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Part 1: You Silly Wooloo!

Update 1: You Silly Wooloo!

(I know the pictures are really small in this update, I fix that by the next post)

Pokemon Sword & Shield - Title Screen Music

: Welcome, one and all!

: Our beloved Galar is a wonderful place, with thriving nature, beautiful cities, and many Pokémon with which we share our lives! As you know, our society is able to thrive, thanks to help from these mysterious creatures we call Pokémon.

: And those of us who choose to raise and train Pokémon to do battle and compete… we call Pokémon Trainers! Oh! But I’m getting carried away. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rose, and it is a pleasure to be here. Now turn your gaze to the Galar region’s greatest Pokémon Trainer, your undefeated Champion… it’s time for Champion Leon’s exhibition match!

The crowd cheers. Sparks fly up in a line to the center of the arena. In a flash, Leon appears.

: You know I don’t lose battles, Raihan! Charizard, Dynamax!

Leon gestures, and his Charizard begins to glow. The audience gasps. It doubles, triples, quadruples in size, changing as it goes, until it reaches its maximum height.


Postwick - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

: Hello, hello!

Hop enters, followed by a Wooloo.

: Oh! That your flash new phone, Gloria? Were you watching Lee’s exhibition match on it? But you can’t cheer him on with your hands full! You know the only way to properly cheer on Lee would be with his famous Charizard pose!

: Yeah, that’s exactly why came running over to get Gloria! Never mind watching the match now! I’ve got a recording at home anyway. I record all my brother’s matches. Come with me, Gloria! He should be here any minute! And Lee always brings presents when he visits, so I wouldn’t forget that Bag if I were you!

Yes, Bag is capitalized. For the uninitiated, that’s your inventory.

: Now I’ve got to run! See you at mine later!

And welcome to Pokémon Shield! Well sort of, this is the intro sequence. Now that we can move around, let’s pop over into Gloria’s room…

And we’re ready to go

: Oh, don’t look a treat! I knew that Bag would suit you. Now hurry along. Hop is waiting, isn’t he? But remember – no going into the forest for the two of you!

We walk outside, where Hop is waiting. He points and laughs.

: Hahaha! Have a look at you, Gloria! That old Bag looks like it could pull you over! At least we know that should hold anything Lee might bring, even if it’s as big as a Snorlax!

: Don’t you dare insult it. It’s a family heirloom, mate.

: If by family heirloom you mean your mum bought it at Tesco’s 10 years ago –

Something slams into something else to the left.

: Hey! You silly Wooloo! I see what you’re up to! Don’t go using Tackle on the fencing! Now, you listen! No going past that fence! No! Everyone knows there are scary Pokémon living in the Slumbering Weald!

The Wooloo baas sheepishly, then goes back to slamming itself into the fence.

: Now that that’s taken care of… How about it, Gloria? Let’s race! Bet I can make it to my house first, what with you lugging about that big old Bag!

And he bolts off, followed by one of the Wooloos that seem to infest the area. Welcome to Postwick, our very first town! If by town you mean a couple buildings down the road from a real town, that is. This place is the definition of picturesque countryside, and traveling through it we run into one of my favorite little features in this game:

They make animal noises when you pass them

Anyway, we head over to Hop’s house, which is a lot bigger than ours; they’ve been putting the endorsement money into home-improvement, I guess. We enter, and apparently Hop was waiting for us in the foyer or something.

Hop’s Mum: There you are at last, Hop! Oh, and you’ve brought along Gloria. Hello, dear.

: Morning, Mrs. –

: Yeah, yeah, but where’s Lee? Have you got him crammed in a cupboard?

Hop’s Mum: He’s still not here yet! For the hundredth time… Honestly, Hop, you must learn some patience! He’s probably only just arrived at the station in Wedgehurst.

: Then that’s where I’m going! You know Lee is hopeless with directions. I’ll make sure he doesn’t get lost on the way!

Hop’s Mum: Oh, will you? Yes, that probably is for the best…

: You’ve got to come with, Gloria! I’ll wait for you out on the route!

And so we go to meet him. We also say hi to his mother long enough to learn they’re setting up a barbecue when Leon gets back.

I really like the art in this game.

: Only remember, Gloria… Wild Pokémon could come out of nowhere if you walk through patches of tall grass. I’ve got my Wooloo with me, so I’m ready for battles against wild Pokémon, course. But not you, Gloria! So we’ll steer clear of the tall grass as we go.

Yes, you can get between the first two towns without entering tall grass, and in fact Hop nags you if you try to enter it; the first of the innovations that got this game criticism, I think, since it used to be you had to start engaging in the standard blood sports just to get to the next town over; this feels a lot less hardcore. Far as I can tell, the sequences here to show off the graphics a little bit. And really…

If you walk up to this bus stop, your character will actually look up at it. It’s the little things.

Anyway, we spend less than 60 seconds walking down the path until we spot a big crowd huddled around the train station. The train pulls in and Leon steps off.

Champion Leon's Theme - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

: Hello, hello, Wedgehurst! Your Champion, Leon, is back! I promise I’ll keep doing my best to deliver the greatest battles for you all to watch!

Crowd Member One: It’s our unbeatable Champion! Leon, you and Charizard are the greatest!

: Well, thank you for that! I hope you’ll all carry on training up your Pokémon and never shy from battle! Then come challenge me for the Champion!

I see the exclamation points are a family trait.

Crowd Member Two: We’re on it! We’ve all been working on our battle skills just like you’ve taught us to, Lee!

Crowd Member Three: But that Charizard of yours is too strong for the likes of us to take on!

: It’s true that Charizard is blazingly strong, but that’s why I want the strongest of challengers to fill the gym challenge and come battle me!

Charizard yells something in Charizard. The camera cuts to Hop waving from over some dude’s shoulder.

: Lee!

Leon grins.

: Hop! So, my number-one fan in all the world has come out of his way to pick me up! Look at you, Hop! I reckon you’ve grown… exactly an inch and a quarter since the last time I saw you!

: Bingo! That’s the sort of sharp eye that’s kept you undefeated so long, eh, Lee?

: Bingo? Really?

: Shush!

: And these bright eyes over there… It’s Gloria! Been a while! Heard back from your applications yet?

: Yes! I got word from Motostoke – I got accepted to the Galarian History programme! I’ll be going after I take the Challenge.

: Ha! Sounds about right. Good for you!

: Oh shit, don’t let him ask me about –

: Got you, mate.
Your mum said she’s whipping up a barbecue for us when you get back. Let’s get out of here!

:… If you’re trying to distract me from asking about Hop’s situation, you’ll need to step up your game.

: Dammit! Sorry.

: Eh, worth a shot.
Come on, Lee! And you, Gloria! Bet I can beat the both of you back home!

Hop skitters off.

: That Hop… Always trying to live up to me, huh? With a proper rival of his own, I bet he’d push himself to become something truly special…

: I’ll always be around to make sure everyone in Galar can have a champion time!


Leon drops any pretense of coolness and darts after Hop, who was waiting for him just off-camera. The camera pans up into the clouds… and comes back down in Hop and Leon’s yard.

If you know anything about Pokémon, you can probably guess this is where we pick our first Pokémon. However, I have already decided we’re going to be using a Scorbunny named Bruce. I also need some advice from the patriotic Britons in the audience. As we’ll soon find out, both Hop and Gloria are trying to get into university, but while Gloria’s grades are great across the board and she got in easy, Hop was a C or D student outside of a couple subjects he excelled in. I don’t know how that would affect their respective chances when it comes to applying for schools, and I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of the system from quick Internet research. So the first person to explain how Gloria and Hop would get through the British university application system gets to name Hop’s starter, plus credit and a link in the OP!