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Part 54: Secondhand Disappointment

Imagine this scenario that some of you might've experienced: you buy a secondhand copy of this game, hoping to get a Manaphy to transfer at a cheaper price.

Music: Ranger Net

You go into this Ranger Net and find out that you need to complete the game to play any of the missions here.

Eventually, after dealing with Salamence, Steelix, the escort and stealth missions, and all that jazz.

It's a fun time,sure, but your main objective is still getting that Manaphy.

After starting the mission, you're greeted with this scene.

Music: Fall City
Hi, Professor! And hi, assistant lady! We came for a visit! Ah, very good to see you both! Make yourselves at home!
Ah, very good to see you both! Make yourselves at home!
By the way, Professor... What became of Manaphy after we put it in the care of that Trainer in Sinnoh? I wonder and worry about Manaphy a lot.
Well, the Egg was left in the care of a warmhearted individual who somehow reminded me of Circe. I imagine that Manaphy safely hatched. It should be growing steadily now.
I think so, too! (Sigh...) I wish I could meet Manaphy one day...
I often dream about Manaphy. Even though I only knew it as an Egg, I dream of swimming in the sea with the newly born Manaphy...
It must be because manaphy remembers how you cared for it as an Egg.

Music: Saving

And that's it! You don't do any actual mission, and you don't get any Manaphy to transfer! ...No, this did not happen to me. For one, I didn't buy this game with the intention of transferring the Manaphy. Manaphy sucks and Phione is even worse

Apparently, you can only get one Manaphy for each cartridge. However, you can only play the mission once, too. Once you complete the mission, that's it. Since I transferred the Manaphy to Crosspeice for their Pokemon Platinum LP, I couldn't play the mission again. No Manaphy for us!

Yeah, you can notice I skipped how to actually unlock it. Don't worry; I will cover the actual mission later.