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Part 56: No Flute Needed

Music: Olive Volcano

Time to start the final update.

Not with a bang, though, since there's nothing interesting in the ruins besides the respawning obstacles and this newly-available Camerupt (going the other way from Groudon's door). We've seen the other postgame stuff when we went here for Groudon.

Olive Jungle Ruined Ruins

Available Pokemon: No Longer Available: Newly Available:

This area is recorded right after the end of our last exploration update (before the Capture Arena and Grassland Challenge).

Since this means that we're now at Ringtown right after the Grassland Challenge, we might as well go and grab THAT Pokemon.

Video: Registeel (Quick Version)

...Yeah, assists definitely made Registeel much easier

I'm recapturing Registeel because finishing this game with all 3 Regis at once feels nice, isn't it?

Music: Wintown

Since we haven't talked to the Wintown NPCs yet, let's do that now.

It wakes up sometimes and goes foraging for food, but that doesn't happen very often.

He says somewhere in the Sekra Range is entombed an eternal Pokemon. I bet hearing about that will drive you to... ...Sorry, I didn't mean to say that...

But it will be fine now that it's found me. Every so often, when I pick it up to hold it, it grins and says, "Shshshi." Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

Go play outside? I play inside because it's cold.

The truth be told, she is a kind and warmhearted girl. She also happens to be highly intelligent and skilled. By rights, she should be working within the Ranger Union. So why would she choose to remain in this frigid, isolated town? Well, did you know Elita helps care for the old folks in town? She does wonderful work with seniors like me. I would wager that Elita chooses to stay in town because she cares and worries about us old folks. My intuition tells me so, and it is rarely wrong. I'm the oldest woman in all of Fiore. I should know.

Elita! Lita! Lita! Ta! I tried to simulate echoes on my own. I know... I feel so empty...


I'm going to change. No, I've changed. You Rangers taught all of us an important lesson.

I hike around up there all the time, and I didn't notice anything amiss. I went up there to see what's become of the place after all the troubles. Wild Pokemon live there now.

Technically, wild Pokemon were there even while that place is still inhabited.

Music: Sekra Range

When he was a wee lad, he was buried by an avalanche in the Sekra Range. It seems a brave Ranger managed to dig him out from under the snow. Ever since then, he's vowed to repay any Rangers for the rest of his life. I wish he'd show me a little bit more care and kindness, though. Ahahah!

We didn't see any snow in Sekra Range

Speaking of Sekra Range, that's where we're going to explore next.

Fun fact: Altaria is the only Pokemon in this game with Lv3 Gust.

Another fun fact: Vileplume is the only Pokemon that needs it.

Vileplume attacks annoyingly often, but you should be able to handle it.

Required Loops: 9
Possible EXP: 46/58/70/86

By the way, remember that rockfall next to those Vileplume?

We went up here back before we face Gordor and the legendary beasts.

By the way, you can see how slow Meganium is.

Following the pattern, I think you can guess what this path leads to.

However, as you recall, we were blocked by an ice block. We can't get past that since there's no Lv3 Burn Pokemon in Sekra Range.

Well, we can actually get past it now. Suck it, Ice Block!

There's 4 Gastly in front of it, by the way. Sucks to be someone who got here with a Lv3 Burn Pokemon only to have it spirited away!

Video: Regirock

Here it is, our final Regi. Since Regigigas didn't exist yet.

Regirock is by far the easiest of the Regi. It's not hard to capture even without Fighting assist, so I won't be using it.

As usual, when it initiates an attack, it's invincible. And also as usual, it only does one thing.

It makes rocks fall (not rockfalls), which shatters upon landing. The shards are nowhere as spread out as those iron balls or those ice pillars.

Regirock also moves around a lot; more than Regice or Registeel, so Grass assist can be actually useful after so long

In the video, I used Tangela before using Vileplume. Can you guess why? No reason; it's purely an accident

Required Loops: 20
Possible EXP: 420/438/456/474/492/510

We're not done with Sekra Range, but let's go elsewhere.

Music: Fiore Temple

Since it's nearer, let's go to Fiore Temple first.

Fiore Temple

Available Pokemon: No Longer Available:

We're not here for the new Pokemon.

Oh, sorry, I wasn't sleeping. I'm the Drowzee Man. I think I know you. You're... Uh... You! Just for being you, I'll let you experience some "Nostalgic Captures." Oh, but before you go, I have to tell you, you can only take three friend Pokemon to the Nostalgic Capture place. Oh, and when you're finished, you have to release every friend Pokemon. Would you like to experience the Nostalgic Captures anyway?

Sure. Let's see what this "Nostalgic Captures" is all about.

Zzz zzz zzz... Excellent answer! Where I'm about to send you, there will be a man waiting for you with three Pokemon... Oh? Oh? Oh? Didn't I tell you earlier that you can only take three friend Pokemon to the place where you do the Nostalgic Captures? Yes, sir! I surely did! If you want to do the Nostalgic Captures, you have to reduce your party to three or fewer friend Pokemon, OK?

Welp. Let's try that again.

Zzz zzz zzz... Excellent answer! Where I'm about to send you, there will be a man waiting for you with three Pokemon. OK, here goes... Deja deja deja... Deja deja deja... Yu!

Music: Tension

We've finally cornered Gordor, the Go-Rock Squad's boss... This is it, Circe. This is our final showdown. Let's get it done!

It's time for the Regis vs the Legendary Beasts!

Oh wait, Registeel doesn't have any assist. Never mind then

Either way, this guy will let us redo the final sequence of the game, down to the credits. I don't know why you're restricted to 3 Friend Pokemon, though

Music: Go-Rock Squad's Base

Our final unexplored area is Go-Rock Squad's Base, which looks much worse after that whole explosion debacle.

The alarm tiles are now broken ( ), but the Save Machine is perfectly fine.

Metagross can be found at the very end of the first section. The stairs is blocked, so we can't go to the second part of the base.

Metagross is very slow. The main challenge here is catching the Beldum that usually get caught up in the capture.

Required Loops: 30
Possible EXP: 326/340/354/368/382/396

I'm pretty sure Metagross has the highest required loop, so that's something.

Go-Rock Squad's Base

Available Pokemon: No Longer Available: Newly Available:

Sheesh, that's a lot of Pokemon not here anymore. Makes sense considering the base exploded and all.

Music: Sekra Range

Well, only one Pokemon left to go. It's sad to see that the LP is almost over.

At least we can get the fish to accompany us in the end

The Snorlax in the cave has finally awakened! It's like a dream how the perpetually sleepy Snorlax emerged from the land of dreams!

If the Snorlax is still asleep, this is what the explorer says instead.

Sssh! Keep your voice down! I'm observing a Snorlax that's sleeping in that cave. Of ocurse, I don't think it would wake up even if we were to shout our heads off close by. I've been a Snorlax fan for nearly ten years, but I've yet to see one awake.

Snorlax will be the last Pokemon everyone will capture since it'll only wake up after all the other Pokemons have been captured. Not counting the Ranger Net Pokemon, of course.

Snorlax is less of a challenge and more of a celebratory lap.

Required Loops: 21
Possible EXP: 110/120/130/140/150/160

Sekra Range

Available Pokemon: Newly Available:

Well, this is it. The end of everything to do in this game.

From: Spenser
To: Circe

The Ringtown Ranger Base just received an emergency report from the Ranger Union. It said a certain Ranger has finally completed a Browser that catalogs every Pokemon in the Fiore region. I was blown away! I mean, "a certain Ranger"? Circe! The union was reporting about you! This is big news! Please come to the Ringtown Ranger Base as soon as you can. I can't wait to get a look at your completed Browser.

You're the first Ranger to ever complete the Browser in this region. As a Leader, I feel deeply honored and proud knowing that there is a Ranger like you among us. This certificate is awarded only to Rangers who complete their Browser. You've earned this. Take it.

New Music: Browser Complete

Our reward is an emblem on the Ranger profile and a bunch of congratulations. It's definitely better than the reward for completing the National Dex in any mainline games.

By the way, notice how we're not even halfway to reaching Styler Lv 18. The EXP curve in this game is very steep.

Congratulations, Circe! Honestly, I'm glad that I had enough sense to certify you as a Ranger. Seriously, thank you!
Congratulations, Circe! You've gotten the better of me again! I can't have you showing me up this way. I'll have to work that much harder at being a Ranger!
Circe, let me put your marvelous achievement in perspective. Let me give you a simile!

I can't seem to think of an appropriate simile, but let that not bother you! Your achievement is colossal!
Your desire to learn more about Pokemon... And your compassion toward Pokemon... If either of those things were missing, I doubt that your fantastic achievement would have come true. Circe, congratulations!
It just goes to show how Spenser can spot good recruits. I'll have to send you a gift to celebrate your mighty feat, friend! Oh, no, no, don't worry about it! I want to send you a gift!
Congratulations! You've finally won recognition as a top-class Ranger in title and in deed. But, you know? Giggle... I've never seen Spenser so delighted that way.

I think I'm more giddy than you! Congratulations!

Percy doesn't get any line because he sucks. At least Chris has the excuse of being Silent.

This is so awesome! I don't think I could be any happier were it to happen to me. But, do you know something? I don't think anyone's as happy for you as Plusle. After all, it was with you before you even became a Ranger, Circe. Isn't that right, Plusle?

Thanks for reading.

See you guys in the next LP.