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Part 41: Ridiculous of Me

Update 42: Ridiculous of Me

This HAS to happen tomorrow. We won’t get another chance like this for months, at the very least. You can’t always be on call.

I’ve seen the data, Rose. You SHOWED ME the data. Even if we weren’t managing its emergence, we’d have a few years before it popped out on its own. As it is, we have time before the outbreaks get unmanageable.

“Manageable” is a relative term, Leon. We’ve been lucky so far. I’m not confident you can always intercept every spontaneous manifestation.

And that’s why we’re hiring Gloria and Hop. We can split them up and cover the bulk of the region between the three of us.

That’s a stopgap solution and you know it, especially now that Hop will be attending university. I’m not sure you grasp the level of property damage we’ll have to deal with before we get our next chance.

Look, when I tell you the three of us can handle it, I’m not speaking out of arrogance here. I know my capabilities and I know theirs, and we both know how well the models predict emergences.

… Should we be eavesdropping?


Every passing day introduces more complications we can’t afford. It must be tomorrow.

Unless it jumps out and eats Hammerlocke Castle, I’m going to spend tomorrow at the Finals. Are you really confident you can handle the DDE on your own? Or are you going to cancel the tournament in a shower of bad publicity?

I was a finalist too. I know how to handle it, I know how to operate the sensory suppression equipment, and I know its capabilities as well as anyone alive, except maybe Magnolia. Don’t force my hand, Leon.

Are you really wagering the fate of Galar on whether I’ll play along with this harebrained scheme of yours?

The more emergence events we deal with, the more we risk those lights going out. I’m willing to give you some leeway in making this decision – I can see your points. But every second that passes just introduces more risk!

It’s going to have to wait another day.
I give my word I’ll help you with your plans... just as soon as tomorrow’s match is over.

You never showed when you were supposed to, so I got worried that something had happened...

We will continue this discussion after the Finals wrap up.

THANK you.
Let’s head back to the hotel, and we’ll all grab dinner together, yeah? It’s on me, so you can order whatever you fancy.

If you’ll excuse us, Chairman Rose... And I do hope you’ll watch tomorrow’s match. It’s sure to be one for the history books.

Of course. And best of luck to both of you.

Wyndon - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Of course I haven’t! I –

MC Grunt: The Finals will be starting shortly. I’m here to escort you to the stadium.

(In the original script, Hop angrily confronts this Grunt only for her to apologize for her coworkers’ behavior, saying it was all basically Oleana’s fan club within the company and calls herself “one of the good ones”. Even though it was Hop and Gloria who stormed the fucking tower. But that doesn’t apply in this narrative.)

At this point we get the chance to automatically head to the stadium, but I take the chance to do something else for a little while – namely, hit up the Wild Area one last time. I didn’t mention this at the time because I wasn’t aware of it when we first entered it: the Wild Area is based on the Lake District, a fertile but extremely mountainous area in northwestern England notable for its thriving tourism industry and association with 19th century poets. Neat! Anyway, while we still have Dynamax dens same as always, the Pokémon in them are wildly more difficult.

As you get further and further into the game, the Pokémon you run into in Dens grow appropriately more powerful. I believe I mentioned it before, but powerful Den Pokémon get access to those shields, each point of which absorbs an attack. The good news: your Dynamax moves take off two points of shielding and when the shield goes down, its defenses dropped precipitously. The bad news: as always, Dynamax only lasts three turns for you, they get to use to normal attacks in addition to their Max move once the shields go down, and they can throw up those shields multiple times that picture above is the second set in that fight; I’ve seen THREE before. While you can still find them for Berries, TRs, and experience candy, it can become a god-awful trial just to figure out how to take them down – and that’s if the AI Trainers you get saddled with can actually pull their weight. They usually don’t. Oh well! Yeah, whatever, I give up after a few failed attempts and a few modest successes.

Incidentally, this is the last moment of freedom you have before heading the endgame. While you’ll still have access to your Box and such, once you start the final sequence, you won’t be getting out until you’re through.

So let’s do that.

You’re gonna show everyone the greatest battle ever, mate, and set the world on fire! So get yourself all checked in!

What, having an attack of the nerves?

Well, yeah, but… Hop? Are you sure you’re not angry with me because I took the Championship from you?

I’m genuinely looking forward to going to school, Gloria.

Okay, that IS rather novel.

Honestly, I’m pretty nervous too. This is NOT where I saw my life going. But… I feel… Free, I guess? There’s a real weight off my shoulders. I think there’ll always be a part of me that wishes I was Champion, but it’s just a part of me rather than the overriding purpose it used to be. And it’s freeing – just a little bit terrifying, yeah, but… I get to make my own choices based on my beliefs instead of just trying to echo my brother. And Gloria? I think you can beat Lee.

Me too, honestly.

I’ll be cheering for you from the stands.

Tournament Lobby - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

MC Grunt: We’ve been waiting for you. Since you won your way through the Semifinals, you must face off against the Gym Leaders in the Finals. And they won’t be holding back. Whoever makes it through this final bracket will win the right to challenge the Champion... So, are you ready to go to the locker room now?

Well, looks like I’m up first. Against Opal. Looking forward to THAT.

We get the chance to talk with most of’s the Gym Leaders we’ve fought over the course of the game. They don’t have much new to say; all of them are planning to take this seriously, Raihan wants to fuck Leon up, Piers plans not to Dynamax to rep Spikemuth, etc. We might as well skip the formalities.

Tournament Opening Ceremony - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

The chairman is tied up with some business, so I hope no one minds me stepping in on his behalf…

Bede's Theme - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

I am Bede, the challenger who was forced to withdraw from the Gym Challenge! I have a score to settle with Challenger Gloria here. I’m aware that this is against the rules, but I must ask nonetheless... Let me battle her! I’ll stake my career as a challenger on this battle. If I lose, I’ll retire from being a Trainer.

Announcer: What an unexpected turn of events! Former Challenger Bede has come for one last battle! We are currently debating what to do with Challenger Bede. To all our viewers, both here in the stadium and at home in front of the telly, we ask that you please be patient –

I, Opal of the Fairy Gym, at this moment –

I know this is ridiculous of me –

– resign from my position and pass it to my former Gym Trainer, Bede!

–wait, WHAT?!

Announcer: That’s Gym Leader Opal in the stands! Another astonishing development, ladies and gentlemen!

I – but – what –

You heard me right! And, as the new Fairy Gym Leader, Bede will go up against Gloria in the first round of the finals.

Did – did you fucking plan this, you piece of shit?!

Language, Bede!

Announcer: We’ve reached a decision, ladies and gentlemen! The Champion himself has accepted Bede’s sudden interruption. Challenger Gloria and Gym Leader Bede’s match will begin shortly!

You can’t retire from being a Trainer if you aren’t a Trainer anymore!

… A troll to the end. I can’t believe she… You know what? I accept this honor. Why the hell not? If she’s willing to throw her title away like that, I’m not going to hesitate to pick it up. Throw your Pokémon out, Gloria!