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Part 80: Inflatablefish reveals the secret behind Stow-on-Side's name.

Falconier111 posted:

Route 6 is a bit of an oddball, in that its geography doesn’t really match up with anything in Britain (as far as I’m aware). There MIGHT be a stretch of rocky desert somewhere, but I’ve never heard of it. Nice ruins, though. I’ll take this time to discuss something else. I believe I mentioned that I’ve been developing a theory, and I believe I’m on to something.

It would be lovely if we had our own version of the Petra temple carved into Cheddar Gorge, but, alas, our ancestors were too busy drawing dicks on every hillside.

And while I don't know where Stow-On-Side is supposed to be, the fact that we have a town whose name is basically Carry-on Luggage is a beautiful thing. I'd love to hear their rivals' football chants.