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Part 45: Marine Challenge

Music: Ranger Base

...I only said, "Oh!" There's no reason or anything. I just said it. Oh, and, uh... I really don't like being cold. And, uh, um... Sorry, it's nothing... ...I wish you wouldn't expect me to say anything important or funny... I'm not Murph or anything...
Looking good. ... ...... .........! I'm done talking. Sorry.
Hello, Circe! It's bitterly cold in Wintown, so warm yourself here a while. Keeping fit and healthy is an important part of a Ranger's job. After all, a Ranger can't be counted on if he or she is sick when there's a job to do.
I met with Spenser and the other Leaders just recently. Although we hadn't seen each other in a long while, I had to laugh because so little had changed. Spenser and Joel kept arguing and bickering over every little thing. And Cameron was happily giving away hopeless junk as gifts. Those three still have childlike qualities about them.

Too bad the game will never show us Spenser and Joel interacting together

Circe, we're all greatly indebted to you. We should have been responsible for getting rid of the Go-Rock Squad. After all, their base was located right here in Wintown. It's our fault that we didn't get the intelligence needed to locate their base. We allowed them to take root... If you didn't come along, this base would probably be a part of the Go-Rock Squad's base by now.

Things like how you wrote seven letters, and how you came to meet your Plusle. I heard about other things, too.

Alright, let's look at what the thread had voted to do next...

...A Capture Challenge? Fuck

Music: Summerland

Time to delay the inevitable with some NPC chat!

It's your hard work that lets me loll around like this on the beach.

At least I used to be. It's because of this place that I stopped being an explorer. The balmy, delicious air... The stunning scenery... The gentle lapping of the waves... Oh, and this carefree music!

The music was mentioned before with The Watcher kid. Is the music diegetic? And do they broadcast it all the time? Sounds like it'll get old really quick.

How are you keeping? For a Ringtown Ranger, we sure see you often in these parts. Well, think of Summerland as your second or third or whatever home! You're always welcome here!

The one that drove the Go-Rock Squad into disbanding? I didn't know what! Why didn't you say anything before? I thought we were friends!


Cameron would go find junk, and my big brother would make weird things with it. Is this what a grown-up calls a vicious circle?
Well? How was your Aquamole dip? Wasn't it a great cruise with your Pokemon? I know, I know, it only had fuel for a one-way trip, but wasn't that fun in its own way?

This guy and Cameron are made for each other.

He says there are Kingdra at the Marine Challenge, but most people have never seen them. The few witnesses so far have always seen the Pokemon after they captured two Horsea... Uh-oh! I forgot that MC Fisher told me not to blab about this little secret!

It's nap time with my Phanpy in Summerland. Lala. ...I tried singing with the melody.

Each of them a fantastic being said to have the power to turn the earth and sky upside down. Perhaps they can be captured, or whatever it is you call it... But it would be a great mistake to think that mere mortals can control them.

It's very easy if you have Pokeballs! Chasing them and getting them into those Pokeballs are the hard parts.

The aquamole will from now on act as a one-way transport to Panula Cave. It's not that useful.

Is it really true that all sorts of incidents affected sleepy, peaceful Summerland?

You didn't notice all those earthquakes?

We decided that our family of three will settle here in Summerland. We're going to start a tour-guide business. I'm not sure if we can go of it, but we're going to work hard at it, the three of us. I hope you'll keep watching over us as a Ranger.
My dream is about to come true! Our family--the three of us--is going to live amongst nature right here! I think life will be tougher than now, but when my husband puts his mind to it, he gets things done. I'm sure that we can make it! Please keep watching over us, Ranger!
Wouldn't it be cool if the Aquamole could go anywhere on the bottom of the sea? That way, you might meet some rare Pokemon that live at the bottom.

I know right?!

So, I'll let you in on a little secret about the Capture Challenge. There are secret Pokemon that appear if you satisfy certain conditions. Isn't that exciting news?


Welcome! I'm MC Fisher! May I interest you in our Capture Challenge? Ride a Lapras and capture away! If you have friend Pokemon with you, there's no using Poke Assists!

I guess there's no avoiding it...

We have a Capture Challenger! Now, may I explain how the rules work? Is that agreeable to you?

Nah. I can explain it.

Are you ready? Before you go, there's the usual announcement. The current record holder is... Cameron with 3500 points! Can this record ever be surpassed? OK, challenger, board the Lapras! Cap! Ture! Go!

Video: Marine Challenge
New Music: Capture Challenge

Basically, we have three minutes to catch as many Pokemon as possible. Different Pokemon are worth different points.

Annoyance 1 is that most Pokemon are hidden underwater, which means we won't know what they are until we get into an encounter with them.

Can you guess what Pokemon is in the above picture?

If you guess Remoraid, congratulations! Remoraid doesn't attack, but it only goes out of the water for a short time. Don't forget that if you remove the Styler when it's underwater, you'll have to start all over again.

Required Loops: 2

No EXP is given here, so adding extra loops is completely pointless.

Now what about this one?

If you guess our coveted fish, you're right! It only requires one loop now for some reason (as opposed to three).

Magikarp will flop around on the surface for a while, so it's pathetically easy to capture. It also gives the least amount of points, so it might not worth catching them (with one exception).

Can you guess what these Pokemon are? Magikarp, Magikarp and Remoraid respectively.

There's more than just Remoraid and Magikarp, of course. Like Magikarp, Horsea sticks around on the surface for a while.

Required Loops: 3

More shadows! Can you guess which has what Pokemon? One of them has a Pokemon we haven't seen before.

Did you guess a Magikarp on the right and a Goldeen on the left? I think I made my point by now.

Required Loops: 1

Goldeen, like Remoraid, has absolutely no attack and dive right after surfacing.

The easiest way to differentiate the shadows' identities is by their size. This one is obviously not a Remoraid, Magikarp, Horsea or Goldeen.

It's not a foolproof method, but it works well enough for most purposes.

Required Loops: 2

Same actions as Remoraid or Goldeen.

Oh look, I beat Cameron's High Score on my first try

Music: Summerland

The total number captured... 14 Pokemon! And the total score is... 39000 points! Congratulations! It's hard to believe, but Cameron's long-standing record is no more! What would you like to do now?

Of course we're not done yet!

Yes, the Capture Challenger agrees! Just a quick reminder of the rules! Capture as many Pokemon as possible within three minutes. It's as simple as that! Best of luck, challenger!

Back into the fray we go.

Well, in spite of my humble appearance, I am a marine biologist engaged in the study of the Safra Sea. I've been encamped here for some time now observing Wailmer in the wild. By the way, I hope you're OK for time. You are, aren't you? Wouldn't you like to hear a most intriguing tale that was related to me by a sailor? According to him, some kinds of sea Pokemon communicate with each other. For example, Goldeen may communicate to Seaking how they were soothed as a result of being captured by a Ranger. Learning that, Seaking will get an overwhelming urge to experience such a capture and appear before Rangers. After several such Seaking are captured, their chatter about the sublime captures could attract a Wailm... Whoops, I've prattled on for much too long already. Please excuse me! Well, I'm sure there will be other opportunities to chat, so don't be shy about speaking to me. Now, how are you set for time? Off you go!

The lighthouse is located right in the middle of the field and we can ask this angler biologist again for more tips.

Talking to him will stop the time, but it won't stop other Pokemon from acting. Like this Staryu which acts exactly the same as usual.

Listen, I'm no angler. In fact, despite my humble appearance, I am a marine biologist engaged in the study of the Safra Sea. Didn't I mention this to you already before? By the way, I hope you're OK for time. You are, aren't you? Wouldn't you like to hear a most intriguing tale that was related to me by a sailor? This is what he told me. It's a tale from a long voyage. The sailors on the voyage were weary and irritable from being on the open sea for days on end. In that tense atmosphere, fighting among the sailors was common. Then one day, a young sailor found something bobbing amidst the waves. It was yellow, and it looked silly in every way and form. The sailors all gathered on the ship's deck to look at this yellow, silly thing. Well, according to the sailor, looking at the silly yellow thing put all the sailors in a silly mood, but in a good way. Soon, there was laughter all around. The sailors broke out in rousing sing-alongs with arms draped. After that day, there was no more fighting on that ship, said the sailor. Well, isn't that a good tale? Or is it merely a silly story? Truth be told, I've been feeling rather irritable lately. So, I've encamped here in hopes of seeing that silly yellow thing. The thing is supposed to have a large bill, and it's said to quack. I suspect it's a Psyd... Whoops, I've prattled on for much too long already. Please excuse me! Don't be shy about speaking to me, though. Now, how are you set for time? Off you go!
There appear to be Mantine in this sea, as well. ...? That's all I have to say? Is that a problem?

Beating Cameron's score will cause Pelipper to appear near the lighthouse. It's our Annoyance 2.

It has the usual puddle attack, but because we're on the water it's just a lobbing projectile. It's also pretty quick, which is not that bad if we have Plusle.

Since we're not allowed to use Plusle, this can happen. It sucks.

Also, Pelipper can just decide to fly out of reach on a whim. It's great if there's other Pokemon nearby so you can catch both of them, but don't count on it.

If the other Pokemon is Starmie or Staryu, though, then don't bother trying. It's borderline impossible. Just wait for Pelipper to fly lower or for other Pokemon to go near it.

We're given a grace period if we're still at an encounter when the timer runs out, but that won't help if Pelipper flees anyway

It was at this point that I gave up and decided to make liberal use of savestates and slowdown. So yeah, I'm going to cheat for the rest of this update

Required Loops: 12

Our third run is going to be dedicated to the denizen of the darker areas. The smaller ones will most likely be Remoraid.

The bigger one is most likely Octillery. We can know if it's them for sure because they will dive out of reach if we approach them from the front. They will resurface (relatively) later and we can track them with the minimap (it's actually useful this time )

Octillery itself is pretty much the same as Remoraid/Goldeen/Seaking.

Required Loops: 2

Some Horsea/Seadra might be mixed into the darker regions as well. They have no reactions upon spotting us, so that might be a way to differentiate them.

Seadra just has the same lobbing attack as Pelipper. A lot easier to catch, though.

Required Loops: 5

Anyway, the one we're looking for is the one with the biggest shadow. It'll appear only after we catch two Remoraid. You might have to catch a few more Pokemon to actually get it to spawn if the RNG hates you, though.

Serebii said that we have to catch two Octillery as well, but I got it to appear without catching any. Either way, it'll appear in the darker areas around the field.

Mantine will stick on the surface for a while, but it also homes in on our line to tackle them.

Required Loops: 8

Fourth run! We need to catch two Starmie for this one to appear, which in turn require two Staryu to appear. Did I mention that we have to fulfill the requirements in one round?

Both of them has the same attack, but Starmie took a lot longer to catch. I hate to repeat myself, but Plusle would've been a godsend in here.

Required Loops: 9

Psyduck will appear at the middle left section, just happily lazing about without a care in the world.

Unfortunately for us, this is Annoyance 3.


Good thing I can slow down the game to 1/8 of the original speed!

Required Loops: 32

It's definitely doable on an actual DS, but it's a very duck dick move.

Since we still have time, let's take a look at the dark region in the middle right. There's no Remoraid or Octillery in sight, but...

Luvdisc! Luvdisc everywhere! They still act just like Remoraid/Goldeen/Seaking/Octillery and they're only available after a minute has passed.

Required Loops: 2

Fifth run! These Carvanha isn't what we're looking for, but they're here on the foggy bottom right corner.

What we're looking for is Goldeen and Seaking, both of which will try to flee if they spot us.

Seaking will only appear after catching two Goldeen and Wailmer will only appear after catching two Seaking. All Pokemon with large shadows have special requirements, so it's easy to find the one you want.

Required Loops: 16

One more Pokemon to go. On to the sixth run!

Our final Pokemon here is Sharpedo, which appears only after the RNG wills it. Otherwise, you'll just see endless Carvanha.

Same attack as Carvanha except it will bite only once at a time (as opposed to Carvanha's twice/thrice).

Required Loops: 11

That's everything! It wasn't actually that bad when savestates and slowmotion are involved, honestly.

Since we have plenty of time, let's capture a bunch of Magikarp! They also don't have any reaction on spotting us, so they're indistinguishable from Horsea.

Because we completed the game, catching five Magikarp will cause Gyarados to appear on the top left. This is the exception I mentioned earlier about how catching Magikarp is pointless.

For completion's sake, let's encounter the final Pokemon here. Like an NPC said earlier, it's available after catching two Horsea.

The easiest strategy to get the high score is to get to Kingdra asap. It'll automatically give 3100 points, plus whatever else you catch with the rest of your time.

As a recap, here's a list of the Pokemon available here. Bolded Pokemon are required for full Browser completion.

Marine Challenge:

Apparently I got 5700 points somewhere within those 6 runs.

Anyway, it's time for more votes! What should we do next?