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Part 71: I Have Been Waiting, Human Child

Update 72: I Have Been Waiting, Human Child

Do you know if there’s anyone in the village who can make the Reins of Unity?

Mayor: If my dear great-granddad were still around, he’d have been able to make you a set... But unfortunately, we’ve no one left who knows the traditional ways at this point. What’s more, I doubt you have the flower you’d need to forge a set of the reins.

I have this.

Mayor: If so, would that not mean the King of Bountiful Harvests has truly...? No, no! I dare not hope.

Mayor: If I recall, my ancestors made Reins of Unity by following the ways passed down in fairy tales... There were two key materials—a flower and hairs from a Pokémon. But I’m afraid those old traditions have long since faded from memory. Still, how could I refuse a favor to such a kind and helpful guest? The materials, if you please! I can’t promise this will turn out as well as the ones my great-granddad would’ve made, but...

Mayor: I fancy myself a crafty enough sort, but I suppose it’d take a craftsman of truly delicate technique to make such fine reins.

Mayor: Oh, please don’t look so dejected. I’m very sorry. Truly I am.

What? Is that all? Gahaaahaha! So, all you need to do is make some nice cord! Pass me those materials for a mo. All right! Got my petal, got my hair! Now what’m I supposed to do with ’em?

Mayor: *ahem* If I may be so bold, allow me to share a song that survives from the legends...

All finished! Have a look! Think this’ll do?

Mayor: It seems you’ve got the Reins of Unity you need. Isn’t that just smashing!

I was chilled to the bone, so I thought I’d warm myself up with a good, hot shower at our base. But the water comin’ out was ice cold! I got ultra-mega-surprised and jumped out without putting on any of my—

The reins are complete, my liege.

Most excellent! Keep them for now.
I have some good news of my own. I was finally able to track down my loyal steed! Spectrier is making its home in the Crown Shrine! It was the seat of my power at the height of my rule and a fitting place to restore it. No doubt it remembers its servitude. The Crown Shrine stands majestically atop the mountain to the north.

… It’s time .

We have a long way to go from the places we’ve been to the Shrine.

We’re talking ruins…

… Birch forests…

… Tunnels…

… Scenic views…

… And lots of stairs before we reach our destination.

Crown Shrine - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

…Place its own dwelling. The reins.

Oh, how this brings back memories... Now, human child, in order to lure my loyal steed to me...

Of course, my lord.

The trap is set. You have already proved your superiority to it, human child, and so it shall do everything it can to avoid you. Oh, but there is another matter: servant, what should I do with this vessel? It will serve no useful purpose once I am fully restored.

I advise you release him to his previous life, as a gesture of mercy and generosity to your new subjects.

Very well. I shall send him down the mountain to rest in his bed. He will awake none the wiser. Now come. We must conceal ourselves until the time is right.

Calyrex' Steed Appears - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Human child! Thanks to your efforts, I have been reunited with my loyal steed.

I have the power of mortal speech once more! What a relief, not to soil myself with an intermediary like I once did. I was convinced that the people no longer believed in me... And I had also lost my loyal steed... I was trapped in the throes of deep loneliness.

There are truly no words with which to fully express my gratitude to you. But actions… Actions are another matter entirely.

Battle! (Mounted Calyrex) - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

I believe it is time for your reward! You have served me loyally to this point and earned yourself a position at my court – at my side. Come, my knight! You will not merely receive land and title: it is time we formed a bond –

(…Zamazenta? Can you tell if it’s…?)

(I could feel the Galar radiation flooding out of it whenever it entered our presence, but I feel nothing now. I believe that it has been contained.)

(Oh thank God…)

Something beeps.

I just had a dream about a bigheaded Pokémon, talkin’ on and on in a weird shrine... I just remembered I had a dream a while back about a strange bigheaded Pokémon. It was jabberin’ away at this weird shrine! You were there, too, Chief! It all felt so real! I got worried about you and decided I’d better give you a call and check in!

Ah, good to hear! Guess I got nothin’ to worry about, then! Gahahaaa! The Peony Exploration Team is all about the safety and well-bein’ of its members, after all! So you be careful on your way back, too, you hear? No expedition’s over until you’re safe and sound back at home base!

The Isle of Armor - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

(… The ship until it’s halfway to Unova, then surreptitiously drop the ball off the side. From what Sonia’s told me, it’s highly unlikely tidal action will ever uncover it. If you aren’t willing to have me destroy it, that is the safest way to dispose of it.)

(As horrible as Calyrex is, I’m no fan of condemning it to the bottom of the ocean forever.)

(That is your best option. Every moment it stays with you you risk it breaking free and trying to take your mind. Can you truly say you have a better option?)


Why would you even want me? I hurt people and break things. It’s kind of my only thing.



Grunt B:




Either Leon, the police, or the agents of heaven will find me down here when it’s all over. There’s nowhere else I have to be.


Life imprisonment and a devastated reputation await us.

Why put it off?


That certainly is a great deal of work, but… I will accomplish it with style.

… Rotomphone, call Sonia.

Do you still have that Galar radiation containment room I heard you talking about, oh, months ago, now?

Can you get it operational by, like, tomorrow morning? I – I know this is a really big ask, but it’s important. Look. I just got my hands on a Pokémon. Something potentially revolutionary – it’s a sapient Pokémon. It can talk! And, you know, scheme…