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Part 8: Team Yell is Here to Help, After All

Update 8: Team Yell is Here to Help, After All!

Before we go any further, we ought to take a second to go back in time. Head to the Pokémon Center, talk to the guy…

Much better. Where were we? Oh, right, numbers.

Gym Lobby - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Fuck me, this was a good pick.

megane posted:

If that's the case, maybe 815? E-i-ko; eikou means "glory." As a bonus pun, it also works as eigo, which means "English" (the language).

Counter Guy: Number 815, is it? Very well. And here. Please wear this Challenge Band at all times to identify yourself as a Gym Challenger. The opening ceremony for the Gym Challenge is to be held here tomorrow. All the Trainers taking part have been booked a room at the nearby Budew Drop Inn.

That’s the League Chairman for you! Even booked us all hotel rooms! I’m off to check out the fancy digs!

Why not? I suppose I could catch a few winks…

What a prick. Goodnight, prick.

We even get an escort! A really pushy escort that practically leads us by the nose to the building to the left (the inn). This did not deserve that level of commitment.

We also learn something a bit alarming about the local economy.

Budew Drop Inn - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Hiya! Looks like you both got yourselves registered.

Oh hey, Sonia! What’re you doing at our hotel?

I’m researching that Pokémon of yours – and I think it's related to that statue. Do you know who that is?

Oh no, don’t get her started.

Ssh! I want to hear this.

Oh, judging by the sword and shield that’s probably Prince Gudelic of Old Camer. When the Unovans left after the Third Kalosian War, the native Camerans set up a bunch of petty kingdoms in modern Galar proper, but when the Fourth Kalosian War broke out and ended up breaking the Empire entirely, several groups of Kalosian refugees ended up forming armies and invading the area. Gudelic wasn’t able to throw them out entirely – he stopped a few waves from going further in after they established a presence near modern Wyndon – but he halted the invasion in its tracks for decades. Eventually, though, he died and the Kalosians pushed out his heirs. Modern Galar is split between North Galar or Galar Proper, the majority of the old Unovan territories inhabited by the descendents of the Kalosians, East Camer, the rest of Unovan Galar still occupied by its original inhabitants, and South Camer, where the Unovans never had any influence – not for more than a couple generations, least. Not that the Kalosians actually displaced the Camerans in Galar Proper, though: did you know that the average North Galarian is genetically about two thirds Cameran? Granted, a lot of that’s probably due to Cameran immigration a little while back –

What about that sword and shield?

Oh, right! Those are Zacian and Zamazenta, they show up in legends about him a lot. Depending on who you ask, they were either a literal sword and shield, two bodyguards or sub-commanders, or a pair of very powerful Pokémon, possibly rogue Kalosian superweapons or Legendary Pokémon. They show up pretty much every time a story needs something to serve as the end goal of a quest or something. But! Some of those legends say that the Sword and Shield originated in the Slumbering Weald and went back there after the Prince’s defeat. And that’s why we saw Zamazenta there!

And what about the Darkest Day?

I… I don’t know that one. Wait, isn’t that the title of one of the older epics? The one where Zacian goes around in a cart?

Yeppers! But if you read between the lines, a lot of the older accounts – especially the untranslated Unovan and Old Cameran ones I found sniffing around the local libraries – mention Gudelic fighting off some kind of shadow in the middle of the day.

“Yeppers.” Sonia.

I don’t have any specifics yet, but he, Zacian, and Zamazenta always seemed to square off against the Darkness and its minions at the end of the story.

Hold on a tick, have you been reading those texts in the original languages? You have to be translating them as you go. That’s some dedication.

No, it’s honestly kind of a blast! I haven’t flexed my language muscles like that since undergrad. Give me a day in the archives, a couple hours after to hit up the shops, and I’m happy as a clam! But let’s leave off, I think we’ve overloaded Hop a tad.

After all,
you two are staying here at the hotel tonight, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you check in?

Probably so! Finally! And we’ll look out for you, too, Sonia. If we find anything, we’ll let you know.

That’s all I can ask. Laters!

(I couldn’t fit this in the narrative, so I’ll leave it here. Every region has at least two or three Legendary Pokémon, unique Pokémon hidden deep in special dungeons or locked behind plot events that have unique abilities and moves, plus a very nice stat spread. Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus fill the role in Galar, though they might have added some in the DLC, I dunno.)

Team Yell Appears! - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

What’s this, then?

Team Yell Grunt: Team Yell is here to help, after all! You’re in for a battle if you wanna stop us!

Wait, if you’re all about helping, can you get out of the way so I can check in and go to my room?

Team Yell Grunt: Team Yell’s all about helpin’… Helpin’ one very special Trainer win the Gym Challenge, that is! We wanna make sure she gets cheered on nice and proper… And now you’re gonna help us make some noise!

Every generation has a crime syndicate for your characters to face off against, usually called Team (something). They vary in motive from “actual crime syndicate” to “want to dry up the world’s oceans”, but they usually end up driving the plot in some manner. Meet Team Yell, the lamest Team in Pokémon history. These guys are chumps. Two of them fight you one by one with one Pokémon half my party’s average level each. After I put down the second down, she actually apologizes for taking up my time.

I wasn’t expecting checking in would be such a big fuss, Gloria! What’s going on? Sneaking in some Pokémon battles without me?

These tossers won’t let us queue properly.

Well, we can’t have that.

I SUPPOSE I could use some help.

I could use some training, so I’ll join in! Here, I’ll even heal your Pokémon, too.

Hop. Hop, honey. I just fought two Pokémon five levels under the Pokémon wandering the tall grass just outside Motostoke. I don’t need that healing. Save the effort for later!

The plot forces it on me anyway.

I’m Hop, one of this year’s Gym Challengers! And the one who’s going to be the next Champion! Now let’s have us a nice two-on-two!

Team Yell Grunt: I can already hear my victory comin’! The only sound you make is a whimper of defeat!

Once in a while, you have the opportunity to engage in a double battle that pitches two of your Pokémon (or one of yours and one of an ally’s) against two opponents at the same time. The rules vary a little bit – some moves hit multiple Pokémon, some moves specifically assist friendly Pokémon in double battles – but it isn’t really that more complicated or interesting than a standard battle. Bruce wrecks both their Pokémon while Hop’s Wooloo hits one of them with an ineffective Tackle. After we beat the stuffing out of them…

Marnie's Theme - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Team Yell Grunt(s): N-n-nothin’… We was just…

I know lot are eager to help me along, but you gotta show a bit of restraint.

She turns to face us.

Sorry ‘bout them! They’re just a bunch of my fans. Call themselves Team Yell and follow me around, cheerin’ for me. I think they’ve let it all go to their heads a bit…

She turns back to them.

Come on, you lot! Back home with you now!

They leave.

They’re just so caught up with wantin’ to support me and all that they tend to get a bit shirty with other Gym Challengers. Sorry if they caused you any trouble.

So you’re a Gym Challenger, too? Team Yell, was it? Pretty impressive that you already have a set of fans to call your own!



I like your haircut! I don’t recognize it. What’s it called?

Well, I dunno if it HAS a name. I just got it from me barber back in Spikemuth…

You’re from Spikemuth? Are you into Punk?

Well, I would object to that, that bein’ a stereotype and all…

Aw, bollocks, I’m sorry –

…But you’re absolutely right, I am. Best city for punk in Galar, it is.

Ooh, do you ever go to shows? If I go, how do I tell which shows I should go to?

Well, I’d say the first thing to look for is…

… And how’d she check?

I don’t want to say in public, but…

While you to whisper to each other, I’m off to bed. It’s under “Hop”, please.

Concierge: Ah, I see it. Here’s your key, sir.

Escop annool .

I don’t know what that means, but I catch your meaning. Wait, was that East Cameran?

Well, yeah, but we call it Munethic. And East Camer Muneth, though both names work just as well.

I’m a tad jealous, Cameran’s all but extinct down south. I never had the time to learn it.

They teach us in school, and by the time we’re in 4th form, they want us to be able t’ use it in…

…So we agree: Cameran wool is better, but Munethic WEAVING is better?

Aye, but only when we’re talking about –

Budew Drop Inn - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Concierge: EXCUSE me, ladies, but I believe you both have an appointment in the morning? It IS half past 2.

Ah, bollocks.

Ah shite! I oughta get to bed. Sorry to cut this short, but –

No, no, we both need a little sleep. It was wonderful talking to you, though.

Concierge: Your key, miss.

Thanks. Same . Talk with you later, Gloria.

Concierge: I see that the league has booked a room for you. And if I might, thank you for helping us out of a sticky situation with those hooligans earlier. I hope you have a pleasant stay here with us. Sleep well.

Plannin’ on it.

To make it clear: East Camer/Muneth is Wales, South Camer is Scotland, and North Galar/Galar Proper is England. Greater Galar (or just Galar) is the whole island and Old Camer is Galar Proper and Muneth. Also, thanks to Black Robe for the Welsh info.

Also if you catch what I’m referencing with Zacian riding a cart, I don’t know how you got in that deep, but welcome to the club.