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Part 44: The Key to Saving Galar’s Future

Update 45: The Key to Saving Galar's Future

The tense, still air on the pitch… And the exact opposite from the audience, cheering and yelling... They’re both fantastic, wouldn’t you say? But remember, the audience is also a bit cruel... They want nothing more than to see one of us lose, after all! It can fill you with fear knowing that, but I absolutely love pushing past the fear. I love giving it everything I’ve got as a Trainer and seeing my team give everything they’ve got to seize another victory! It’s the greatest feeling in the world, and I can’t get enough of it!

I can feel my partners itching with anticipation inside their Poké Balls... We’re going to have a real champion time!

Me and Charizard, and all the rest of our team, will use all our knowledge and experience to crush you completely!

The Darkest Day - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST
If you listen to one track in the next several updates, make it this.

Audience: Hey! Look at the monitor!

This is YOUR FAULT, Leon. I wasn’t going to sit there and watch while you put everything I’ve built at risk.

Audience: What is he TALKING about?

Oh no.

You NEED to be on top of Hammerlocke Tower in the next 20 minutes or the Entity will run amok!

Audience: Why are there purple lasers in the sky

Oh shit.


Fucking hell, Rose lost the plot.

The mad bastard… It wasn’t supposed to go like this!

How much of this did you know about?

Enough to know something like this would happen in the next few years anyway. And It’s largely thanks to you.

Uh oh.

NOT “uh oh”, we had an idea something was about to go wrong but we couldn’t have prepped anything without you and Sonia’s research. And then the fucker took Sonia off the case to keep from angering Magnolia and we never figured out how they actually stopped the Darkest Day… I really hate to ask you this, you kids shouldn’t be caught up in this. But I need you two to try and hold down the fort –

Wait! Wait. Every time the Darkest Day swept around, Zacian and Zamazenta didn’t just show up to stop it, they were already around. And I think I know where they are.

… Really?

I mean, I agree in theory.

Do you remember? We ran into Zamazenta there all the way back then. I don’t know why they haven’t shown up yet, but if we’re going to find them, it’s got to be back there.

… I’m willing to trust you on this. I’ll contact the Gym Leaders and have them keep the rest of the country under control. Go!

Postwick - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Sonia! We could use your help. We’re here to find Zacian and Zamazenta –

Because this is the Darkest Day.


I fucking knew it. The moment the sky went dark… Have to admit, I thought you’d still be dealing with the tournament now, though…

The whole region’s in chaos! There’re giant Pokémon everywhere, the power’s flickering…

I’m surprised Rose isn’t on it.

/ He caused it!

Will catch you up later, we have stuff to do in the Weald. You coming?

No. All I have is my Yamper, I’d just get in your way. I have a few last things I can dig up, though, a let you know if I find anything important.

Then we have to go.

… Do you think they’ll be all right, Sonia?

I don’t know.

Slumbering Weald - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

No. I’m back in unfamiliar territory. I HATE unfamiliar territory. This isn’t the tournament I’ve wanted to win my whole life or doing some research. I don’t know what this is!

Last time we went through the Weald, we came out alive and sane.

That really doesn’t help…

we’ve both grown loads stronger and so have our Pokémon. Remember that conversation we had, back at Magnolia’s lab?

About kings and legends?

Think of this as our legend. Mate, you’re about to be the first historian to talk to Zacian and fucking Zamazenta!

Oh shite, I didn’t think of that.

I reckon whatever we’re about to see will be pretty legendary itself! Let’s head in and add another page to our tale!

Thanks, mate.

Welcome back to the Slumbering Weald. The first part is just as we left it, but once we go past the point where we met Zamazenta the first time…

…The Pokémon get a lot stronger. As is standard for JRPGs, for all the rush in the story, you in fact have plenty of time to do all the exploring you want. But while we do have a few items to find, mostly holdable items with dubious benefits, we don’t have any good reason to delay.

Look, at least we can see where we’re walking…

And nothing bloody else!

I –


It’s looking at you, Gloria.



you will do



Sensory… Sensory overload. Fuck me. And…

… And they’re gone.

Fog, too.

Hop, did they try to speak to you?

… Pardon, what? They just, you know, howled.

It was like voice scratching around in my head…

You know what, at this point I’d believe anything. They tell you anything?

No… Maybe? It was too much all at once, I nearly passed out. But I think I got a sense of… Approval? Maybe? I dunno, mate.

Are you right to keep going?

Yeah, just a little woozy. Is this what being pissed feels like? It’s already going away, though. We need to press on.

Slumbering Weald Shrine - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

It’s in marvelous condition. And…

It looks like somebody left us some presents.

Wait, if Zacian and Zamazenta were Pokémon, then are those… Also them?

No idea. Only one thing to do…

Just gonna pick up the ancient magical artifact and put it in your Bag, mate?

This shrine is a known landmark in the Weald. Treasure hunters have been visiting it for centuries. The only way we could find two priceless artifacts right out in the open like this is if someone put them there for us. I bet you can guess who.

That settles it! I’m taking the sword!, would you look at the state of this thing? It seems like it might fall to pieces if you so much as look at it funny. I don’t know if these rusty old things will really be able to stop the Darkest Day, but... Well, I guess it can’t hurt to have them along! Let’s hope they bring us some good luck!

… Well, if there isn’t anything else for us here, we may as well head to Hammerlocke

Calling a skytaxi now.

The Darkest Day - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

It’s a real shame, the way things have turned out. You make it all the way to the Championship Match, then something like this has to happen! And Chairman Rose thinking that the energy pouring from the Darkest Day would somehow be the key to saving Galar’s future? It all seems a bit mad, if you ask me... I can’t follow at all how that’s supposed to work.

I don’t think ROSE knows how it’s supposed to work.

Look, we really don’t have time to waste.
I’m off to help my brother!

… And off he goes. I should probably follow. Is there anything you need me to do before I head in?

We Gym Leaders worked together with the city’s Pokémon, and we’ve got everyone evacuated. Go on then! Into Hammerlocke Stadium with you!

I-I mean, please, help me! I know this is selfish of me, but I must beg your assistance! I want you to head into the underground power plant and stop Mr. Rose!

Mr. Rose woke it up too early... We called it the Darkest Day Entity. It's some kind of lost Legendary Pokémon we found as we were mining Galar particles underneath Hammerlocke. Apparently, the energy emitted from its body is what causes Dynamaxing. And it’s the source of Galar particles themselves? I don’t have a head for the technical details… But, at this rate, all the Pokémon in the Galar region will Dynamax and go berserk! If that were to happen—

Okay, yeah, I’m on it. Is there anything I should know before I head down?

I’ve enlisted the help of the Champion’s younger brother, too. He’s already down there. Harriet! Unlock the lift!

Harriet:Yes, ma’am!


This has all gone to shit.