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Part 82: Black Robe expands on the functions of the House of Lords.

Falconier111 posted:

post opportunity time! From an insider’s perspective, does the House of Lords actually do anything?

Short answer: no

Longer answer: ...sort of, a bit, but it's more that they used to do things and now just continue to exist despite most of their functions being shunted to more specialised bodies. For example, they used to be the last legal court of appeal, but now we have a specific Supreme Court. About all they do these days is debate various bills and proposals, and they're pretty limited in what they can actually do about it. Most of the actual power is in the House of Commons, which is the actual government (for whatever that's worth).

It's lucky Sordward and Shielbert have such distinctive hair or there's no way in hell any of the gang would recognise them, there's literally hundreds of the buggers. I'm not sure I could recognise or even name any of the current upper house, honestly.