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Part 67: Can You Imagine If I Actually Talked Like That

Update 68: Can You Imagine If I Actually Talked Like That

Before we begin, I would like to note that Adventures are the first part of this game I find myself actively going back to. I mean, I enjoy the game in general, but when I sit down do some more gameplay for the LP, I often end up just grinding out a few more Adventures for giggles. If you choose buy the DLC, this is probably the thing you want to do.

Also, some words of wisdom:

Explopyro posted:

As far as I know, you absolutely can lose to Peony and keep going, and get level 65 pokemon that will obey you from the beginning of the game. I know this was at least possible at some point; there have been some minor patches to the game since then, but I don't know if they "fixed" it or not.

The pokemon you catch in Adventures also have a 1/100 chance to be shiny, which is much higher than the normal shiny rate. I've gotten two or three incidental shinies there just while collecting the legendaries…

First: You're only allowed to get each legendary pokemon once. If you catch it and choose to keep something else, it can show up again, but once you keep it that's it. The ones you've successfully acquired will stop appearing as possible targets, meaning if you have the list you can start predicting what things are more accurately from the types (e.g. there are only two possible Ghost types, so if you've caught Giratina and see one, you know it's Lunala). Once you've caught one of everything, it goes back to choosing randomly from the entire pool each time.

Second: if you fail, you can "save the location" of the legendary you fought to keep trying again (in which case you can guarantee that specific legendary will be at the end). It lets you store 3 "locations" this way, after that you need to swap them out. Also, if you talk to Peonia in the lobby she will sometimes offer to sell you a location for a handful of Dynite Ore, which means if you just want a specific thing you don't necessarily have to grind through the randomness. (Saving locations is also good if you're hosting for players of the other version, if you prepare in advance and save the exclusive ones.)

I think you're underselling some of the rewards a little, though. Take a look at the Ability Patch. This item is completely new and does a thing we've never had access to before: it lets you swap any Pokemon between its normal ability and hidden ability. Hidden abilities were already much more accessible in this game than they'd been previously (they show up in raid dens), but this is an unprecedented level of control and actually makes them reasonable to use. (Okay, a lot of them are terrible, but some of them are really good and completely change how the pokemon behaves.)

(Added from another post)

That said, I do need to correct a mistake I made earlier (which unfortunately made it into one of your posts, you may want to edit that) - the shiny odds in Dynamax Adventures are apparently only 1/100 if you have the Shiny Charm, which you get by completing the Galar Pokedex. If you don't have that, it's 1/300. (Also, notably, the pokemon will not appear as shiny until the final screen where you get to choose which one to keep, so it's always worth double-checking them there.)

Crosspeice posted:

One correction is the Ability Patch turns regular abilities into HAs, but it doesn't do the other way around, so that's the one single thing about a Pokemon you cannot change anymore, well aside from Gender if you're not Azurill. You can change a Pokemon, ability, change it to its HA, you can max its IVs, wipe and change its EVs, finds shinies way easier than before, craft its moveset with ease with relearnable TR and past evolution moves, and with Poke Jobs you can get battle ready Pokemon in just a few hours without having to do a damn thing.


Dynamax Adventure - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Are you here for a Dynamax Adventure, too? Wicked! Guess we’re on the same wavelength!

Thank you?

So is my dad on his way here, too? I haven’t seen him... Has he got turned around and wound up back at the entrance? Listen—sorry for using you to distract my old man back there. He’s as stubborn as a Mudbray! Things go all right after I left?

I won the fight, so…

He used to be a Gym Leader, you know. Even on holiday, he’s no pushover! Y’know, my dad was going mad with excitement for this trip. He kept going on about how he’d planned for us to check out local legends on this super-intense adventure tour—or “Adven-tour” as he calls it... But I mean, come on! What girl my age would be caught dead doing some naff thing like that with her dad? Besides, I really fancy having more battles with Dynamax Pokémon! Ahhh, the thrill of battling one of those massive, towering Pokémon... Just thinking about it gets me pumped! Hee hee! You know what? I’ve just had a thought! You’re a pretty fierce Trainer, right?

Oh, no need to worry!

He’s so hyped up about all this. It’d be a shame to just leave him on his own. I know he’s mad excited about this and I know why, but… I’d rather not deal with it now, you know? And who knows? You could end up running into a Legendary Pokémon! How about I meet back up with you two after I’ve had my own fun in the Max Lair? Go on, then. Enjoy your twosome tour of legends! Tell my old man the deal and all that!

SO glad it isn’t so cold in here, means I can stop fixating on it and fixate on something else…

Max Lair - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

I’ve learned that firsthead now— Firsthand, I mean. I was just checkin’ to see if my little girl was behind some rocks, and look how I’ve ended up!

Scientist: Behind some rocks? Is your daughter a Rolycoly, sir?

There we go—I’m up! No little bump’s gonna keep me down long. That kip’s got me feelin’ right as rain!

Hmmm... You don’t say. So dear Nia’s set on stayin’ away till she’s had her fill of this Dynamax Adventure stuff…and she wants the two of us to go ahead and get crackin’ on the grand Peony Adven-tour?

…dear Nia’s sake…

And tryin’ to press her into doin’ what I wanna do probably won’t win me any “dad of the year” awards.

Yeah, eventually you have to –

Right, then! What’s your name, kid?

Gloria, but –

Wait—have I already told you so? Gahaha! Then it’s twice as nice to meet you!

Gahaha! Don’t fret, now! I’ve done all sorts of preparations already! We’re goin’ to have ourselves a real treat of a Legendary Pokémon hunt! So that’s decided! Now then, Gloria! Let’s get ourselves to Freezington! It’s a town just a short ways off. Time for a strategic plannin’ meetin’ for Peony’s Adven-tour!

… If there’s anything that defines that whole family, it’s the inability to listen.

From now on, Peonia hangs out in the Lair for you to talk to if you want; she’ll offer you bits of advice that you really don’t need and occasionally the location of a Legendary for a little bit of Ore. She will also accompany you on Adventures from time to time as one of the random AI Trainers the game spawns for you.



, right?

Oh, uh, absolutely!


… I know that it isn’t the original Xerneas like the one that popped up in Kalos, but it’s still a Kalosian superweapon. Or, more accurately, it’s a recreated Kalosian counter-superweapon.


The Empire used to collect evidence of Legendaries from other Regions back in the day and engaged in Pokémon breeding programs up here. They chose the Crown Tundra because there weren’t many people living around here and there was a big unoccupied tunnel system they could squirrel themselves away in. No noise complaints, you see.


After the revolution, the government took the program over and started using new technologies instead of focus breeding, like with Porygon, if you’ve ever heard of it. All the pseudo-Legendaries down here are descended from artificial Pokémon they made before they discontinued the program a few decades ago and lots of them escaped into the wild…


Time for a shot in the dark. Did you know they just rolled out a line of designer clothing on Scissor Street based on Xerneas’s antlers?

… I KNOW! I know dad kind of resents it, but I’m glad I don’t have to deal with reporters trying to learn the secrets of the Gym all day anymore. Worst single part of my childhood. It must be a lot worse for you, though, you’re more famous than dad ever was.

Well, the trick is finding the right place to live, I think. My first year in Uni I was in Motostoke – God damn miserable, nobody left me alone. Then I transferred over to Spikemuth and suddenly everybody was friendly and let me breathe. They were more obsessed with Piers, anyway.

Spikemuth? Isn’t it dangerous?

No! That’s just a stereotype. It’s not like all Camerans are all grotty Neds looking to shiv you.

Oh God, that’s fair. Some of my mates get hit by that from time to time. It’s awful, you know?

Right, exactly! Right tragic…

… Does the phrase “AMAB” mean anything to you?


Yeah. He’s been nothing but supportive ever since I started talking to him about fixing it and all, but I think he feels guilty? I mean, he shouldn’t, it’s not like he did anything and he’s been nothing but helpful, but…

Just because you SHOULDN’T feel guilty doesn’t mean you don’t feel guilty sometimes, right?

Right! Anyway, a few months ago he got it into his head that he should plan a father-daughter trip somewhere, which I tried to discourage, because I just wanted to stay home? But he just wouldn’t listen and basically took me on a big ol’ school trip like that’s something parents do for their kids. Look, dad, I love you, I appreciate everything you’re doing for me, I wish you wouldn’t do this, too…

…Well, I’d say that was a successful expedition, wasn’t it?

Absolutely. It was wonderful working with you!

I’ll be hanging around here for a while. Are you planning on coming back around?

Definitely, I’m not missing the chance to add some of these things to my team.

Join me on your next time in?

You don’t have to ask.

The trip to Freezington doesn’t take very long; I actually stumbled onto it by accident when putting off going into the Lair earlier (I wanted to settle on whether or not I should just head straight to town for story purposes ). We enter a cutscene the moment we step foot in the village.

Freezington - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST (RECOMMENDED LISTENING)

Mayor: I must say, it’s a surprise to have visitors arriving in our out-of-the-way town one after another.

Mayor: After all, there’s very little otherwise to attract visitors to our sleepy corner of the region.

Not really, but that’s absolutely the sort of thing I’d be interested in.

Mayor: Oh. That’s a shame.

Mayor: But since you’ve made the journey, I must offer you this Freezington specialty as a memento!

He gives us a sweatshirt that has a little logo on it .

Mayor: It’s a shirt emblazoned with the likeness of the King of Bountiful Harvests. I’m afraid it hasn’t sold quite as well as we’d hoped. We’ve got a fair number left over… The illustration’s based on extremely ancient accounts of the king’s appearance. Hence the unusually sized head. If you’d like to see what the king really…

Huh. Looks a lot like a Pokémon.

Mayor: You wouldn’t be the first to say so. They say he fathered the first Dynasty of Cameran Kings, though, so he isn’t likely to have been one.

(You hear that?)


Mayor: That’s actually an interesting story…

Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt, but can I ask you to direct me to the old Laird’s manor? I have… Business with the people there.

Mayor: Well isn’t THAT something to hear. Can I ask YOU the business you have with them?

Mayor: Wait, aren’t you the girl who won the Cup a few years back?

… About 20 years ago they kicked one of the members and her infant child out.

Mayor: Oh. Oh, that was you. That was a nasty bit of business. I am truly sorry we couldn’t do anything for you.

That… I don’t care about that. I just… I don’t want them back in my life or anything, but… I guess I just want to rub their noses in it? I’ve been…

Mayor: You don’t have to explain yourself to me, don’t worry. I’ll take you to the site. Unfortunately…

What do you MEAN they didn’t leave a forwarding address?!

I assumed you wouldn't mind me including your post, Crosspiece, let me know if you want it removed for whatever reason. Also, always remember to doublecheck your LP posts, children; don't be like me and create a mutant by pasting the update into the middle of the already-pasted update and uploading it like that.