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Part 50: Capture Arena

Music: Fall City

My one-and-only love! Joel, Joel, Joel! ...Uh... ...What are you staring at?!

Like before, we're going to talk to NPC before attempting the capture challenge because I want to delay this as much as possible.

If I could, do you think the Ringtown Rangers will be recruiting? And why do I think Ringtown would be good? I just sort of think it'd be nice.

You're the spitting image of the girl who was my first love. Aye, there's no doubt about it. There's no mistake in what I say.

...Yes, you definitely did say that before.

They were apparently brought here from some other region, so they couldn't return to their natural habitats. We talked it over with Joel and decided that we'll let them live in the sludge-storage area of the waterworks.

So that's why they're there

The Capture Arena is shaping up to be the most prominent of our civic treasures. They finally opened up after a long preparation period. Why don't you go check it out?
I had a dream of being surrounded by Pokemon plushes. It was fluffier than fluffy. It felt very nice!

Well, hello, Circe! Are you on patrol? Keep up the good work! There's nothing unusual to report on my side!
I was thinking about Gordor, my old schoolmate. Those were good times. We were not only rivals in our studies, but also in love. I wonder what became of that lass we both proposed to on bended knees? ...!? Sorry, sorry, it's only the nostalgic waxings of an ancient man. Pay it no heed!
Circe, the professor told me about your heroics! How you recovered our Super Styler from the Go-Rock Squad with Spenser. The professor is elated over this. He's told and retold the tale of your exploits over and over.

Notice how Lunick's name isn't mentioned here

Prof. Hastings says that research is the love of his life. That's why he says he's never felt lonesome as a lifelong bachelor. He says there's no distraction, so it serves him better to be alone. Who knows what he really thinks?

That clearly contradicts Hastings waxings, so

*Does a Bulbasaur cry* See? ...I shouldn't have embarrassed myself that way.

Don't be ashamed; that was a perfect imitation

There isn't much I can do for you except offer those sorts of words. But I hope you understand that the citizens do appreciate the work that you Rangers do for us.
Are you on patrol again today? Thanks to you Rangers, we've been able to live in peace and harmony. ...Except when I argue with my wife.

It's not a big-screen TV, or a sumptuous sofa, or anything like that. Lately, I've been thinking it would be really nice if there were a cute Pokemon living with me. Anyways, do you have time to have a cup of my apricot tea?

The game is never letting us have some tea

I was just hoping for someone to talk to, too. I heard something on the radio some time ago I thought was interesting. They said living with Pokemon makes you more calm, and it's good for your health. Because of my dear Squirtle, I guess I'm going to get to live a lot longer. Oh, you have to go already? I'm saddened to see you go, but I suppose you are on patrol.

You know, instead of expecting someone else to help them all the time. I think people are getting better about it little by little, though.
You climbed up to the third floor taking the stairs, right? But you don't seem winded at all or anything. Oh, right! I guess you got into shape through all your Rangers activities. You know, I should get into shape, too. I'll give it a shot!

This will make Fall City more festive and energetic. It'd be nice if it meant so much more business for my shop that I'd have to hire extra help!
Welcome! Today's like every other day. I'm going to do my best to sell, sell, sell!

What am I doing? I'm just conversing with the sea like I always do. And what do I talk about? Well, mate, it's got to be huge!

OK, Skitty! And here's Skitty and Skitty, too! Where is Skitty? Skitty and Skitty! No fighting! And last but not least, Skitty! OK everyone! Good answers!
This is something I've imagined... If even one of the Skitty were to disappear, my wife would raise a huge uproar. But if I disappeared... She wouldn't even notice! Maybe I need a's best friend.

That's depressing

And can you believe it? They chose my idea! The name of this fountain is... Circe Fountain!

Circe will be expecting royalties for the usage of her name

But, yeah, I thought up a new souvenir item: Capture Arena dumplings. Sounds tasty, don't you think? You see, the Capture Arena's finally in business. So I thought this would make a good commemorative item.

When you're walking in its dark corridors, you'll find yourself losing friend Pokemon without notice. Somewhere so downright frightening... I surely would like to go.

They were a four-piece band. They sounded like the band that used to practice in the factory. Actually, they sounded exactly like the factory band. ...Huh? Where did that quartet go? As soon as they finished playing, they packed up and headed off toward the harbor. They must be long gone by now to some town far away. I think they'd have fun as a travelling band.

When I was younger, I had dreams of being surrounded by lovely flowers every day. Isn't it the same for you? You seem to be so happy to be a Ranger and surrounded by Pokemon.

Music: Fall City Harbor

I want to see other places in the world. I want to see more than just Fiore.

The Capture Challenge there is organized and operated by the MC brothers, who are volunteers.

You'll be happy to know that the ferry service to Summerland has been resumed. ...This is just between you and me, but they found a big hole in the ferry's hull at the bottom. They found graffiti near the hole that said, "Go-Rock Squad strikes again!" Isn't that frightening? I wonder who would do such a thing!


We're heading off to Summerland for our vacation. My dear Charmander seems to be very happy. I'm about to burst from excitement!
You know, a lot of things happened while I was here, but I've developed a love for the Fiore region. People and Pokemon live together here in harmony. The atmosphere is lively and positive. You Rangers are serious about protecting natural environments and keeping the peace, too. I made the perfect choice when I picked Fiore as my vacation destination.

Huh?! Does it actually speak? No, no, it's not like that. It's just something I pick up from its behavior.

I was feeling queasily seasick, and you were in full tourist mode, all wide eyed and swivel headed. But how about us now? I don't get seasick anymore. And you're proudly and properly a Ranger in every respect!

This has to be one of the most NPC dialog.

Music: Fall City

The Capture Arena is located west of the fountain/marketplace area. There's two trees outside it but neither has any Pokemon.

They say there is a Pokemon that you can only meet by getting a high score at the arena. That Pokemon would be the Fearow of the Kisara Plain! That Ranger named Spenser? That's how he got a Fearow as his partner. The same thing goes for the Grassland Challenge and Marine Challenge. If you can get high scores at those events, you'll get the chance to see some special Pokemon. Like, the same kind of Pokemon as the partners of Joel and Cameron. So, what I'm trying to say is... Go for it!

This is the reason why we're doing Grassland Challenge last.

Excuse me, Ranger. Can you point out where the Capture Arena happens to be? ...Oh? This building here? This is the Capture Arena? I didn't realize that! By the way, what exactly is the Capture Arena?

Music: Ranger Net

I remember now! The first thing you should do is try capturing a Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu. When the blue number above one of these target Pokemon disappears, keep drawing extra loops. The more extra loops you draw before finishing the capture, the more energy your Styler regains. Remember, this only works for a PIchu, Pikachu, or Raichu.
You're trying really hard, aren't you? I can offer you a tip for extending your remaining time. When you're making captures, draw more loops than you need around your target Pokemon. Yes, ti makes things that much harder, but trust me, it's worthwhile. The more extra loops you complete, the more your remaining time is extended. I wouldn't kid you about this! It's a little secret just between you and me!

Let me tell you how... Just cpature two or more Pokemon at the same time. When you do that, you get to double your score for every extra one you capture. Watch your score skyrocket! (Sigh...) Wouldn't it be nice...?

This isn't exactly accurate...

Welcome to the Capture Arena! Won't you challenge the extremes of capturing?

Yeah, sure

You're cleared to enter! Please go to the arena!

New Music: Capture Arena Intro

Welcome, yo, we've been waiting, Ranger. We're getting it started, yo, challenger! You all look at the field, yo! Standing there upright is our challenger delight! Ranger Circe, yo, yo, yo! ...So, tell me, Ranger! Before you roll on your challenge, you need information on the rules right here at the Capture Arena?

Nah. I'll do it.

You ready to go with it and hit the ground running? Oh, before you roll, this is what you got to know! The current record holder! Spenser! With a synapse-sizzling 50,000 points! How many Pokemon do you have to capture to notch a number that radical? All right, yo! Set your sights on the new record! Cap! Ture! Go!

Video: Capture Arena (First Attempt)
Music: Capture Arena

So, Capture Arena. Unlike other challenges, there's no exploration in this one.

Pokemon will fall from the sky periodically, and our job is to get as many points as possible within 2 minutes. Like the others, different Pokemon are worth different points.

No EXP are given here, but each extra loops adds 1 second to the timer with the maximum of 10. Note that this doesn't apply in the other challenges.

If the Pokemon is a member of Raichu family, it'll restore our HP with that amount in addition to the time extension. Needless to say, you want them to appear.

Pokemon will fall either when we capture the last one or after a certain time. This means that it's possible to have more than once.

Capturing extra Pokemon in a loop will add an extra multiplier. For example, capturing 3 Pokemon at once will multiply each of their scores by 3. There is a limit as to how many Pokmeon can be onscreen at once and waiting for them to appear can take time, so it's not always the best thing to do.

...Huh. Torchic does have an attack after all. Weird that we never see it outside the arena

After catching a certain amount of Pokemon, the screen will shake and all Pokemon onscreen will flee.

That means it's time for the boss. Boss Pokemon will always appear alone. They gives more points than normal. Also, they will always add 10 seconds in addition to the extra loops.

After beating the boss, we'll advance to the next rank, which means tougher Pokemon and more awarded points.

The first rank has Pokemon from Mission 0 but this second rank has Pokemon from Mission 1. Which means it's harder but not actually hard. Some of them do waste our time, though.

The boss, though, well... I've already talked about why Machop is hard to capture back in Mission 2, so... Good luck

By the way, any new Pokemon we capture here won't be added into our Browser.

The next rank has Pokemon from Fall City and Waterworks. Not that it matters much since we don't have much time left after Machoke.

Music: Capture Arena Intro

How'd it go, challenger? Not bad, or at least not BAD bad? So, here we go, Ranger! Let's see how you scored! The total number of Pokemon captured is... 27 Pokemon! And the total score is... 29100 points! Oh, too bad! No new record today!

...Yeah, we got barely above half the high score

Yo, what do you say, Ranger?

If I must...

That's the spirit, Ranger! You're so brilliant it's burning up my eyes! All right, yo, here we go again! Cap! Ture! Go!

Yeah, I'll just show a montage of the attempts instead of going through each of them.

I'm going to do them next update, though, since this one is getting pretty long.