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Part 70: And Yet My Powers Could Only Get One To Grow

Update 71: And Yet My Powers Could Only Get One To Grow

Mayor: …become massive! That statue’s been broken since I was a child… Oh, of course! You wanted to learn about the loyal steed of the King of Bountiful Harvests! Well, I don’t know why you’d be interested in such things, but... Come, then. Follow me.

Mayor:… special vegetable… But my memory isn’t what it used to be. I can’t recall what exactly the steed so desired! I think it best that you search on the bookshelf over there if you want to find out any more.

Each of these options gives us a paragraph or so of flavor text, some more useful than others:

”The Reins of Unity” posted:

Through these reins did the king send its power, in order to tame and control its proud steed. The reins, in fact, were made by the hands of the people, in thanks for the plenty brought by the king. These reins bound not only the horse and the king to one another—they bound the people to the king as well. At the dawning of each new year, we must never forget to gift the king with this offering. Let the radiant flower and the mane of the steed be woven together to bind us all in faith. Let the secrets of this sacred art be passed from parent to child to grandchild and never forgotten.

”Try the Freezington Snow Samba!” posted:

Isn’t it tough dealing with the cold here on the tundra, with temperatures seeming to drop lower and lower with every passing year? While it’s tempting to stay indoors where it’s cozy, don’t forget to move that body, too! Try the Freezington Snow Samba today, and get your body moving to stay warm all winter! “Lift both hands in the air, wave here, wave there, bow low, touch your toe, and freeze! Then up we pop to start it all once more!” ♪ Form a circle with friends, and don’t be shy! The Snow Samba will keep you young at heart!

Why is this even here?

”Hardy Crops for the Tundra” posted:

While carrots can be grown in the Crown Tundra, they have rather unusual growth habits. When grown beneath the heaped snow, these hardy roots tend to develop into Iceroot Carrots. When grown in tracts close to where many souls are laid to rest, Shaderoot Carrots will be your crop. Shaderoot Carrots are a favorite treat for many Ghost-type Pokémon, while Ice-type Pokémon seem to delight in eating Iceroot Carrots. According to old fairy tales, the steed that the King of Bountiful Harvests rode upon loved both of these varieties—or perhaps one or the other. Records seem to contradict one another, with some stories speaking of a white steed delighting in Iceroot Carrots and others mentioning a black steed devouring Shaderoot Carrots.

”The King’s Proud Steed” posted:

The horse Pokémon gave over its power to serve the king and carry it hither and thither. The two even became one for a time, combining their strength to create a forest in a single night. This proud steed had been a wild thing once, ravaging the village crops and causing much woe. But the king, in all its greatness, brought this fierce creature to heel and secured its loyalty. And for each among us who claims the steed’s hide was black as the midnight gloom in which ghosts appear, there is another who claims it was white as a block of solid ice. None alive can now say which is the truth.

What the hell is a horse? Whatever, it looks like this is all I’m going to get.

Hmmm? Oh, hey there, Chief! I had a feelin’ someone called me. Was it you?

Peony, get out –

Come now, human child, ‘tis unwise to interfere with your liege’s business. I’ll overlook that spurt of disloyalty if you promise never to repeat it, hmm?


… Well?

I, uh, it liked carrots?

It has been so long since we rode together that I had completely forgotten… If we are able to find carrots somewhere, it should be but a trifle to lure my loyal steed back to me! If we could obtain even a single seed, I could grow a carrot from it myself. Human child, you may take carrot seeds from the villagers with my blessing.

I bought some carrot seeds earlier, actually.

Well done! Such initiative shall serve you well in my court.
And yet... Hmm. The fields of the village simply won’t do. They’re not suited for growing carrots. Now...where might we find soil suited for growing these crops in this tundra of mine? One moment, I must form a temporary bond with you…

… And the bond is severed, as I can tell it discomfits you. I believe either of these sites shall suffice. As a token of my esteem, I will grant you your choice of which fields to plant the carrots in; when I return to power, those and the surround fields shall be yours, as well as serfs to tend them. I have business to attend to; I shall meet you at the field of your choice.

*snort* Gah?!

Gahaha! I guess it just goes to show that holdin’ down the fort isn’t all that easy! You take care o’ yourself, Chief. Don’t overdo it!

… What am I DOING?

Child: Nan! Nanny!

Nan: Iceroot Carrots, cold as ice. ♪ Munched all up by the bully in white. ♪ Shaderoot Carrots, dark as doom. ♪ Crunched by the bully with a ghostly gloom. ♪ Now you make sure you eat your veggies too, just like the Pokémon in the song!

Child: Yes, Nan!

I bought the carrot seeds before I met Calyrex, so I missed a whole chunk of dialogue; if you don’t, you get to ask around the village about carrot raising. You learn that the soil in and around the village doesn’t support carrot growth very well, but that it used to be that any carrots they grew had either icy or ghostly characteristics. As you can probably guess from everything the game keeps telling you, which fields you choose determines the Type of the Pokémon you summon. Because I’m looking for a Ghost-type I choose the one in the Giant’s Bed, which happens to be right next to the place where we met the mayor earlier. After getting lost in the Bed and cursing my stupidity for 15 minutes…

Go ahead, human child. Bury them within the earth. Do not bother doing it properly; my power shall compensate for any mistakes on your part.

You planted so many seeds, and yet my powers could only get one to grow… And that having drained the land’s fertility as though it were a full crop… So much to do.

By “drained the land’s fertility”, do you mean…

Worry not. I can simply restore it when I visit again. Your future livelyhood is still assured.

Pluck the carrot from the earth. We shall need it soon enough.

Now all I need are the Reins of Unity. They will amplify my power, letting me ride my loyal steed with ease. But I doubt I shall ever get another set from the humans in the village…

Predictable. Even after all these years, Spectrier cannot resist the odor of the local carrot… It is my belief that while my steed picked up on the scent of the carrot, it could not determine where the scent was coming from. Judging from the direction it ran off in, it must be headed to the village, in an attempt to pillage carrots there! If that is true, then Freezington is in danger! Human child, we must make haste! No true king abandons his subjects in their time of need – you must internalize this if you are to serve me!

Battle! (Glastrier / Spectrier) - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Spectrier is no slouch, and it’s substantially stronger than Calyrex was. That Ghost typing doesn’t make things easier, since I have two Fighting-types on my team and lack any solid counters. I’ve never regretted switching out Mr. Blobby for some random Legendary more . Unfortunately, like Calyrex, we can’t catch it.

Fortunately, it comes with a built-in disadvantage that reins in a lot of its damage potential. We can take it down with relative ease.

Well done, servant. But it wasn’t enough, I’m afraid.
Were I at my full power, I could have tamed my steed and regained its loyalty… But weakened as I am now, the most I could do was influence its will and make it depart. I need my Reins restored; I know they require the hair of my steed and the craftsmanship of certain families among my subjects to function properly. Oh, and this:

Tragically, a full flower is beyond me for now. You should be able to make do, however. Take this and have the Reins constructed. I shall return to you when you complete the task.

Hey, Peony? Can I borrow the bedroom for second? And please don’t come in until I say you can, or there’ll be hell to pay.

Gahaha, I live with Peonia! I know better than THAT!

Close the door… Zamazenta, you’re out. Can you transform…?

Of course. But I doubt we have much time before Calyrex gets curious.

I don’t even know what I’m DOING! I just… It throws me so off balance I can’t focus anymore. I keep fixating on what it’s doing to Peony! And-and what if it does it to me? And if it can do all this at its weakest, could it control a city once it’s restored? The Region? This is so far above my pay grade.

You’re –

Yes, I KNOW I’m the Champion, but, nothing scares me more than having control taken away from me and I’m FUCKING TERRIFIED!

Listen for a moment, Gloria.

… Okay.

Neither of us know exactly what Calyrex can do, but we do know it has been defeated in the past. It is not invincible.

Gloria, one of your greatest strengths is how by nature you see the oddities in the little narratives that other people follow, whether in battle or when delivering insults.

I do that a lot, don’t I?

Calyrex is a creature that lives by its narratives. You won’t be able to puncture its arrogance, but you can watch for its weaknesses and capitalize on them.

… You’re right. And… And I think I have a plan.