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Part 43: Vacation Ruined...

Music: Ranger Base

By the way, do you get this feeling that the people of Fall City have changed? Lately, I think they're trying to do what they can for themselves without running for a Ranger right away. There's a sense of determination that was missing before.

We'd probably know more about this if we talked to the NPC here. But we'll leave that for later.

Do you remember that Charizard? The one that the Go-Rock Squad was hurting? I can still picture the happy expression it wore when you captured it. That's when it really made me feel good about being a Ranger.
Did you see Spenser's record at the Capture Arena? Our Leader Joel would be the only person capable of beating that record.
Even if I'm not on a mission, I try to make ten captures a day. That's my daily goal. Circe, do you set goals like that for yourself?

Circe doesn't need to; she captures more than 10 Pokemon every mission

This is just between you and me, but did you notice how Aria's a lot nicer to everyone? I think it's because of you, Circe. Of course, she still gets upset over little things.
I'm glad you came, Circe. I understand that you've been working on your capture skills while patrolling. That's really heartening to hear. I think you're going to be a role model for all Rangers, not just those on your team.
Is there anyone that you consider a good rival? A rival is a good thing to have. A rival is someone that you're always aware of. Someone that you compete against. A times, a rival is someone you work alongside to achieve a common goal. I have a rival in Spenser. At first, we collided and fought over every possible thing. But now we're friends beyond reproach. It's funny how people's lives get intertwined.
Riding Pokemon is sure fun, isn't it? I just came back from patrol on my Dodrio. The weather was perfect, and it felt so good... I found myself singing loudly... It's a bad habit of mine.

Sadly, we only get to ride the Dragonite in this game

Who is your rival? Lunick? Aria? Or could it be Murph?

The thread voted for Groudon, but let's brag about Kyogre to Spenser first.

Hey, I heard from Joel. You captured a Kyogre?! That's mind blowing!

Yeah, somewhat...

I bet you would be. Everyone would be tired after what you went through. Circe, Cameron's prepared the perfect gift for someone in your shoes. He arranged a vacation stay for you and Lunick in Summerland. For a change, Cameron's gift is just what the doctor ordered. I know it's for a private vacation, but I'll authorize the use of the Dragonite Bus. Lunick is already in Summerland, so you should meet up with him there.
Vacation! Vacation! Ooh, it's a holiday getaway! It's a reward, Circe! Don't worry about Ringtown, we'll take good care of it while you're gone.
That's right. Murph knows what I'm talking about. Don't worry about us. Go on and have a good relaxing time. Say hi to Cameron for me when you get there. That's all I ask.

Screw Groudon, we're having a vacation!

Take care, now!

We're off!

Of all the rotten times to invite you out on a vacation... What with this abnormal heat wave and all these earthquakes... So much for getting some rest and relaxation... But there's something else. It's got me worried even more. It's Lunick... He went to the Jungle Relic to investigate the underground volcano. We've lost contact with him. Lunick'd been looking forward to meeting up with you right here in Summerland. He said he'd have to get done with his mission and get back to the Ranger Base before you showed up. Yup, he sure seemed eager to meet up with you again, but...


Yikes! It's shaking again!
Oh, oh! Watch for fires!
That quake just now... Do you reckon it's the underground volcano again? Circe, sorry, but I'm going to have to pull rank here and be a heartless taskmaster. I hereby cancel your vacation leave! First, I need you to find Lunick, who's supposed to be at the Jungle Relic. Second, I want you to team up with Lunick. Then, the both of you together should uncover what's causing all the trouble. That, my friend, is the mission from this heartless taskmaster!

Music: Mission Received!

Cameron... How could you...

Music: Ranger Base
I know I'm being heartless...
*When talked to* Please, get on with the mission...
*When talked to* I've never seen our Leader looking so scary.
*When talked to* Oh well. I guess your vacation will have to wait.

It's because you two are too inept to go to the ruins!

Music: Mission Start!

Guess we'd better get started, then

(We're instantly teleported here, so we don't have to go through the jungle).

Music: Olive Volcano

We're railroaded into going the other way.

A Rhydon has appeared in a spot where a Graveler was. This is very useful because... can be used just a few steps later.

Circe?! You came to rescue me?! There was a tremor that caused a rockfall. I was trapped down here. I started thinking what might happen to me if no one came. I felt so lost and discouraged... Circe, thanks. Thanks for coming. I'll be OK now.


What was that roar? It sounded like a quake.
*When talked to* Circe... Your vacation's ruined... I'm sorry.

It's not your fault for once. If only those Summerland Rangers weren't so incompetent!

The room Lunick was trapped in now contains Poliwrath (it was Poliwhirl before).

With that, we can now proceed further inside and get into a grunt battle.

Wait, what?

Hey, hey, sweethearts! Having a little date alongside this scenic magma pond? I've been here dreaming abut the return of the Go-Rock Squad. I'm working my way up to big capers from petty crimes--it's a start, right? You know who I am? I'm the Solo Go-Rock Squad! ...You snickered? You'll pay for that!

Alright, hotshot. Here's a tip: don't bring Metal Pokemon into a volcano with plenty of Fire Pokemon.

Music: Olive Volcano
Huh? So Solo Go-Rock Squad is a silly name after all... I mean, it would take more than one to make a squad. I guess it'd work for you two. Look at you--all friendly and all. It makes me jealous!

This mission feels a lot shorter than our last one, with only one forced battle (and two mandatory captures) before the boss.

Slugma and Magcargo can now be found in the room where we fought Clyde and his Slaking.

Arcanine can now be found in the room where we fought Entei.

It moves fast and breathes fire. Easy enough to handle with an assist.

Required Loops: 7
Possible EXP: 140/150/160/170/180/190

The lava near Charmander's spot is now gone for some reason. This lets us keep our Poliwrath for Groudon, so I'm not complaining.

Groudon is just down that hole, but let's go ahead a bit...

And encounter our final new Pokemon in this area. Yes, there's just two of them and it's best to get them both during this mission.

If you look at the map, Charmander and Charmeleon's area looks like a Charizard. That's a nice touch

Charmeleon itself is a pushover.

Required Loops: 5
Possible EXP: 40/42/44/46/48/50/52/54/56/60

That sure is a long list of optional EXP. It's very easy to get, at least.

With that done, let's drop down the hole.

Going down leads us to a one-way path towards Beldum's area (in front of what used to be The Challenge of Wind).

Obviously we want to go up instead. If we came here before this mission, that door won't open and it'll be a waste of everyone's time.

You're kidding me! Groudon?! It's awesome! I never thought I'd get to see the legendary Groudon up close! But there's something wrong. It seems to be in pain! Maybe we can help... Circe, do you think you can capture it?

Video: Groudon

Music: Legendary Pokemon Battle

We might have more assist available against Groudon, but the game will also make it harder for us.

Groudon starts the battle with Earthquake and will continue doing so as a counterattack.

Its main attack is Hyper Beam, which has very little warning. It will do this three times consecutively in different directions.

It won't do Hyper Beam again for a while, which is our chance to capture it. Except there's no way you'd be able to make all 17 loops during that time, so you'd have to survive at least one round of Hyper Beams.

This battle is a simple but tough one. Not shown: my various failed attempts. I tried using Sceptile, but it won't help since Groudon doesn't move around much.

You know what would be very nice here? An Ice assist. Which of course isn't available because Groudon decided to hang out in a volcano instead of an ice cave...

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 17
Possible EXP: 600/679/758/837/916/995

Here's a useful tip: all Pokemon who attack consecutively into different directions will always attack diagonally. ALWAYS.

Music: Olive Volcano
Hey, check it out! There are four gouges on its neck! Only one thing could have inflicted wounds like that on Groudon. It must have been another legendary Pokemon--Kyogre! I'm sure that's what it fought. It just has to be that Kyogre you captured in the sea, Circe. After its battle, Groudon must have come here to tend to its wounds. It must have thrashed around in agony and set off the underground volcano. The poor Groudon... It's OK now, big guy. Go back to where you came from.

Circe, I guess we're done. We should head back. Maybe we can enjoy the trip home... Like a vacation?

I don't know... The jungle holds too much bad memories of that escort quest...

Music: Ranger Base

Boy, am I glad to see you two again. Some vacation I invited you on, huh? Talk about the worst possible timing...
Cameron, don't be silly! We owe you a big thanks! We got treated to an outing in an exotic location that won't ever be in any travel guidebook! We enjoyed one hot, exciting vacation, I swear! We also got to meet Groudon. And we met this Solo Go-Rock Squad... Wahahaha! Thinking about that guy cracks me up!
Yeah, I envy you for seeing Groudon. But that Solo Go-Rock Squad thing... I don't know what that's about. But anyways, thanks to you two, Summerland's back to normal. So, you've cleared that hot and exciting mission!

Music: Mission Clear!

You know, I just said that Summerland's back to normal. But what's going on? It's still abnormally hot. What's causing this heat wave? ...Oh, I get it now! This heat... It's coming from this smiling couple right here! Did that vacation under intense heat inflame your passions? Oo-la-la! Ahahaha! Sorry, sorry! I'm just joking!

*Fade to black*

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