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Part 18: It’s Only Natural

Update 19: It’s Only Natural

After fannying about in the Wild Area for a while, we go up to this guy and he checks our badges to make sure we’re qualified to continue the Challenge. We are.

It’s only natural. After such a humiliating defeat, there’s no way he could look the Champion in the eye. I’m sure he’ll withdraw from the challenge.

A loss is a loss, it’s not the end of the world. If you think THAT’S enough to stop Hop…

Not a loss like this one.

Anyway, I have a meeting with the Chairman, so I must excuse myself.

… Worried now, going to call Hop. Rotom, mobile phone mode.

Hop, how are – fucking hell, you sound terrible. You right, mate?

I – Hop, talk to me. What happened?

That was… That was really cruel of him. And it’s untrue, you know that. You’re me rival, I know how good you –

…Oh my god…

Hop, talk to me. God knows I lean on you enough, ye c’n lean back!

No, Hop, I’m nae gon just bloody well leave you alone! I tried that shite out on you six years ago and we know damn well where that would’ve led if ye hadn’t ignored me!

I know it’s nae that dire, Hop. Yer still in a bad straight, I don’t care.

Look, mate. Call your Mum and Da and let them know. Hell, catch a skytaxi and see them in person…

Then talk to me mum. She knows you well as anyone, she’ll help get you sorted.

That’s good to hear, mate. Call me after you two have your chinwag?

Same to you, Hop. Best of luck. Talk to you later.

I’m going to shove Bede’s head so far up his arse he’ll have to see out his teeth.

Hammerlocke - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Chairman Rose's Theme - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

I’ve been collecting both Wishing Stars and Gym Badges as fast as I can!

Good work, Bede! We’re proud of how much you’ve gotten done.

Thank you, Ms. Oleana .
If I gather enough Wishing Stars, that will help solve the problem that’s been bothering you, right, Mr. Chairman?

Oh, it’s not just about me. It’s for the future of the whole Galar region. And we’ll need more than just Wishing Stars. We need a powerful Pokémon Trainer, too – someone like the Champion.

With all due respect, sir, I was able to show Hop, one of the Champion-endorsed Trainers, just how outclassed he was. I’m sure I’ll be able to defeat the Champion. No, I WILL defeat the Champion!

That’s the spirit! It takes healthy competition to really keep the Gym Challenge energized!

Oh, Bede, can we talk for a moment?

Of course, Ms. Oleana.

As you know, Wishing Stars are those mysterious stones that are even attached to your Dynamax Bands. But there’s far more to them! They act as reservoirs for what we at Macro Cosmos call “Galar particles”, which emit small amounts of easily-utilized radiation that can be easily converted into electrical energy.

Wait, radiation? How much radioactive material are we gathering in one place? Is it safe to use enough of them the power of whole region? And are we sure we’re not exhausting a limited supply?

You have an inquisitive mind, I see! Excellent! It’s always good to see the next generation stepping up to the plate. Perhaps the greatest mystery of Galar particles is that they tone down the radiation they emit to safe levels around humans and Pokémon. We’ve performed – and continue to perform! – a great many studies on Galar particles and human health, and no matter how many particles you gather together, the radiation they emit is never enough to pierce human skin – less, if you bring thin-skinned Pokémon with you. Even when Pokémon are Dynamaxed and absorb Galar particles, they show no health issues or genetic damage; as far as we can tell, they simply absorb the particles, use them while the process lasts, and release them harmlessly as they return to normal.

Don’t we not understand how the Dynamax process works?

A fair point, and one we’ve investigated extensively. I’m afraid we don’t have an answer yet. However – well, let me put it this way. Did you know we have no idea how paracetamol works? Even after decades of study and use, its method of action is still unclear. But we know perfectly well what its effects are and how to use it safely. And we’ve extensively proven it’s impossible to overdose on Galar particles, no matter how much of their energy you use.
In fact, we should head inside right away! I’ll even give you a little lesson on how the Galar region gets its energy!

Damn, she moves quietly. Didn’t even see her walk up.

Now, have a look at my tablet. I’ve got all the information you need on it.

First, energy is absorbed from Hammerlocke Stadium’s tower, then, it’s changed into electricity in the underground powerplant and delivered to people throughout the region. Our lives and society require various types of energy sources, such as electricity, natural gas, and water. My associate groups aim to improve everyone’s lives by harnessing the power stored in Wishing Stars! In fact, one of the Galar particle’s greatest assets is that it never decays or releases anything other than mild radiation! No pollution and consumption as with fossil fuels, no waste to handle as with traditional nuclear power, no environmentally dangerous manufacturing and space consumption as with solar power –

Oleana leans over and whispers into his ear.

Oh! It’s time for me to get to work. I should get a move on before Oleana decides to give me another earful.


Gloria, I suggest you head over to the vault next. Just head towards Route 6 from the stadium, and you should find the vault without any issues!

Then, have a good day, Mr. Chairman?

Same to you, of course!

Now that he’s gone… Rotom, go into browser mode and search for “Bede”. I need to do some research.

Hammerlocke - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Normally, I’d go and continue the plot right away, but we have someone we desperately need to visit!

It looks like you’ve managed to level up your team quite a bit. Well, guess what? I’ve got the perfect Pokéball to celebrate the occasion!

They give us a Level Ball, which is more effective against low-level Pokémon (compared to whoever’s in our party). As always, they prove themselves one of the nicest and most helpful NPCs in the game just by being themselves

Hammerlocke is another one of the region’s big cities; I believe it’s based on Edinburgh, though I could be wrong (the travel guide I found a few pages back doesn’t talk about it). It has all the amenities; multiple Pokémon centers, a train station, shops…

And Team Yell yelling about Marnie. It also has some of the dumbest and most dangerous architecture I’ve seen in this game. That’s not a castle. I don’t know what that is. If you ask someone how people got those insane… Parapets? Overhangs? Whatever you call them, they’ll probably tell you it was Pokémon. I think it was witchcraft, there’s no other rational explanation. But we also, as we explore the further parts of the city, run across a little girl who I accidentally obscured with my body when I took a screenshot:

Little Girl: You see, there’s someone I fancy and I… I… I’ve written him a love letter! Do you think you might deliver it for me?

Give it here, I’ll get it done.

Little Girl: Oh, thank you! Thank you! I’m so glad I found someone like you to help me! My name is Paula. Here you are. This is the letter I want you to deliver! Deliver it to Frank for me, won’t you? Frank in Ballonlea. That’s who you want.

Who names their child Frank these days? And why does this letter look so weathered?

On our way west, we run into a familiar face. A friendly face.

: But Hop… Did something happen with him? He was acting really odd when I ran into him. He took one look at me and immediately was like, “I’m so sorry, Lee!” He looked like he’d been crying, too. If he’d talk to anybody, he’d have talked to you.

… It’s really not my place to say. He just… How do I put this…

Lost to somebody. Badly.

Yeah. It hit him really, really hard. I think the stress is getting to him.

Trying to live up to me, is he?

Aye. Could you maybe give him a little while, then call him up? I’m getting worried.

Of course. He’s lucky to have you, Gloria.

I’m lucky to have him. He’s a really good friend

I’d say that you should go and say hello to Raihan while you’re here, Gloria. He’s the greatest rival I’ve got and the final hurdle you have to face in the Gym Challenge. He should still be around the vault, if you hurry. Plus, it’ll help you keep your mind off him.

I know I don’t have to say this, but… Look out for him?

: Of course, but I have a meeting with the Chairman I can’t put off any longer. Best of luck.

Same to you, Leon.

I’m not sure how to represent phone calls using the thumbnail format I used so far in the LP, so I’d like some input on whether or not this was clear and if not, what you’d appreciate me changing. Also, with your assistance, I’ve decided Dietrich and the pupitar shall be condemned to the box and the drifloon will be named Mr. Blobby because . But with our toxel out of action for the moment…

So, how about it thread? Should we trade Dietrich out for this Togepi? If so, what should we name it, and should we switch out one of our current party members for it?