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Part 79: Tenebrais explains the history of one of Britain's most beloved and terrifying mascots.

inflatablefish posted:

(Not terrified yet? Check out this footage from the now-defunct Mr Blobby theme park. Horror really kicks in at about 6 minutes. This was a legit theme park, not a deliberately horror-themed one or anything. People actually thought children would enjoy this.)

I remember visiting that place as a kid! Just barely, I'd have only been seven or so at the time. That footage makes it look a lot worse than it was from how blown-out the audio is, it was mostly just kind of a circus vibe.

Probably absolutely awful if you had a fear of clowns, though. Mr Blobby is kind of the arch-clown when you think about it.

For those who aren't familiar with Mr Blobby:

One of the biggest TV hits in the UK in the 90's was Noel's House Party, a variety show aimed primarily at children. A recurring character was Mr Blobby, a mascot character who was a whirlwind of slapstick chaos everywhere he went, cheerfully bowling over stage equipment, sets, co-stars and himself while yelling his heavily-distorted cry of "blobby blobby blobby!". A kid in the 90's would either absolutely love the madcap antics, or sleep with the lights on in case he ate you - or both! He was a massive breakout character for an already hugely popular show, getting his own hit single as well as multiple attempts at theme parks.

Honestly I think his name would be perfect for a Stufful/Bewear if you ever use one.