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Part 42: Attack of the Sea Creatures

Music: Mission Start!

Music: Krokka Tunnel

Again, we're automatically brought here. I have no idea why the Krokka Tunnel music plays here instead of the actual harbor theme.

The lighthouse went dark without any warning! The way it is now, ships that pass in the night can't sail safely. I went into the lighthouse's basement to investigate, but... It was like... Well, it shivered my timbers! I don't rightly recall their name, but the basement was full of them. A whole lot of squirmy things that looked like stars! If you want to know what I think, I'd say those things are behind...things! So, Rangers, what can you do for us? You can go into the basement this way.

The sailor then leads us to the entrance to the lighthouse's basement, which is just a few steps ahead (and we've been there before).

*When talked to* I'm counting on you, Rangers! Do something about those squirmy star things!
*When talked to* There has to be a cause behind all this, but...

My husband's never seen the sea before, so we came down for a visit from up in the mountains. But, is there something wrong with the sea? Is it always like this?
Let me recharge your Styler... ...But, it's full.

The sea's behaving oddly, too... What is happening here?

Kyogre is happening, that's what.

Music: Trouble

Hurry, capture them so they can be calmed down.

Thanks for helping, Aria

Dealing with 4 Staryu simultaneously absolutely sucks. Good thing we have Plusle ready to go!

It was the Staryu that caused the lighthouse's outage. I guess we're finished here. Let's get out.

Music: Krokka Tunnel

Circe! That screaming came from the Tourist Center!

Please don't start channeling Lunick...

Eek! Help! Oh, it wasn't me screaming. I think that screaming came from the Tourist Center there.

We actually have to talk to the hiker from nearby so he can notice us. Otherwise, this'll happen.

............! In a bind? Your Styler...... Hand it over. *Recharges our Styler* ............ ...Here. Your Styler. Topped off.

I actually didn't know that this exists before this LP. Since we can't go back to the base and there's no Electric Pokemon around, I always thought there's no way to heal

Music: Trouble

Oh, please, Rangers! Help me! A whole tour bus worth of Krabby is running amok! They keep waving and clicking their snippers about, and it's so scary!

Have I said that I love this game?

Let's capture them and return them to the sea!

You should be able to catch Krabby even without Plusle's help. We'll want to use this chance to build up that assist gauge.

Music: Krokka Tunnel
Thank you. You saved us! My knees are still knocking together, but I'm almost back to feeling OK. But what is going on? There've been so many strange things...

*When talked to* What made all those Krabby come ashore and run amok?
*When talked to* Oh my goodness, that was frightening. Thank you, Rangers.
*When talked to* This is my first visit to this here Fiore region. But never in my life did I think I'd get saved by Rangers! I mean, you folks are like the symbols of Fiore! Let me tell you, you've given me a whale of a tale to tell the folks back home. That's the greatest souvenir of all!

Aww, thanks

What was that? That shouting! It came from the pier!

Oh what now?

Music: Trouble

Those Pokemon are called Car-something, I think it was. They're not what you'd expect to see around here normally.

I thought Carnivine was a Gen 4 Pokemon?

Oh, right. I sometimes forget this Pokemon exists. Normally, we can find them only in the Marine Challenge.

They seem to be very agitated, too. What's happening in the sea to make them behave like that? Anyways, you'd better capture them so they can calm down.

Carvanha attacks by biting while moving. The bite has a surprisingly large range.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 4
Possible EXP: 32/37/42/47/52/57

Ideally you'd want to capture them without Plusle since it's going to be needed shortly, but I use it here to demonstrate what will happen if you don't go to the next capture prepared.

Music: Krokka Tunnel
Whoa, matey, you're something special! You have my thanks! But it makes me wonder--why are we seeing all these weird things happen one after another?

Circe, look! Over there! Whirlpools! Look how many there are! That can't be possible!

Circe! Don't you say that you can communicate with Lapras? I think you can get close to those whirlpools if you catch a ride on Lapras. I'll stay here at the port to protect the citizens from harm. Circe, please go out on Lapras and investigate those mystery whirlpools!

Good to see that Aria is (allegedly) doing something offscreen, I guess. Definitely better than Lunick just standing there slack-jawed, leaving Gordor to escape while Circe did all the capturing.

*When talked to* Going near those whirlpools will be seriously dangerous. ...But I'm not going to try stopping you. Lapras seems bent on doing it, too.
*When talked to* Get to it, Circe!

Video: Kyogre

Music stops

Oh wait, Lapras can't learn Whirlpool in Gen 3

Good thing Lapras knows Dive in addition to Surf.

...Would've been nice to know that before we went through the whole Aquamole escort quest

It's incredible! It's Kyogre! There appear to be vicious bite marks on its back. The only thing that could inflict wounds like that would be another legendary Pokemon--Groudon. Kyogre must have encountered its archrival, Groudon, somewhere and engaged it in battle. The mysterious whirlpools appear to be made by the thrashings of Kyogre.

I like to think that was Circe's monologue. The talking Styler technology won't be developed until the third game, after all.

Music: Legendary Pokemon Battle

Either way, it's time to capture Kyogre.

Kyogre's only attack is these waves, but they hurt. 6 hits and we're dead.

Our only tactic is to raise Plusle's gauge so that it can stun Kyogre long enough to give us time for 11 loops. You'd need 3 bars if you can loop quickly and 4 otherwise.

...And that's it. The bulk of that video is just me trying to get some loops and ended up overshooting it by half a bar.

It's not fun if you're not prepared, as you can guess. At least they have the decency to make all the Pokemon in this mission weak to Plusle. You know, unlike Salamence.

The tradeoff is that you have no way to save in this mission, unlike Salamence where you can save right before it. All in all, I still think Kyogre is better.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 11
Possible EXP: 600/679/758/837/916/995

...What's up with those odd values?

Unlike most Pokemon, Kyogre is released by diving into the water. This also applies to Carvanha, but not to Kingdra. Gyarados, meanwhile, was never released onscreen.

Music: Fall City Harbor

I'm so relieved... It's been so long since you were swallowed up by those whirlpools... I thought maybe... I even teared up a little thinking about it... I shouldn't have worried... Oh, wait a second! I'm kidding! Of course I didn't cry! You don't really think I'd cry? But that's not important. What happened when you were down in the sea?

*Circe explains what happened*

Kyogre?! Those whirlpools were made by Kyogre? And those whirlpools made all those other Pokemon behave abnormally? But the whirlpools are gone now. So does that mean Kyogre's wounds are healed? Gee, Circe, that's just fantastic! Let's go back to the Ranger Base and file a report to our Leader.

Music: Ranger Base

I just got word from the sailor in port that the sea has calmed down. He was definitely grateful.
Circe got the job done. I wish you would've been there to see it for yourself, Leader! ...Of course, the last part all took place under the waves. So I don't know exactly what happened, either. But Circe appears to have discovered what was causing the recent troubles. Apparently, the cause was Kyogre. It was in agony from injuries sustained in a battle against an unknown enemy.
What did you say? The legendary Kyogre?! If that is the case, there's no doubt in my mind that its opponent was Groudon. Their colossal battles have been well documented in legends from long ago. But who could have ever imagined that their battles would be repeated now, in this day and age? Kyogre must have come to the Fiore region to heal its wounds. Whatever the case may be... This mission has unexpectedly given us a new theme for studying Pokemon. Aria and Circe! You've cleared your mission with flying colors! Great work, you two!

Music: Mission Clear!

They didn't bother giving Aria any Ranger pose

Well, I'm glad that's over. And Circe, I'm glad you're safe. ...Hunh? Circe, did you say something? ...?! ...In the port?! I was crying? What are you talking about?! I didn't do any crying! All I'm saying is that if you were to go away, I wouldn't feel so pressed to work harder, that's all! Cry over you, Circe? You've got to be joking!
Hahahaha! It's as if you two were Kyogre and Groudon. Even though you haven't seen each other in a while, the instant you meet, you're already bashing each other. I hope none of us innocent bystanders get caught up in your squabbling. Just like what Staryu and Carvanha went through this time. Hahahahaha!

Krabby: "Please notice me Joel senpai"

*Fade to black*

Now that we're done with Kyogre, it's time for another vote! Our choices are: