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Part 7: My Captivity by Savages

I also caught one of these! It was part of a plan in the earliest scheming phases, but that fell off when I got better plans. It was to be a counter to that Overheat spamming 'mon in the OP, but when it finally came time to face it, just merely nullifying fire damage with Flash Fire felt so


Obligatory shorts kid.

While Hidden Power sits in the menu as a normal move, its effective type depends on the user's IVs. This makes it essentially random based on the individual. There's science to check what type it is that'd be trivial since we can directly view IVs, but I prefer the old fashioned trial-and-error strategy.

It's so weird that Uranium has TMs sitting in plain view along the main path like this.

Sr. Goldkorn is the game's sole Gentleman. His name reads awkwardly.

This battle background doesn't fit at all but it sure is pretty.

Probably because it was straight stolen from X/Y.

Oh yeah I caught one of these too. I don't care about it at all really. It's normal/dark.

A fisherman just up the bridge has Fortog's evolution. Now it's a more awkward frog.

Confusion is the basic special psychic move, to fit our basic special psychic fish.



Blants's Hidden Power is Bug, which is great as it lacked a special bug move.

That black there is the border of the map. It's not big enough.

Hey, a blatant sign we'll be getting strength and that we need it to get through here!

Water ant. Like Smore it's pure bug but evolves on learning the right water move.

Lotadio and Lungs?! are enough water for now, nevermind Zapmander and Nep-Nep (in reserve).

There's stuff to the right here, but if we step on the tile below that staircase on the top, we're forced into the next cave and cannot exit until we defeat the boss. You know, what good games do, trap you in dungeons with no warning before you can even see the dungeon.

Bulk Up is nothing exciting in the grand scheme of things.

Oh hey it's just... sitting here. On the beach. And to get the bike from it we have to walk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll the way back to Kevlar.

Of course, I do that, because I make good choices.

Original: PU-Bycicle(mp3).ogg

Yes it's spelled like that. Yes it has the mp3 in parenthesis but is still an .ogg. No it is not very good. So it needs replacing.

So, when I think bike songs, I think of one band, and one song they did.

OFSelects: Queen - I'm in Love With My Car

Anyway for stepping on this tile we're forced in this cutscene where Theo is trying to go into the cave that is dangerous because of swarms.

He ropes us into being his buddy. We have no choices in here, not even to ask for a chance to prepare for being forced into a cave.

If we try to leave, Theo tells us we can't, and so we can't. The only way to leave Comet Cave is to complete Comet Cave.

He's our buddy in battles though! Exploring a dungeon with a partner showed up in 4th and 5th gens. The wild Pokemon all show up in double battles, and your AI controlled ally has his own Pokemon. In this case, Theo leads with his Raptorch and has his Cubblfly and a new guy we won't see until later, Minyan. Per usual they all have IVs of 10 and wild level up moves.

This is one of many hold items that boost damage of a given type by 20%. This is the one for Poison, obviously.

Comite is something I can't catch yet because Theo won't not try to KO everything. I later grab one I name Sedimental, because it's rock/psychic, geddit?

We can get utterly torn up in each fight, but it's fine as having a partner means your Pokemon are fully healed after every fight. At least I get that out of being forced into this cave.

On one hand it boosts HP by 10 EVs. On the other hand, it sells for 4900 euros. Probably better to sell these in this game.

What you aren't seeing is that there's an encounter about every 4 steps. It's quite a pain in the butt to have to chop down a Tonemy or two every few seconds.

Hey, it's an evolution stone. If nothing else Uranium gives you more than enough to fill the Pokedex.

The cave's been shaking every now and then.

It shakes again and Theo runs away over a rock.

Then some strength boulders fall. We're more stuck in here than before.

The only way out is through this guy.

Original: PU-SpecialPoke.ogg
OFSelects: Battles: Race : In

Mirrored is a really fucking good album, guys.

Terlard is Grozard's evolved form. Now it's ground/dragon. And this one is a level 22 boss encounter. Uranium has a few of these, battles against a lone but very strong wild Pokemon.

Of course it comes with a strong Ground move, pre-packaged.

Not a slouch in coverage, either.

Lungs?! puts it to sleep with Yawn, though.

And then I use my one Dusk Ball I got somewhere (as in I do not remember where) and let all these multipliers hoist each other up.

After all, nothing said I couldn't catch it.

I think they are unified only when they are overcome with searing rage...

And seething lust.

Since it's a fixed encounter and not that hard to catch, I don't have to settle for the first one I see. Instead I take this one.

Whatever issue was causing the cave to have wild double battles has ended, and we only have a normal cave with an obnoxiously high encounter rate!

Duodick was causing it by being a punk, apparently? But since I've enslaved him (them?) he's (they're?) no longer being upset in there.

And we're out of the cave, and it's fall here and only here for some reason.

PU-Route 05-06.ogg

Birbie's evolved form Aveden. Let's see what type Duodick's Hidden Power i-

...Ground? That's... awkward.

The gate to the next town is real close. Rochfale Town apparently has falling rocks, hence the name. No rocks actually fall at any point, though.

The Pokemon Center is in plain view pretty early in the town, for once. This gives me a chance to go back to route 5 and get catching.

Note to self: Maybe the over-leveled fully-evolved thing using STAB ground moves will OHKO the unevolved electric thing.

Third ant. Like the other two it gets its secondary type on evolving.

Hahaha what the heck

Eventually I don't murder Norman Mareedus's digital sheep and pick one up. It will not be the sheep of choice for this run.

This is when Baashaun finally show up in the wild. Why did I want a wild one? To nickname it, of course! What do I nickname it?

...I mean, what else?