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Part 39: Good Thinking

Update 40: Good Thinking

Wyndon - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Challenger Gloria! That was incredible. Brilliant. Honestly… There were even tears rolling down my face before I knew it. To think that the two of you set out together from the same town, built up the greatest teams, and arrived here at this point to throw everything you had at one another… That burning desire to win… Those moves filled with undefeatable passion! It was battling at its very purest, in every possible way!

My team members and I will give everything that we’ve got to defeat our Challenger. And the Challenger standing before us might well end up being you, Gloria. In fact, that’s precisely what I’m hoping for!

I’m hoping for a meal and a nap, honestly.

I’m completely exhausted! I just want to go back to the hotel and rest.

Why don’t we go get some dinner together?

I wouldn’t say no, but… you never care at all what food tastes like, Lee! A night like this deserves more than rubbish takeaway, so at least pick something good!

I hear you two have rooms at the Rose of the Rondelands. How about you check in now? I’ll meet you in a bit.

Reporter: Got some time for questions?! First question! You and Challenger Hop were both endorsed by the Champion, making the two of you rivals in a sense, wouldn’t you say?

Reporter: Right… Question number two!

Reporter: Question three!

All right – that’s enough! Gloria is already tired from battle! And you’ve been asking rather rude questions! We’ve got ourselves dinner plans with my brother, so, sorry, but clear off already, would you?

Reporter: Yes, yes, I understand! Looking forward to seeing the birth of a new star!

I hope Lee gets here soon. I could eat my own arm about now.

… Bollocks to this, getting a snack.


It’s, what, half past two? My stomache’s about to eat itself alive, I don’t know about you. I mean, I won’t be getting a full meal, but, well.

… Grab me something too, mate.

… That’s what you’d THINK. But I’m waxing hot and cold on it now, you know?

Yeah, I know what you mean. Well, sort of. I just like the attention .

Me too, in theory. But… There is something to be said for just not getting hassled on the street by people who recognize you. Like, you know this jacket?

Nice jacket, by the way.

Thanks! But when I went in to buy it, the woman manning the counter would not stop following me around. It’s like, I have to boot up Social_Interaction.exe to talk to strangers, right? But she wouldn't let me shut it down long enough to actually shop until I told her to piss off...

… Have you tried calling him again?

Of course I have! Straight to the answering machine. Again. I don’t even know if he’s read my texts.
He always does what he says he’ll do. As a kid, he promised me he’d become Champion one day, and he went and did just that! He ought to be able to keep to his own dinner plans!

If you were that noisy durin’ battle, you’d unleash a whole new level of power, you know.

Oh, pack it in, Piers! I’m seriously worried here! So I don’t need to see your smug mug looking like you’re having a go at me even though you act like you’re giving me good advice!

Judgin’ by appearances? No wonder you lost to your mate. If you’re lookin’ for the Champion, I saw him headin’ to Rose Tower. Dunno what he’s up to, but I ran into him at the monorail platform. He said to tell you that he had somethin’ to do at Rose Tower, so he’d be late to your dinner.

But why Rose Tower? What could he have to do there at this hour? Piers, do us a favor. Take us to Rose Tower, would you? Neither Gloria nor I know the way.

Sheesh… What rude siblings, always so demandin’ of others. Though I s’ppose… It’s a real problem for me, too, if the Finals are held up for any reason. And I don’t really hate the two of you little runts. You were good enough to beat me, after all.

Quick turnabout…

Okay, so, this next sequence. This next section is pure solidified videogame logic. While I could theoretically figure out a way to fit it into the story, I just can’t get it to square with everything I’ve written so far unless I completely rewrite it, cutting most of the sequence out in the process. Problem is? I’d be removing big chunks of gameplay and story for convenience, and Pokémon Sword and Shield have seen enough of that already . So I’ve decided to temporarily split the narrative. The rest of this update is NON-CANON . I’ll pick up the narrative thread from where we left off next update. For now, enjoy the .

… You, Gloria…

We decided that Team Yell will cheer you on, Gloria. Let’s help out together.

Chairman Rose's Theme - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Ms. Oleana?

Chairman Rose is with the Champion in a very, very important meeting… There is no way I will let anyone interfere! After all, only authorized personnel with the proper key can ride the monorail to Rose Tower.

I have hand selected a member of the League staff and given them a key. Chairman Rose does enjoy these kind of menial games after all [sic]. Do you think you can tell the difference between normal League staff and the one I chose?

What should we do?

I got this one! Gloria! Team Yell’s yellin’ will handle this!

No. This is brilliant! I’ll search around the front of the stadium!

Hop runs off.

For now, we should try to head to the Plaza together, right?

Wyndon - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

That bad one was wearin’ those lame shades, right?

And now the game ACTUALLY releases us. There’s a bunch of MC goons hanging around near the fountain, but most of them don’t seem to know anything. They don’t even mind talking to us and seem as vaguely confused as we are. Except for one guy standing in the corner who won’t turn around to face the Team Yell Grunt harassing him.

The One Oleana Chose: What?! Blast, I turned around! And I can’t escape?! In that case, time for a Pokémon battle!

I’m wasn’t going to even bother recording this fight until…

… Marnie pops in and boosts Bruce’s Attack. I didn’t really need your help, Marnie, but it is appreciated.

He then just bolts as me and the Team Yell Grunt stand there like . Back to the search!

So what if I do ?

Second verse, same as the first. Once again, he manages to slip away without anyone trying to stop him.

… Seriously?

THIRD verse, same as the first.

The One Oleana Chose: Seems like you’ve got me cornered... But I’m not going to give up! An earful from Ms. Oleana is way worse than anything you lot can do! Good luck catching me on the monorail!

You did a crackin’ job of cornerin’ that bad League staff member. Let me sing you a song fittin’ of your rockin’ deeds!

Those… Those lyrics aren’t very punk. They don't even change the background music.

The locals stampede the MC on their way to see Piers .

Just how tall do you think it is? I can’t even see the top, up there in the clouds.

So what should we do? Team Yell is gonna have their hands full holdin’ up those bad League staff members. They won’t be catchin’ up anytime soon.

Good thinking! Let’s collect Lee and get out of here! Without him, there’s no Champion for you to challenge in the Champion Cup!

Some right wild concerts we had back then. But no encores! Wait, you’re still here? You better get goin’! I’ll send some support your way with a yell!

Gotta stick around to make sure my bro doesn’t do anythin’ too crazy, right? Come back if you need anythin’.