!

Music: Fiore Temple

Hey, look! These doors are marked with a flame logo. Maybe we're supposed to get a Fire-group Pokemon to open them for us. *looks around* But I don't see any Pokemon around here... Does it mean we have to go back?

Circe... Isn't this Charizard the one you saved in the Jungle Relic?

Charizard, thank you. It's repaying you, Circe...

That's very nice of it

If I have to sum up Fiore Temple, it would be...

...another ledge puzzle. Hooray.

I can't stress how amazing it is not having random encounters. It makes areas like this not actually that tedious..

Donphan attacks with a curved charge and counters with a tackle. Its charge has a VERY long range, I think the longest in the game.

Required Loops: 10
Possible EXP: 60/65/70/75/80/85

I had to use Aerodactyl capture it.


Not you, Grovyle. You're okay in my book.

Vaporeon here is a VERY special Pokemon. And a nightmare to capture.

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture