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Part 53: Grassland Challenge

Music: Ringtown

Like always, I'm going to postpone things by talking to people.

...Did you know this, then? The Go-Rock Squad broke up because of a young Ranger. You're not pretending to know, are you?

Circe knows about plenty of things

What is the most delicious thing in all of Ringtown? Why, that would be the air that you breathe. A town nestled in nature that has lots to offer... that would be Ringtown!

A Pokemon named Rapidash can appear in the Grassland Challenge. Apparently, a Rapidash will appear if you capture two black, bouncy Pokemon... ...Uh-oh! MC Fielder told me that I shouldn't tell that to anyone, yo!

Since we're back to the field capture challenges, we'll have plenty of new Pokemons and arbitrary requirements.

What did we do?

Thanks to your people, I can go back to snoozing in the afternoon sun like before. Thank you, thank you.

Oh. Our pleasure

You deserve a medal for your part! You've done a great thing. You know, Circe, right from the start I noticed that you had a certain sparkle about you. Yes, yes, I surely did.

Sure you did

My father came first in a marathon! I think it's from chasing around his Taillow all the time. I'm so happy for him!

I remember complaining that I wanted to bolt from this boring place. I don't think that anymore. Ringtown's the best place in all of Fiore. It's because of you Rangers that I think that way. Thank you!

I don't know what Circe did has anything to do with it. My guess is that it's actually Rangers like Murph who inspired this realization.

It's all due to you Rangers teaching those awful Go-Rock Squad people a lesson they won't forget! You are always so dependable!
Do you know what I want to be when I grow up? Can you guess? A Pikachu! I wish I could!

Are you, by any chance, related to that kid who wants to become a blitzball?

They call me MC Fielder, yo! You're Circe, yo? You're well known around these parts. People know your name, at the very least! Want to take part in our Capture Challenge riding a Doduo? There's only one thing to remember. Even if you have friend Pokemon with you, you can't tap their Poke Assists.

Sure, yo. Bring it on, yo.

Short, quick, and to the point! I like it! Is it OK with you if I explain the Capture Challenge's rules?

Yo, we already know!

Yo! Are you ready for this? Oh, wait! Hold up a second! I can't forget to impart this wisdom! The reigning record holder is... Joel with 5000 points! Yo, roll out and go for that record! GEt astride the Doduo, challenger! Cap! Ture! Go!

Video: Grassland Challenge
Music: Capture Challenge

Well, it's time for our final challenge. First thing you'll notice is that the high score is higher than Marine Challenge's.

The second thing is that most of the Pokemon will be visible, so finding the right Pokemon isn't an issue. Mostly.

Like I said before, there's plenty of new Pokemon to capture. You'll notice very quickly that the Pokemon here are MUCH harder than Marine Challenge's.

Spoink moves by jumping around a short height and has no attack, but it can randomly jump much higher (and thus breaking our line). It's very annoying.

Required Loops: 4

Just like way back at the beginning of the game, small Pokemon in bushes are shown only in shadows.

Mostly they're not worth bothering, so it's not a big issue.

Up on the North, we see this Fearow. It appears only after beating Capture Arena's high score.

It moves quickly and shoots gusts of tornado. It stops for a while before shooting, so we can get 2-3 loops on it.

You can see the trouble I'm having in the video. Thing is, Fearow is one of the
easier Pokemon here

Required Loops: 6

The reward is certainly worth it, though.

By the way, Gardevoir appears after catching 2 Kirlia while Donphan appear only if you're lucky.

Spearow has no such restrictions. Nor does it appear outside this challenge. It also doesn't have any attacks.

Required Loops: 4

Well, there's the Rapidash. As the NPC said, it appears after catching two Spoink. We already had its entry from a Go-Rock grunt battle, though.

Good thing, too. I would've been very pissed if that isn't the case.

Music: Ringtown

So, let's check it out! Circe's results, yo! The number of complete captures in total is... 10 Pokemon! And the total score is... 6001 points!

Successful on the first attempt

But this is a very announcement. Circe doesn't even do her pose like the other times.

You shattered Joel's record, yo! So, what do you say, Ranger? Do you want to take another try at the Capture Challenge?

Since we have yo. I mean have to.

That's the way I like it! You know how to roll with the groove! The rule is simple--just capture all you can in three minutes! That's all there is to it! Go get 'em, yo!

Music: Capture Challenge

The explorer is our resident hints guy. He's at the center of this plains.

The reason we didn't see him in the video is that this plains is HUGE with plenty of ledges; it's very easy to get lost.

I've stopped the clock, so listen to what I have to say and unwind a bit. Have I told you the story about the three young Rangers who once competed as rivals in these challenges? It's a tale that goes back some ten years. One was an oceanic Ranger who could calm even the waves of the sea. One was a speedy Ranger with an elegant mastery of a Dodrio. And one was a miraculous Ranger who beguiled with simultaneous captures! I happen to be one of those three Rangers, if I may say so. ...Actually, that part's a lie. The three Rangers are said to now be the Leaders of Ranger Bases in Summerland, Fall City, and Ringtown. ...If you need a break during a challenge, come see me anytime. I've got other tales to tell. OK, I'm going to let the clock run again!
Hi! Working hard on your challenge, I see! I've stopped the clock, so listen to what I have to say and unwind a bit. You know Murph, don't you? How about I tell you about his partner Pokemon, Slowpoke? You see, it was right ehre in the Kisara Plain that Murph captured his Slowpoke a couple years ago. Murph apparently came here day after day in hopes of capturing an Abra as his partner Pokemon. He was a rookie back then, so he didn't have any luck with captures. He sure shed tears over that. But one day, he fluked out and managed to capture not one, but two Abra at the same time. It was then that a Slowpoke--which is rarely seen in these parts--appeared. Murph claims that the Slowpoke appeared because it became impressed by how hard he was working. One has to wonder about that, but that's the story he stands by. Anyways, apparently Murph and the Slowpoke stared at each other vacantly for around ten minutes. Over taht time, they seemed to form an emotional bond, and that is how the Pokemon came to be Murph's partner. I think there's some sort of a connection between Abra and Slowpoke. What's more, I think there are other combinations of Pokemon that have similar kinds of connections. Oh, incidentally, where did Murph and his Slowpoke stare at each other for ten minutes? That would be right about where you're standing now. ...If you need a break during a challenge, come see me anytime. I've got other tales to tell. OK, I'm going to let the clock run again!

He omitted the part where MC Fielder and Spenser watched as those two stared at each other, not having the heart to inform that the time is up more than 5 minutes ago.

Hi! Working hard on your challenge, I see! I've stopped the clock, so listen to what I have to say and unwind a bit. That Doduo you're riding... That's a ctually a Pokemon taht rarely appears in this Region. How are you supposed to meet one in the wild, you ask? Well, let me tell you a story. A long time ago, a certain Ranger wandered all over for months in hopes of capturing a Doduo. However, no Doduo ever appeared before the Ranger. Eventually, the Ranger gave up. Then, on one mission, the Ranger happened to capture two Kirlia. After that, the Ranger began seeing some Gardevoir, which had never appeared before. When the Ranger captured two of these Gardevoir, it was then that the Ranger's coveted... If I were to tell you the whole story, I would be spoiling your fun. I think you've heard enough. Anyways, I really believe that teh Pokemon have their own networks that we don't have any knowledge of. Wow, I've been talking an awfully long time. ...If you need a break during a challenge, come see me anytime. I've got other tales to tell. OK, I'm going to let the clock run again!

That sure is a lot of . I feel sorry for anyone who accidentally talked to him.

Anyway, Doduo will appear after fulfilling the criteria just mentioned.

It runs and jumps. It's like Spoink but harder.

Required Loops: 3

3 loops means it's very quick to capture, though, so it's not all bad.

Tangela is also here. Not that you should care, but it's here.

Skarmory appears on the east after we defeat the legendary beasts. It's very hard to capture.

First of all, it'll counter with these gusts.

Skarmory mostly flies so high up it's impossible to get a loop on it. It will periodically swoop down for a bit before flying back up.

That swooping is our time to make a loop. We have time for one loop, two if you're daring enough. Don't take too long though; it'll flee relatively quickly.

Fuck Skarmory

Required Loops: 3

Good thing I can slow done the game that most things becomes trivial

Bulbasaur also appears, but it's stupidly rare. Good thing we caught it in that alcove in Lyra Forest; otherwise I'd be even more pissed off.

Third run! These Tauros can be found on the south. Try baiting them so that we'll be dealing with only one of them.

It charges in a curved line. And you generally don't want to deal with more than one harging Pokemon at once.

Required Loops: 8

Especially if they require more than 5 loops.

Dodrio appears on the west after beating the high score here.

It's Doduo on steroids. Without cheats, your best hope is to get lucky.

Required Loops: 4

Fuck Dodrio

After a minute, Abra will start spawning. It will only appear in bushes, but we can easily identify it as it'll teleport constantly.

Of course that means we have to chase it while it's teleporting, too, but that's why we're riding a Doduo instead of running on foot.

Required Loops: 4

It has no attacks, by the way. Just like in the field, it'll teleport constantly and frequently.

We don't have enough time to capture two Abra here, so on to the fourth run!

By the way, I heard that Kecleon appears after a minute, but I have never seen it.

...You know, because it's invisible

Catching two Torchic makes Combusken appear. Catching two Combusken makes Arcanine appear. Catching two Arcanine makes you waste your time.

Finding Abra is pretty hard since it's actually pretty rare. Catching two of them in less than two minute is just luck-based. Better than catching Dodrio, at least.

Anyway, after doing that, Slowpoke will appear in the middle of the plains.

It's a nice easy Pokemon to close out this update.

Required Loops: 4

So yeah, that's Grassland Challenge. Just getting the High Score is easier than Marine Challenge, but getting all required Pokemon requires huge amount of luck, both for getting them to spawn and actually capturing them.

Grassland Challenge: