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Part 13: Goons of Hazzard

The Vinoville Gym's puzzle is pushing a button to reveal these passageways for a brief moment, lest you fall off.

I don't like it because Uranium doesn't exactly control precisely.

Third ant evolution, and the move it needs to evolve. Wild Charge is most things' best physical electric move.

That's what we call "damning with faint praise" in the industry.

As evidenced by the first trainer using a bug/electric Pokemon, this gym focuses on Steel and Psychic.

A lot of S51s, which resist grass and are immune to ground, but Deeznuts has Crabhammer pretty much just for them.

Uh huh.

Also he's named after Guns 'n' Roses's guitarist. I dunno, it needs three or four more references.


Eventually after bulldozing over a bunch of S51 and Dearewls and Comites we finally get to Sheldon.

He reiterates his characterization.

OFSelects: Judas Priest - Metal Meltdown

This is on the high end of physical Psychic moves. Damming with faint praise, again. Nothing Psychic in Uranium has higher physical than special attack, and they all get Psychic The Move, so it's whatever.

So when getting pummeled by low-power physical moves, why not buff attack and defense at the same time? When a nonghost uses Curse, it's like Bulk Up but with a speed drop. Deeznuts is already slow as hell, so he's just getting to pummel shit and is highly resistant to harm.

Gararewl is the evolved form of Dearewl. It's... uh... A horse with one very long hair? It's lost the rock type. It's Uranium's sole mono-steel Pokemon, and thus, the only non-nuclear Pokemon to resist nuclear damage.

The only thing.

Iron Defense is a huge defense boost, which sorta is a problem when Dig takes two turns.

Metal Whip is Gararewl's signature move. It's wrap & friends with a relatively decent power.

Eventually, Crabhammer crits, which ignores defense boosts.

Cometeor is Comtie's evolved form. It's weak to grass.


So, yeah, after Cali had a Pokemon that could still evolve, Sheldon has MEGAWEAPON.

Oh right, Tracton gets this at level 33, an attack boosting move that makes its already high speed even higher.

On a thing with two weaknesses. at least you have good TMs for it?

Deeznuts gets it with one Dig because of Curse.


Sheldon is shocked by our strength and thanks us for the interesting event.

Uh... yay?

Note: as soon as we talk to said kid, shit goes down. If you're making the mistake of playing this, you might want to make sure you got Dig.

It's Theo obv. He lost to Sheldon at... some point.

He's really frustrated by how he's struggling and how no one really respects him.

Also his dad may be dead, since he was at Epsilon when it exploded and there's been no word from him since.

Then explosion.

Indeed, there are sirens real faint in the distance. Play this real quiet. That idea.

There are two copies of this sound effect in two different folders. I'm not sure which one is actually used.

The ranger theme is playing again. I hate it so much. It's just so loud and high-energy for its short loop and how frequently it plays.

Thanks for expositing on why you have a bird that isn't native to Tandor, this was useful information to convey when we're being fucked up by whatever happened.

The catastrophe was totally a surprise and caught everyone off-guard.


In one of the good ideas this game has, the music for this screen is an uncomfortable version of Vinoville's normal music. It's eerie and haunting, as it should be.

Now if it did things like this more often instead of nuclear event and the ranger theme any time anything fucking happens, but, uh, it doesn't.

PU-Legen Town.ogg
And just like that it's over and we're back to rather plain covers of actual Pokemon music - Dewford Town in this case.

And now we're back to the ranger theme, jfc.

You know Uranium isn't for babies since it uses bad words.

They mention steel types specifically, even though being good at battling Nuclear Pokemon is about being fast and strong.

Sheldon steps forth, and he reveals his character arc:

He actually liked Vinoville all along, hence why he terrorized its population and openly bemoaned it.

How do you be tsundere towards your residence?

They tell Theo to stay because he just a kid and he lacks a Tracton to make up for it.

The entrance is actually south of this building. Nice clear wording dudes!

I know it's common to keep interiors on the same map to save space, but they usually aren't visible from the doorway.

Oh look it's Dad again! Oh look ITS THE FUCKING RANGER MUSIC AGAIN

Kellyn gladly lets his son into nuclear hazard zones in order to see his awesome skillz.

So we're back at another point where we have to fight fixed battles with wild nuclear Pokemon.

Route doesn't normally have Owten on it. How did it get here?

We're in a partner battle with Kellyn and his well-made sprites.

Emprilla is Uranium's Primeape evolution. It's, like, the least interesting direction to take Primeape's design - make it have a normal body and put a crown on it.

But it's fast with high attack, and that's all we need when dealing with the nuclear menace.

Another boring partner battle happens.

Maybe she noticed her own design and is protesting until she gets a new one?

Either way snakes show up.

Nuclear Arbok shows off its biohazard symbol, and Nuclear Barand is the only Nuclear/Dragon in the game.

Of course I have to have a nuclear dragon. Why would I not get a nuclear dragon?

And that's that, and route 11 is sealed until the post-game. Hope you liked it. Vinoville Town and Route 8 are also off-limits.

For our efforts he gives us-

An HM. Great, just what I wanted.

It's time to backtrack then go to Anthell!

But before that, shit's about to get seriously fucked.