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Part 76: plus inflatablefish with the assist

Falconier111 posted:

I need the thread to make sure I’m not horribly misrepresenting how actual British people talk (even though I’m pretty sure the game does that too).

Gor blimey Mary Poppins, as a native Brit I'll 'appily take a stick-and-bucket over 'ow you treat God's own mother tongue, innit!

I was trying to squeeze in a "Nidoqueen's English" in there but it wouldn't quite fit.

Also as far as the University system goes, even if Hop didn't get the grades to match one of his offers, he could always go through "clearing" which is where Unis try to fill up any spare spaces they have, and students who didn't do as well as expected see where will take them. Or he could take a Foundation Year course which is usually to top up your education if you want to take a certain course but didn't take the right A-levels to lead up to them.