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Part 40: Showdown on the Summit

Video: Gordor (This video covers the entire update)
Music: Tension


Let's go.

I was about to say that!

New Music: Gordor (Remastered)

Looks like there's not just one final boss

Fufufu... You seem to be dumbfounded by the sight of these legendary Pokemon. You were... Circe, was it? Forgive me for not sending you invitations... But you're my honored guests for my solo performance. Welcome, young Rangers! Welcome to the greatest performance of my life! Witness it to your hearts' content from your specially reserved seats!

Gordor's Laugh: 10

It wouldn't be Gordor if he didn't laugh.

Have a good look at this machine. It is the ultimate Styler that I created for this glorious moment. Not even Hastings could devise a Styler so powerful. The instant I play any melody on this Styler, its vibrations will take over the free will of any Pokemon. That means any Pokemon will become my slave to do exactly my bidding. No Pokemon can defy my Styler. Not even the legendary Pokemon that are said to be virtually impossible to capture!

Gordor's Laugh: 11

I will use my Styler to command the three legendary Pokemon to unleash their fury upon Fiore. I will make them create rainstorms, thunderstorms, and fire storms!

...Can't you do anything more creative than just making storms?

And when these three calamities strike Fiore, it won't be you Rangers quelling them. It will be us, the Go-Rock Squad. It will be an easy matter if we use the abilities of the Pokemon we have. Now, consider this: what will the people of Fiore call the Go-Rock Squad after we stop the calamities? We will be considered heroes. In the coming new age, the Go-Rock Squad will replace you Rangers. It will be the dawning of a new era in which the Go-Rock Squad will forge the new world order as heroes. You get to be a witness to the Go-Rock Squad's greatest moment of glory. Rejoice in it!

Gordor's Laugh: 12

Petty as fuck.

That's horrible! How can you be so cruel and misguided? Rob Pokemon of their free will? That's completely different from capturing! You're just torturing Pokemon into doing something against their will! It's just ugly violence!

Gordor's Laugh: 13

Why do you accuse me of making Pokemon suffer? Would you like to see if your Plusle and Minun suffer? ...On second thought, it's not worth it. It's not worth my time capturing worthless Pokemon like them.

Plusle: Plaah plaplapla!

Minun: Maai maimaimai!

Neither Plusle nor Minun are worthless!

They might be absolutely terrible in the main games, but they're very useful in this game!

Gordor's Laugh: 14

But enough. Let's get on with the show! First, Raikou! Go on, go absolutely wild! Fill the skies above Fiore with the shards of lightning you summon!
Raikou is suffering! Circe! Can't you do something?!

New Music: Legendary Pokemon Battle

First up is Raikou. It's a luck-based Pokemon.

Its main attack is to create lightning at its spot that stays for a while. Better hope Raikou isn't on the bottom half because everything above it will get caught as well.

Those lightning will linger for quite a while, enough time for Raikou to make more of them. It sucks.

I haven't shown off Ground assist yet, so let's see it in action.

But before that, I guess we have to see Raikou's lightning in action first.

Anyway, like other line assists, Ground assist stops the Pokemon in their tracks. In this battle positioning is very important since this can happen where we have no choice but to wait.

In the end, all we can do is try to loop it and hope it doesn't summon any lightning during that time. Ground or Ghost assist can help with that. And probably Fighting too.

As far as I know, Raikou will rain down 3 or 4 lightning before stopping for a while. And then it's a tossup between more lightning or...

...this attack, which doesn't appear in the video. I didn't know Raikou has fists to punch with...

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 11
Possible EXP: 500/520/540/560/580/600

You can tell that this final stretch isn't going to be easy.

Music: Gordor (Remastered)

What?! You insolent... You won't be lucky twice! Suicune, go! Let loose every bit of the savagery in your heart! Drown Fiore under the rainstorms you call forth!
Suicune will get blamed if Gordor's not stopped! Circe, save Suicune!

Music: Legendary Pokemon Battle

Suicune is by far the easiest of the three.

Just like Gengar, it will create 2 clones of itself if it's alone, so keeping one of it alive might be a good idea.

I said "might" because unlike Gengar, Suicune will actually attack. Its clones also have that same attack.

Getting hit would cost us 8 HP (20% of our total). This is a very lucky dodge

Being a Water type, Plusle would be perfect for stunning them. Medicham can then finish the job.

...Well, at least you tried

Ghost assist is still amazingly effective, by the way.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 17
Possible EXP: 550/560/570/580/590/600

Only one more Pokemon left!

Music: Gordor (Remastered)

However many of my Pokemon you release, I can easily recapture them so long as I have this Power Styler.

Joke's on you. The legendary beasts are known for roaming around and you can't capture any Pokemon if you can't find it

Besides, I still have the most reliable of the lot--Entei!

The towering flames Entei erupts will burn all Fiore down to the ground. I see no need to recall Raikou and Suicune.

...Then why did you capture them both? Just to gloat?

Music stops

Gordor's Laugh: 15

W-what are you doing?! Stop that! Don't touch that!

*Plusle and Minun keeps jumping on the keyboard*

You blasted Pokemon! Get off the keyboard!
Look! The Styler's smoking!

Mission accomplished!

Oh, right, Entei's still here.

S-stop it, Entei! I'm your master!
Circe! Rescue Gordor!

New Music: The Final Battle

Entei is back, and it got some new tricks up its sleeve.

For the first phase, Entei will create 3 flame pillars and have fire surrounding it. There are several patterns for the pillars, and Entei can change them at any time.

Meanwhile, the fire surrounding Entei will cause damage if we hit it. We can get rid of them by making loops around Entei. There are 12 of them, if I'm not mistaken, and they all need to be removed before we can actually start working on Entei.

It's like the developers heard my gushing about Ghost assist and decided to nerf it for this fight, because it is amazingly useless against Entei.

On hindsight, I guess it would be better to use Fighting on this first phase to get rid of those fires quicker. Oh well.

After all the fires are gone, we move on to the second phase. Entei will stop fucking around and create pillars on the edge of the screen. It can be on the top/bottom, left/right/ or all of them.

It can also do the flamethrower attack from our previous encounter in either phase, but that should be the least of your worries.

It's VERY easy to accidentally run into one of those pillars and quickly reduce our HP.

But this time I'm not recording at 2 AM and actually remembered to bring Charge assist.

In the end, there's one assist fit for finishing the job.

Music: Capture Complete

Stats Updated

Required Loops: 17
Possible EXP: 580/584/588/592/596/600

Fun fact: The loops against the fires in the first phase still counts towards capturing, so if you're quick you can capture Entei before even getting to the second phase.

Another fun fact: All these beasts have the same maximum EXP.

Music stops

Leader! You were safe after all! ...Spenser... We... I don't know how to explain it... But we rescued Gordor, in spite of him being the enemy to Pokemon and us...
That's OK. You did the right thing. To do the best we can to help people in need--that's what a Ranger does!

...Good-bye. Good-bye, you legendary Pokemon. ...Oh, no!
*To Spenser* Leader! We have to chase and capture Gordor!


Capture a human? Lunick... That isn't a Ranger's job. He'll come to understand what he did was absolutely wrong. We have to put our faith in that. I'm more concerned about you two and Plusle and Minun. You're not hurt, are you? ...Don't worry about me. Joel arrived on the scene right after you left. We got to play superheroes together, just like old times. Hahaha!
OK, superhero Leader. Lunick reporting in on our latest mission. Circe was simply awe inspiring. She came up with a performance that surpassed all her achievements so far. And... Our Plusle and Minun were the keys to thwarting Gordor's vile scheme.

Plusle: Plah pla!

Minun: Maai mai!

That's right, Lunick did absolutely jack shit

Plusle, Minun, thank you! OK, team! Let's head back to the Ranger Base. We need to show the professor that we're OK before he gets too anxious!

New Music: The End

I'm utterly mystified. What drove you to do such a thing? When we were young, we worked side by side on our studies, you and I. We were comrades in arms!

Gordor's Laugh: 16

Comrades in arms? Keep your sappy sentimentality out of this. Because of you, my research was always considered second rate. In time, you became the chief of technology for the Ranger Union... ...Even while the results of my studies went without ever seeing the light of day. I prepared... I prepared over many long years in hopes of one day proving to the world that I was the better of us. But my dream was just that--a dream... A dream broken by your cherished Rangers. Hastings... Laugh if you want. Laugh all you want at me--always the pathetic loser to you...
Gordor... Why don't you just fold up the Go-Rock Squad and shoo your followers away? Then, come join me at our lab. Your gifted abilities are sure to be of benefit to people. Well, Gordor, will you join us?
Hastings... Do you seriously think I could do that? You haven't changed much at all... *leaves past Hastings*
Gordor! Where do you intend to go? There will always be a place for you in our lab!

When it comes right down to it, the Stylers you make are the greatest, Professor!
Prof. Hastings! Don't tell me you couldn't stand to wait anymore and came here alone? But there's nothing to worry about, sir! Our young Rangers have saved Fiore from calamity.
*To Circe and Lunick* Well, are you exhausted? Plusle and Minun... Feeling hungry? Both of you, Circe and Lunick... Your faces are filthy with grime, and your uniforms are falling apart. Circe, it reminds me of the day you first arrived in Fall City. You were pale...and wearing that crisp new uniform... It really didn't suit you at all. But now, it's different. You look the part completely. Circe, you've toughened up. I hope you'll keep going on as a Ranger with pride in your heart always!

Music: Mission Clear!

OK, team! Let's return to our Ranger Base!

*They all go outside*

New Music: Main Theme

I'm ever so grateful! We owe it all to you!
I was so worried about you! I came straight over from town!
I knew you'd do it for us!
Hey there, Circe! You're great! The greatest, even!

That's Larry, by the way.

Big guy, you're so cool! Big girl, you're so fabulous!
It's me, Murph! I came to get you! Hey! Over here! Please look!
Graaah! Do you remember me now? I bailed out from the Go-Rock Squad!

New Music: Credits

And that's Pokemon Ranger!

All in all, it's an amazing, if very experimental game.

It is undoubtedly a difficult game, so this might not be good for everyone.

I personally think this one is still better than the second game, with the third one being the best. We'll talk about those games later.

After all, we're not done with this game just yet.

We're still missing several Pokemon in our Pokedex Browser collection.

There's also several areas we haven't explored due to them being blocked with a target we couldn't clear.

Moreover, we have the non-relic capture challenges that we haven't touched yet.

But for now, I want to thank you guys for reading this far.

Making this LP is a blast, and having DN as a co-commentator is a great experience.

As for what we're going to do next, I'll...IS THAT KYOGRE?!

Seems like the Quads are just living normal life now. Good for them

This isn't the end of the LP, though. Getting back to what I was saying...

There are tons of Postgame contents available, and I'll leave the order we tackle them up to a vote. Here's our choices: