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Part 41: Getting a Nifty Useless Feature

Music: Ranger Base

Your captures of the three legendary Pokemon were works of brilliance. You've become a Pokemon Ranger in every regard. It's obvious to see. Up to now, you weren't permitted to take Pokemon living in one area to a different environment. I'm giving you the authority to freely take Pokemon from one area to another without any restrictions. Don't worry about releasing Pokemon in unfamiliar habitats. A Ranger of your caliber only has to wish the Pokemon to return home safely upon release. When you do that, the released Pokemon will return to wherever they came from, however far it may be.

Seems like this game runs with Octopath's rule of releasing help.

Listen, Circe. You're going to be able to do even more as a Ranger now. I'm going to leave it up to you to explore the four corners of Fiore using your own free will. I want you to capture as many Pokemon as possible to further sharpen your skills. Of course, what you do willl entail great responsibility.

There's a lot of backtracking involved...

Hahaha! You say that, but your expression says your twitching with anticipation!

Circe, I have a small request for you.

Guess this is going to be another case of "But thou must".

What's that?! Is my hearing deserting me in my old age? I'm afraid I didn't catch your reply. I'll repeat my request, so if you could reply loudly this time...

Guess we don't have any choice.

Ah, excellent! You'll do it! Circe, thank you. I'll borrow your Styler for a short time. *grabs Circe's styler* OK... Take this here... Tinker with that there... Connect this to that... And, done! Circe, here is your Styler back.

Yes! You received the newly upgraded Styler from the professor!




I love this callback to all the way back from the first update

Let me briefly explain what is new with your Styler. The new attachment adds a function called the Ranger Record. It lets you see such data as how many Pokemon you've captured, how many steps you have walked, and so on. And how do you access such data, you ask? It's quite elementary. Open the menu and touch "Records." You can use it to check the milestones of your career as a Ranger.

Wasn't there a Wintown Ranger talking about how nice this would be?

I get it, Professor! That is a convenient feature. I'd be able to look up records of my own Ranger career and apply that knowledge to improve my skills.
Exactly, Spenser. What you said is what i want to see happen. If this field test turns out well, I plan to add this feature to all Stylers. For now, I would like Circe to test it out under a variety of conditions.
*To Circe* Very well, Circe. I shall leave the testing in your hands. There's no need for you to be especially aware of the new feature. You should merely carry on as you always would. And now, I must bid you all farewell. If you happen to be in Fall City do come visit me at our lab. *leaves*
Circe, you're lucky to get that new feature. It goes to show the great expectations the professor has in you. There is no end to the Ranger's path. It's a long and challenging road, but we can walk it together, all of us!
There was something that happened on the Fiore Temple mission that had me feeling a little choked up. You remember when Plusle and Minun started dancing on Gordor's organ keyboard? My Minun and your Plusle danced in perfect harmony as if they were twins. Right then, the two of them were completely linked on an emotional level.

Because we captured Plusle, we don't get to capture Minun

It's like how soccer players practice ball-juggling with their feet. Or how baseball players constantly practice their swings. I think Rangers should keep their skills sharp by doing as many captures as possible.
Circe, be good to your friends. I've made it a habit to regularly visit Joel, Cameron, and Elita among other friends.
There's nothing left for me to teach you, Circe. Now it's up to you to explore and choose what sort of a Ranger you want to become. There's nothing to fear. If anyone can do it, you can, Circe.
Circe, we sure made friends with many Rangers, didn't we? I wonder how our friends in other towns are doing? It'd be great to visit them.
I was just thinking of the Go-Rock Quads... I wonder if those close siblings are moving forward as musicians?

...We? Our? You only had like 2 lines with Aria and none with any other rangers.

I'd love to clear missions with you again, Circe.
Do you remember what I said to you the first time I met you, Circe? I sure do! I said, "Oh, yeah, yeah," as a greeting. I was just trying to act cool so the new recruit wouldn't, you know, like, think I'm a wimp or something. But I don't have to act big in front of you anymore at all. After all, we're friends now.

That's nice

Circe! What are you up to? I'm in the middle of a mission. Want to know what kind of a mission it is? Oh, I can see it in your eyes! You're itching to know! The mission I'm on is... "Write your own theme song!" I'm not all finished yet, but want to hear what I have so far? "The Theme for Murph." Go, go, go, Ranger go! Ranger Murph's on the turf. Ooh, yeah, yeah! He's always there to take the call! You can knock him down, but he won't stay down! (Spin that Styler, baby!) He's always willing to answer the call! Go, go, go, Ranger fly! Ranger Murph's on the surf! Ooh, yeah, yeah! He's so fly! It's not quite finished, but I like how it's shaping up.

That's nice too...I guess...?

The Ranger Records lists plenty of statistics. Included stuff (and our current stats):
Keep in mind that those numbers are inaccurate since I used savestates liberally during this LP. Not that it matters since there's no reward from them. I'll probably forget this exists after this LP

Music: Fall City

It's on full standby to deal with any kind of mission.

We could talk with the Ringtown residents, but we'll do that another time. For now, we'll visit Fall City and see what that Kyogre is about.

From: Hastings
To: Circe

How do you like the Ranger Record feature? Do you find it useful? I want to hear your opinion on it, so how about you visit our lab? I shall be waiting impatiently, as always!

It can't hurt to visit Hastings, I think. It's just a loose Kyogre, after all. What's the worst that could happen?

Despite all the extensive research, new discoveries are made every day. It's bewildering how little we know. That's why I love this job!
Ah, Circe! Very good of you to visit! The Ranger Record feature I added to your Styler: how do you like it? Is it useful for your Ranger activities?

I like it, but it's not that useful.

Sure, I guess.

Ah, very well! Let's not waste any time. Tell me, what sort of situations did you experience while in the field? Beg your pardon? I'm rushing you too much, am I? Hahaha! Pardon me--rather thoughtless of me! The night is long, and it's still day. We can talk later.

*Fade to black*

What's that? Hmhm... I see! Hahaha! That sounds implausible... I see, I see...

I quite enjoyed our chat last night. Thank you so much!

Circe, Joel was looking for you. He said he had a new mission that he wanted you to handle. He wanted you to see him at the Ranger Base right away.
Could there be some trouble, perhaps? Circe, pay me no mind. You're needed at the Ranger Base immediately. Drop by for visits, my friend. You're always welcome here!

Music: Ranger Base

We're automatically brought here with no chance to grab any Pokemon.

I have a mission that I want you to do. Strange things have been happening in the Safra Sea lately. For instance, even though the barometer has held steady, there have been violent waves and abnormal tides. Pokemon that normally live in the sea have come ashore in great numbers, too. We also just received even more alarming news. The lighthouse there has suddenly gone dark. Unfortunately, what's causing these strange occurrences remains unknown. That's where you come in, Circe. I want you to accompany Aria to the port and get to the bottom of this.

Is this because we took the time off to chat with Hastings?

I said I don't need any help with this, you know? But our Leader said to wait for you, Circe.
I'm banking on your keen sense of intuition, Aria, and Circe's capture expertise. Without one or the other, it will be very difficult to take care of this mission. So, let me make it official. This is your mission. Go immediately to the port and investigate the strange occurrences in the Safra Sea.

Music: Mission Received!

Music: Ranger Base
There is a lot of mystery swirling around this mission. But I'm sure the two of you will manage just fine.

It looks like the two of you are good rivals.
Fall City's port is the Fiore region's gateway to the sea. This whole thing could make tourists avoid Fall City. That's what worries me most.
Circe, what's the holdup? Let's go already!