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Part 47: Post-Credits Scene

Update 48: Post-Credits Scene

Budew Drop Inn - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

So many people were out there cheerin’ for me! It made me really happy. I wanna give ’em a proper smile...

Th-this is too embarrassin’…

Marnie! Marnie, stop.


Marnie, what’s wrong?

… My whole time out on the pitch, an’ when you were fightin’ Leon… I realized I was just sittin’ there lookin’ like a fish. I wanna be able to show everybody when I’m excited, but when I’m not payin' attention my face just goes again. And I can’t believe I forgot to lock the door before I started practicin’ smilin’

Look, it’s lack of social display, I’ve been there. Would you like me to come in and show you a few drills I learned as a kid?

… Okay. C’mon in. Jekyll, scooch over.

Thanks, love . So, let’s start with…