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Part 11: Get Away From Me You Clouds Of Doom

Kellym doesn't care his son is going to die in a year and foreshadows that no, nuclear Pokemon are not going to be just confined to the island.

Anyway now that we've irrevocably fucked up, we can walk in the gym now.

They all use Water Pokemon, except when they use Cocaran. I can't sweep with electric moves, like that guy said, but I can sweep with Lotadio.

Somewhere in there, Buttplug finally hits level 24 from the EXP Share and evolves into her final form. To my chagrin, she no longer resembles a buttplug.

Dragon Claw is a high-power physical Dragon move with no added effects. It's MEGAWEAPON's bread and butter. It will never leave his first move slot.

Anyway here's the gym leader.

She for some reason gives her backstory where she was saved by a water Pokemon and dedicated her life to water Pokemon and saving drowning people.

OFSelects: Pixies - Bone Machine

It's the first track off of Surfer Rosa.

Cali has a Brailip, a Tubjaw, and a Sableau. Sableau is Cassnail's evolved form.

Lotadio uses Giga Drain until they're all gone.

Uh, lady, you know this thing evolves with coconut milk, sold in this very town, right?

Leaf Blade is a real serious physical grass move, at least.

But it has a x4 weakness to Ice and I just bought Blizzard.

That's Cali, she's sort of... here.

This is a decent Water move for all my water peeps.

However on trying to leave Bealbeach causes a thing to happen as the screen goes dark and shakes and Dick Solomon has a ! over his head.

Rangers come up and Dad says:


Why are you giving us a boat ticket?

Oh. I guess? "Escape on this PLEASURE CRUISE!!!"

The rangers are, of course, completely doomed.

Unless I have a bug fart at the assailant.

Draining Kiss is only 10 power over Fairy Wind, but I've hopefully demonstrated the utility of draining attacks, and this one is 3/4 instead of 1/2.

Nuclear Pokemon looking black and green is a thing in-universe.

A pair of Nuclear Corsola attack. I catch one for fun.

You know what's better than awkward references to Pokemon mythology? Awkward references to your own original Pokemon mythology!

Thankfully we have an ally now.

Well so much for that.

It's a Gyarados with more x4 weaknesses than normal!

I take it too.

Anyway we take a luxury cruise to escape a nuclear disaster. It's a boat ride in a Pokemon game which means we fight trainers.


I try to replace it with heavy rainfall but this Palij is determined to have the screen glow harshly at me.



Oh yeah Snail Time is a Sableau now and is hanging around with us for the time being. Lotadio has cheesed two gyms and underwent a sex change, I think she can retire peacefully.

Theo's here too.

He's fairly concerned about the nuclear plant exploding.

Especially since Cameron, his father, was on the island.

Nothing like a fight to get your mind off of your possibly dead dad.

His Cubblfly's evolved too. Buttplug kisses Baaschafs to death with 0 effort so... I'm pretty sure My Fursona will get wrecked.

His grass thing is now it's middle stage. It flies. It's still weak to Poison Fang.

...What the fuck

Well he still has his unevolved Minyan and his starter, but!

It's evolved into Archilles! It's fast as piss and no slouch offensively!

With this and Magnitude it has some really mean moves under its belt.

But Snail Time can one-shot it with Water Pulse.

Theo's having a moment. We leave him be.

That was the cruise. It's no real big event but it's weird to escape a nuclear disaster by luxury cruise.

Heh, gen 1 reference.

Heh, it's still as weird.

Heh, he doesn't give Dick Solomon shit.

Will something really exciting happen in route 8? Perhaps...