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Part 28: An Absolutely Fantastic Poster

Update 29: An Absolutely Fantastic Poster

Circhester - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Circhester has some really great restaurants. I got some things I want to talk to you about, so let’s head to a restaurant to celebrate your win! Did you see Bob’s Your Uncle on your way to the Gym?

The one with that frozen food mascot on it?

Oh, that – you’ve only ever had those ready meals. The real thing is loads better, trust me.

So, how are the troops?

I looked over that article you sent me the other day – I’ve been trying out a bunch of different curry recipes. Still not sure how good a cook I am, but…

I bet your Pokémon appreciated anyway.

Oh, they do. In fact…

Yeah, about that… You probably shouldn’t badmouth Rose in this town. At least not in anybody’s earshot.

Why not?

You know how maybe two thirds of the buildings around here look pretty old and the other third look brand spanking new?


Before Rose moved in a couple decades ago, Circhester was basically on the edge of collapse. It didn’t have much to export beyond pet Snom, no local industries, the tourist trade was collapsing since the bath wasn’t comfortable for humans anymore – turns out that’s what happens when Galar particle concentration builds up in water – the whole town was falling into poverty. But as it turns out? Circhester has the highest GP concentration in the country outside of Hammerlocke. Most of the power plants are underground so you don’t see them, but Circhester Power Generation Services – and that’s a Macro Cosmos subsidiary, by the way – employs a solid 10th of the town and provides energy for half of Wyndon. Plus… Actually, I’m not sure you know this. You know why Rose basically runs the Challenge?

I assumed it’s because he just bankrolls the whole thing.

That’s true, and that’s a part of it. But before MC moved in and started tapping it proper, Gym battles didn’t rely on using Dynamax every five. Heck, Spikemuth didn’t have access any at all! I mean, it still doesn’t, but they have Piers to hold it together. Then Rose came on the scene and started finding ways to tap into Galar particles in large quantities. Next thing you know, power costs drop by a third across the country, the old Gym in Wyndon closes since the city drains all the Galar particles in the area to keep itself running, and Rose funds and builds a replacement Stadium here. He put Circhester back on the map. Between CPGS, the Gym, and the Hero’s Bath - which is now functioning because the concentration’s dropped from all the facilities pulling on it – and he has his fingers in basically everything.

… So what you’re saying is Circhester is a giant company town.

Well, not quite, but it has the most MC employees of any town in Galar – and that’s including Wyndon – and a lot of them have that cult thing going on. Bottom line? Don’t call Rose names or they’ll spit in your food. Actually, speaking of GP concentrations –


Beat you there

Oh, that reminds me. Actually, Sonia, can I talk to Gloria one-on-one for second?

Sure. It’s kind of hard to order here, but I know my way about the menu; I’ll pick some stuff out for you.

Much appreciated.

So. I’ve been doing some thinking.

Normally, I’d make a joke here, but I get the impression this is serious.

All right, then. Go ahead.

I’m not sure I want to win the Challenge anymore.

… Of all the things I expected to hear, that was not one of them .

I think… I’ve definitely had good things happen to me on this trip, but for the most part, it’s been pretty miserable. I keep banging my head against Gym Leaders and other Trainers, but even though I win eventually – usually – I just end up pushing myself in my Pokémon too hard. And yet, it’s like…

I’ve been told the Gym Challenge is supposed to be about having fun.

Yeah, exactly! I like my Pokémon, and I like battles, but the competitive thing… I’m not philosophically opposed to it or anything, but I feel like… I really don’t want to a lesser version of my big brother anymore.

I’ve been trying not to say it. I mean, not that that’s all you are, but… You keep trying to echo him and his achievements and it just doesn’t work because you’re you, Hop, not him. If that makes any sense.

No way. What on earth would you even be DOING here?

I get the gist. What I like most about all this, I think, is learning about my Pokémon. Yeah, training them is a part of it, but I like getting to know them from every angle. I think I like getting to know Pokémon. I think that’s what I want to do. Like, going forward. Hell, I’ve been reading a textbook on Psychic-type biology off my Rotomphone before hitting the sack and ENJOYING it.

Considering asking Sonia for advice on where to apply?

No, it has to be!

Definitely. I don’t intend to drop out of the Challenge, though. When or lose, I’m going to see this through to the bloody end and still do my damnedest to win. If I lose, then I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll live. But if I win, I’ll do it my way, using the Pokémon and the techniques I like. Not what I think Lee would do.

… I’m proud of you, mate.

Thanks, I guess? That’s –


That’s… A very nice dirty old picture.

It’s a missing tapestry. It has to be!

Once Upon a Time... - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

We can’t know that just by looking at it. Maybe it’s a fake? Or a copy?

No. Well, maybe it’s a copy, but the style is too close for it to postdate the four in the Hammerlocke vault.

Well, it’s just the Brother Kings looking sad…

Wait, there’s no sword or shield. Do you think that meant Zacian and Zamazenta left them at some point?

Sonia! Sonia, do you know what happened to Alfred the Unifier’s bodyguards at the end of their lives?

Nobody mentioned anything that I read…

I don’t think anyone knows!

Do you think they just leave every time their work is done?

And I bet they go back to the Weald every time! They must hide out in the temple until they decide it’s time to come back out!

But, how do they tell, is the question. Maybe an internal clock?

Maybe – but I was thinking about the Bath. It’s infused with Galar particles, right? And we know from from the geoglyphs and accounts of Alfred’s reign that Pokémon Dynamaxed during the Darkest Day… Maybe they detect Galar particles!

Okay, look, I hate to butt in, but I’m a little bit completely lost.

Oh man, we never caught you up on the Darkest Day, Hop?

I think I see our orders on the counter. Gloria, Hop, let’s sit down and get something in us. Then you get the full briefing.

One briefing and very spicy meal later…

Circhester - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

They say this is where Zacian and Zamazenta came to rest after patrolling the realm at the height of Gudelic’s reign.
Nowadays only Pokémon really use the Hero’s Bath, though… Speaking of which, I think it’s time I really grill you on what exactly you saw in the Weald. Both of you, especially now that you know what’s going on, Hop. We can always use an outside perspective.

Honestly, it was… Bloody hell, it’s been almost 2 months. I barely remember it at this point. Just… I saw a big red wolfy thing that howled and spat fog the bunch.

I’ve already told you everything I remember. Actually, though, I had a thought.

Go ahead.

Several years ago – not long after you and Leon went after the Championship, from what I remember – YOU got lost in the woods and came back with gaps in your memory – like us, but a lot more severe. Do you think you might have had a run-in yourself?

I don’t think so. Well, I guess it’s possible. I don’t remember much – actually, come to think of it, I do remember loads of fog. And – you said… He said a wolf, right?


… But – but, but a red one?


I thought…blue…its…

Sonia, you all right, mate?

She… She just froze. Is this normal? Do people do this?

Earth to Sonia, are you still in there?

I’m lost, do you–

She's about to fall over, catch her!

What – okay, I *oof* I got her!

Put her down and check her eyes. Are they dilated?

A little bit, yeah.

Gloria. I think one of those Pokémon put something in her head.