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Part 10: The Threat Posed By Nuclear Weapons

Couldn't even make a sign for their department store.

This store has everything! Including things you didn't actually want like hard stones!

Well I joke but every modern Pokemon game seems to have a mechanic that loads me the fuck up with Hard Stones so load me the fuck up, Uranium.

On the top floor is a rotating stock of even specialer items. Like what?

Ethers, mega stones for starters, you know, normal stuff.

It changes every day, so I guess I'll have to check back.

TM store has a lot of things that cost way too much!

These are all high-power, low accuracy, low PP super-moves. While they aren't always the best - and lord knows I'd rather have Ice Beam than Blizzard - they help round out coverage and give incredible burst damage.

And this is a capturing utility.

With this I don't really need Blants around. And I guess because Blants actually sucks.

Oh yeah, Lotadio is female in this shot. My save got deleted by events due to circumstances, so I had to ruuuuuuuush back to now. Everything that matters is the same, just Gutterball is now herculean - I leveled her to the 60s so I could speed through the game - and Lotadio is female.

It also led to this or something.

We're now Bamb'o's baby daddy.

Did you know Uranium gave Corsola an evolution?

Did you know it still sucks? They forgot to actually give it good stats!

Deeznuts is in its second form for, like, five seconds. It's the thing that evolves with Coconut Milk.

He's went from a single coconut to an entire island!

You don't get to talk about things being broken!

Since I never steal anything with it, all I really accomplish is making My Fursona's moveset worse with this TM.

From Bamb'o's egg is a tiny unicorn. It has HERO and DARK evolutions depending on the stone used.

Oh, right, he is here, isn't he?

Dad is kinda bad at small talk but he tries.


I believe that's Looker's theme from the official games. Notice how it's 29 seconds long? It loops way too fast and I'm extremely sick of it.

These people communicate with letters a lot, in a setting in which Dick Solomon can digitally transmit an entire unicorn.

They're rebuilding at the spot where his wife disappeared ten years ago.

So of course we're sending a letter. OK this one is a bit more explicable since it involves Dick Solomon being at the site hi-


I gathered

At Route 7 there's a salty guy at a boat.

Theo comes along too because his dad is the other boss.

PU-Nuclear Plant.ogg

This music is from the intro. Remember?

Cameron blabs on and on about something or other. It's also raining all the time here, which made this gif hell to compress. I decided fuck visual clarity.

The wild Pokemon here are STRANGE and DANGEROUS so Theo's sent back to the mainland. Dick Solomon has business... looking at the place his mom died?

This whole plan is strange.

You're stuck on the island until you're done with events (Uranium is really bad about making you stuck until you're done) but there's a guy who sells some stuff.

And a healing lady.

Uranium introduced it's own berry, but forgot to make its name some sort of jumble of an actual fruit's name.

Did you see the opening cutscene? Game seems to think you somehow didn't.

There's wild Pokemon here. They aren't dangerous, but Cameron was right about one thing.

They are very very strange.

Original: PU-WildNuclearBattle.ogg

When I pulled this up to get a link, my brother asked, "What's that stupid sounding music?"

I never dealt with it.

OFSelects: Alias Conrad Coldwood (OFF original soundtrack) - Pepper Steak

Purification in progress.

Well actually despite being some sort of terrifying mutant Quick Balls work perfectly fine. As form changes they have normal catch rates and everything.

He is new radioactive isatop! We must observe with hasty.

Nuclear-form Pokemon have their primary type replaced with the Nuclear type. It's new for Uranium (obv.) and it's really weird. Nuclear-type Pokemon are weak to everything but poison and other Nuclear attacks. In this rain, Lotadio can plow through them with ease.

I try for silly things with my nuclear folks' names.

As a counterpoint to their defensive frailty, Nuclear moves are super-effective against all types but Nuclear and Steel. So Gamma Ray's low power is offset by how likely it is to be super-effective.

There are trainers. They have nothing special. Uranium calls scientists super scientists. Not sure why. That's the HG/SS sprite. I use it as my avatar on Pokemon Showdown, because mad science is my life.

Would nuclear meltdown shatter only parts of windows?

No one's managed to find any hint of what happened despite searches. Maybe this child could uncover something from basically the heart of Chernobyl, merely 10 years after the fact, with no protective equipment.

It's okay because we've got a beeping thing and I guess it beeps if Dick Solomon becomes a super mutant.

There are a bunch of stray damaged notes inside. 92 is uranium's atomic number, by the way.

Oh here's a book to put them in.

Random encounters continue inside. They're no issue if you're faster. Nuclear Pokemon are weak to everything but poison and nuclear - even normal.

This was a power plant. Why are their notes about specimens and brainwaves?

Well, if nothing else, I know power cores are bad news.

Hey, a key. Let's fuck with things for no reason.

The Specimen with the Power Core was under control. Good news!(?)


There's a stasis tank.

It is impossible to progress without opening it.

I think there's a trope or two for this.

We're dropped into a room with this very friendly guy.

Trawpint is Costraw's evolved form, though being nuked has changed a few things. Like a cute li'l nuclear symbol on his tummy.

Quick Balls still work.

And then Dick Solomon passes out from radiation poisoning, a thing that totally happens (it doesn't happen according to my sources.)

I nearly died from rdiation and how you greet me is awkward inclusions of fandom garbage?!

I guess I'm gonna have to tell dad he ain't having grandkids.

The notes are mysterious and there are no conclusions. Anything about unlocking a stasis tank is conveniently forgotten.

Man, I'd gladly whip a electrode into behaving.

The uranium will show up soon so the plant will soon be operational, despite sharing an island with hollow-eyed monsters. Yay?!

Cameron offers exposition on things we already know and have been told several times.

But on the plus side, having found highly obvious pieces of paper and pushed a button, we're now allowed to leave. We can never return, because Uranium is fond of that too.

Nukie may seem like an abomination, but she's actually pretty rad.

But rad Pokemon like her don't have to listen to me. Nuclear Pokemon are uncontrollable with barely restrained hatred for their own trainer.

Back into the box Nukie goes, I guess.