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Part 49: The Return of The Ambushes

Music: Fall City

Welcome back to more exploring! Our first area is technically Fall City, but there's no Pokemon we haven't seen before.

Fall City

Available Pokemon: No Longer Available: Newly Available:

This part is technically between Krokka Tunnel and Fall City, so I'm counting it as the latter. This Blaziken is by far the most convenient Pokemon with Lv3 Burn.

Convenient doesn't mean easy though; it's as hard to capture as ever. There's plenty of assists nearby to help with that, though.

Speaking of Krokka Tunnel, let's visit the place that share its music: Fall City Waterworks.

Music: Krokka Tunnel

That means it's the return of these ambush Corphish!

I'm not using the tally anymore because turns out it's actually very tame compared to the ambush Ariados.

However, don't forget that the sewers also the slippery sludge floor and the Koffing which can poison us.

As a reminder, getting poisoned will slow down our movement to a crawl, which makes it literally impossible to avoid these Corphish

Anyway, our new area for today will be this part here.

It's where we found Meditite and Squirtle. We couldn't burn this scrap metal before.

Well, we can now. It has a Raticate (useless except for getting Crawdaunt), Magneton (would be useful if there isn't one in Oddish's alcove), and...

Feraligatr shoots and charges at our Styler. Like Donphan, its charge is stupidly long it's practically impossible to dodge.

Required Loops: 14
Possible EXP: 92/109/126/143/160/177

Unlike Donphan, Feraligatr isn't immune to Electric. That can be combined with Meditite's Fighting to make things a lot easier.

Fun fact: Rattata is now in the sewer, and it'll flee to the grate if it spots us.

More fun fact: getting back to the entrance is faster to go back through the hole in the sludge room than to go forward around the whole sewer.

Extra fun fact: apparently Muk and Grimer do live in the sewer. That combined with Weezing's existence and us walking through the water pipes makes me think that this place isn't very clean.

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a facility for DRINKING water

Fall City Waterworks

Available Pokemon: Newly Available:

Music: Panula Cave

...Let's get away from the grossness of the sewer to go to a pristine ice cave. We can drop down from Absol's area into near the beginning ledge maze.

Exploud and a few Whismur are now inhabiting the area where Steelix slept and had to be rudely awakened.

Surprise surprise, it has the same attack as Whismur and Loudred

Required Loops: 14
Possible EXP: 86/95/104/116

While we're going to get a lot less new Pokemon than our last Pokemon, we are going to go visit a whopping one (1!) more new area

Choosing the wrong hole here will drop us to Loudred's slide while choosing the correct one will drop us into a new ledge. Try to guess which hole it is.

If your answer is any of the three visible ones, then you'll have to go back up here and try again because you guessed incorrectly. It's a short trek up, at least.

If you guessed the hole under the left boulder, congratulations! You just wasted a fully functional Lv2 Crush on a hole that doesn't exist! Golem is available right outside, so this is actually a non-issue.

Hope you bring a Pokemon with Cross before coming here. Otherwise, you'll have to go get either the Bulbasaur in Lyra Forest or Tangela in Sekra Range.

In any case, it's definitely not nearly as bad as with Registeel, though. Just 1 Lv3 Burn, 1 (or 2) Lv2 Crush, and 1 Cross. Way less than the 7 needed for Registeel.

After all that, what is the Pokemon waiting for us?

Video: Regice

It's kinda obvious if you think about it.

Anyway, Regice. It's easier solely due to me actually bringing useful assists this time.

Like Registeel, it only does one thing but that one thing makes it extremely hard to capture.

It creates ice that moves in an upwards zig-zag pattern, covering half the screen.

When Regice moves its hands, any loops we make won't count and releasing our Styler will force us to start over. This applies to Registeel too, by the way.

With half the screen off-limits at any given time, making loops around Regice is not easy. Which means that Fire assist is pretty much useless. Not helping is that Torkoal's assist only lasts for 10 seconds.

It won't make any pillars if it's stunned, though, so using Plusle will give us some breathing room. Using Fighting right after that will very quickly capture it.

Required Loops: 13
Possible EXP: 420/438/456/474/492/510

Not needing as many loops as Registeel also makes it a lot easier.

Panula Cave

Available Pokemon: Newly Available:

I could end things here, but let's continue on. We only catch three new Pokemon so far, and that just seems too little.

So let's go to the jungle and get two more new Pokemon!

It can attack with Hyper Beam as many times as it wants consecutively.

...Or at least that's how it's supposed to be. In reality, Hyper Beam's cooldown means it's a sitting dino between attacks.

Haven't seen this in a long time . This adds a few cyan bars to our HP.

Required Loops: 25
Possible EXP: 120/132/144/156/168/180

Was Meganium always this tanky?

Our final Pokemon for today requires Lv2 Gust. Gust seems to be solely used to get postgame Pokemon (except Lotad).

Poison cloud seems to be the only attack for Poison Pokemon...

Required Loops: 8
Possible EXP: 34/43/52/64

That's a disappointing EXP yield

Olive Jungle

Available Pokemon: Newly Available:

Well that's a disappointing thing to end things on, but maybe our next activity will be better. Hopefully.