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Part 44: Goat's-milk cheese is my favorite!

Music: Ranger Base

It all started when Murph came to Summerland for a visit with his partner Slowpoke. We got to talking, and somehow our Politoed and Slowpoke decided to have a race. Well, my Politoed got cocky and ended up losing. I think that was a huge shock.

Proof that Murph is better than Percy in every way

Oh, hi, Circe. Are you in Summerland for a little rest and recreation? (Giggle...) With you, I doubt that! You're here to patrol. But you should learn to relax every so often so you don't burn out. It's important for Rangers to balance things out so you're not always on the go.

And whose fault is it that Circe has to pick up the slack in Summerland?

Hey! You're here, Circe! How's it going? It sounds like you're busy, as always. You should try to relax when you're over here at least. Oh, yeah! Why don't you take the Capture Challenge?
The weather's brilliant again today... I guess I'll patrol the sea. ...What's that? Don't I need to patrol the jungle? Oh, come on now. How am I supposed to swim in the jungle? ...Uh, er... That's not what I meant to say... ...Gee, isn't it hot today?
Hey, Circe! You dropped in at the right time. See, I found something pretty neat down at the beach. I was just trying to decide who I should give it to as a gift. ...? What's wrong, Circe? Why are you backing away from me?

That Pelipper was going seriously fast. Our Leader looked cool then. I mean it.

I wish he would be more diligent even when there's no evil group, though.

Anyway, our next order of business is visiting our friends at the only Ranger Base we haven't visited yet: Wintown.

Music: Wintown

...Pardon me? What was I doing standing out here? I was looking out over the Sekra Range, which looms over Fiore in the north. I've been hearing disturbing rumors about the Fiore Temple lately... I've also been getting a sense of foreboding that something is not right... I'm hoping that it's all in my mind, but...

Well, since you're the only one who ever asked Circe nicely...

Thank you, Circe. I'll fill you in on the details in the Ranger Base. Let's go inside.

Music: Ranger Base

Apparently, some suspicious characters have been spotted coming and going from the Fiore Temple. No one seems to know their identities, but I have a bad feeling about it. I would worry too much if you were to go alone, so I want you to go with Silent Chris. I think you know this, but... Even though Chris may not have much to say, he is quite a passionate man.
All right, you two. This is what I want you two. This is what I want you to do. Investigate the activities of the mysterious gang that is reportedly in the Fiore Temple. That's your mission. Be sure to exercise all caution.

Music: Mission Received!

Music: Ranger Base
*When talked to* Have you heard? The legend about the dragon of Sekra Range? The legend says that every ten years, a Dragon-group Pokemon descends from the sky. Oh, wait a second. Maybe it was every dozen years, and not once a decade?

Take a guess as to who will be involved in this mission.

Music: Mission Start!

No trek through Sekra Range needed, which is nice.

Music: Fiore Temple

Odd. Door's open.

Still not talking much even though Elita isn't here? Okay then.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Just wanted to show that the game literally calls this guy "Creep".

I surely can point out some shady characters. They're right close... Why, it's you, standing before my very eyes!

Use Plusle to stun them, easily captured, you know the drill.

Music: Capture Complete

This is our Styler reaching lv 16. I'm pretty sure the maximum is 20. There's almost no chance of us reaching it, though.

Music: Fiore Temple
What!? Hey! You made my Pokemon run off! Why would you do something like that, you, you, shady villains! I won't forget you did this! You don't mess with us Go... Go... Goat's-milk cheese is my favorite! *flees*
What's with him?
*When talked to* Goat's-milk cheese... Never had any.

Do goats even exist in Fiore? Gogoat was introduced in Gen 6, so

There's some new Pokemon here, such as this Ralts. Catching it in a hedge maze is marginally better than catching it in a teleporter maze.

It still teleports often enough that it will eventually warp into us, so reaching it is still not that hard.

Kirlia's and Gardevoir's warp animation is quite long, so it's easy to reach them before the animation finishes.

Normally a villain wouldn't be allowed to attack a magical girl during their animations, but Circe isn't a villain so it's fine :sparkle:

Like before, the only way forward is to the top of the temple.

By the way, the annoying Ariados right in the middle of the path has been moved into the end of the ruins

Music: Wild Pokemon Capture

Kirlia and Gardevoir have short flee timers.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 9
Possible EXP: 58/66/74/82/90/98

The rest of the Pokemon here are the same (except for Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon who all have mysteriously disappeared).

Music: Fiore Temple

*They approach the same tablet as before*

Writing here... "When upon the sacred dais are placed the chosen Pokemon, the path shall be revealed." So what?

*Pedestals rise up*

What happened is blatant padding and recycling of ideas.

Left pedestal An infant Pokemon that wields psychic power.

Must be.

Middle pedestal A youthful Pokemon that wields psychic power.
Right pedestal A majestic and mature Pokemon that wields psychic power.

Just like before, all three Pokemon are released immediately

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

You heroic-looking folks... Did you pop the door for me? That saved me a spot of bother. You see, our plan is far, far behind schedule. So they're running me ragged delivering messages back and forth. But we're getting it together. Because we're the Go... Um... The Go... Going my way is what I mean to say... Gotta go! Thanks! *flees*

Music: Fiore Temple
*When talked to* That guy... Who is he?

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Darn it! The Rangers are onto us! We're the Go... Uh, in other words, the Go... Uh, the Go, Go... I can't think of anything! We're the Go-Rock Squad! Want to make something of it?!

Gasp. Shock. Who could have foreseen this.

We're strangers of danger! And we mess with the Rangers! Gee, it's been so long since I last said that... So that's how it is! I'm going to mess with you!

Taking out Swellow is easy with Plusle's help. Solrock should be no problem as long as you can avoid its bullshit attack.

Music: Fiore Temple
You looped, and I'm hooped! I'm out of Pokemon, and besides, you're too tough! That's my cue to skedaddle! *flees*
*When talked to* Go Rock Squad... Still around.

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Hah! Surprised, are you?! The Go-Rock Squad still lives on! Those of us who won't admit guilt... We got together in secret to hatch our secret plan! We won't let you ruin our dream!

As long as you have an assist to take care of those Donphan, you're golden. Plenty of them work well here.

Music: Fiore Temple
Blast it! Blast it already! We're so close! That wickedly great Pokemon is almost in the Go-Rock Squad's hands! *flees*

What wickedly great Pokemon?

Music: Go-Rock Squad!

Oh. That wickedly great Pokemon.

(Middle) I'm way too weak!
(Left) This is a disaster! Here we have the legendary Rayquaza right before our eyes... And we can't do a thing about it!
(Right) Our Styler are too wimpy! There goes our plan to rebuild the Go-Rock Squad using Rayquaza! *flees*

Welp. Guess it's up to us to fix their mess.

Music: Fiore Temple
Video: Rayquaza

The legend...
It lives and breathes right before my eyes!
That's Rayquaza!
Is this really happening? Is this all one huge dream?
No! This is no dream! This is truly reality!
Oh, Rayquaza, Rayquaza! What makes you Rayquaza?!
You've unleashed a torrent of inspiration in my quiet self! Words burst from me like a geyser!
Oh, Rayquaza, Rayquaza! Becalm your anger!
Forgive those wrongdoers for their mistakes!
Their inept capture attempt has enraged Rayquaza terribly!
Soothe the wild Pokemon with your righteous capturing expertise!

Alright, alright, if that will get you to stop talking for a bit. One minute you're silent and the next you're practically foaming at the mouth

Music: Legendary Pokemon Battle

Anyway, it's time to face the last of the Hoenn trio. It's also by far the easiest of the three.

Its main attack is these energy balls. It will shoot these very slowly and it will move a bit after every shot.

It's so slow that we can make a loop between each of its shot.

It also lasts fucking forever.

Seriously. It can shoot up to 16 balls consecutively. It's more than enough to get the extra EXP...

...fuck. Now I have to start over

If only there was an assist to help... There's no Dragon assist in this game, and Rayquaza is part Flying so Ice assist wouldn't work...

...huh. Apparently Ice do work on Rayquaza. Even if it didn't work on Altaria and Rayquaza is clearly levitating here. I don't know why it works now but I'll take it

This is its other attack, which seems like it's used after it breaks free of an assist's influence. Doesn't seem to be consistent, though.

Rayquaza is easy without Ice assist and a joke with it.

Music: Capture Complete

Required Loops: 13
Possible EXP: 600/679/758/837/916/995

Exact same EXP yields as Groudon and Kyogre.

Oh, Circe! You are truly the stuff of magnificence! So long as Rangers like you stand guard, never will this world fall into the hands of the ne'er-do-wells! ...Ah, Rayquaza appears to share the same opinion. Come, let us release it! Oh, Rayquaza, Rayquaza! Return now to the legend from which you came!

...Circe. As you may have already guessed, when I get inspired, I suddenly turn verbose. I can't stop talking! But, I beseech you, don't mention a word of this to Elita. She's bound to start calling me something like Gabby Chris, and you know how embarrassing that can be. Anyways, we should head for home ourselves.

Music: Ranger Net

Let's hear what you've discovered about those mysterious characters.
Remarkably, those mysterious characters turned out to be the Go-Rock Squad. What's more, they got to the legendary Rayquaza. They were forcibly trying to capture it.
The Go-Rock Squad?! ...It seems they haven't completely broken up after all... Go on. What became of Rayquaza?
You can rest easy. Circe's superb capture let it regain its composure and serenity. If Rayquaza is considered a legendary Pokemon... Then Circe will eventually come to be known as a legendary Ranger! That, I will guarantee on my very name and pride as Silent Chris! Oh, but that Rayquaza! It was a marvel to see as it ascended into the skies. Truly, a living Pokemon legend! ...I wish you could have bore witness too, Leader.
...Thank you, Chris. Imagine, capturing the legendary Rayquaza... Circe, you certainly are an outstanding Ranger. Good job, the both of you. You've cleared your mission!

Music: Mission Clear!

By the way, Chris. What's gotten into you? You don't seem like the usual Silent Chris. The way you gushed... If I had to describe you... Gabby Chris might be a better fit?
Uh, er... Ahahaha...
What's wrong with you two? Why are you laughing at each other? What a pair of mysterious characters! Giggle...

Just know that it's not Circe's fault that Chris is having a new nickname

Also, yes. Elita apparently did say "Giggle."

*Fade to black*

Now that we have knocked the Hoenn trio out of the list, it's time for a vote! Our options are: